The Gay Populace: The (new) Tool of The Right

El 22 de julio de 2014. Hola. Every year the month of June is Gay Shame/Gay Discreet Month en Los Estados Unidos/The Cesspool/The Imperialistic Empire/the US. And there’s a very good reason why some of us call it Gay Shame/Gay Discreet month, which is explained in this article and in related articles.

Below are e-mails I received after the 2014 Corporate Commercial officially known as “San Francisco Pride”:

I also noticed how fast the rainbow flags came down. It reminded me of the holidays where people take down their decorations on 12/26. There are two gay boys who live near me in that new luxury condo building on Market. They put up rainbow flag fabric around the lower half of all their windows. It looked good. I went to go look at it more closely on July 1st. Just like the city, they had already taken it down. What was wrong with having it up all year or at least a little bit longer the way it used to be around here? I think now we’re only supposed to have “pride” on the appointed month of the year, June. In the closet it goes the 11 remaining months of the year.
My response: I know what you’re talking about. I saw that too. It did look good (what little time they had it up!); at least it added some colour to that drab, ugly “Luxury Designer Condo” (Dahling) building. Gracias. Chau.—rosa barrio

Marriage and military are conservative institutions. Who would have ever thought that marriage and military would be the most important things to the gay community, where nothing else seems to matter in the least. I’m with you, I can’t relate to this new gay community either…at all.—Carlos

One thing I noticed today, July 1st, is that the City & County of San Francisco didn’t waste any time removing those rainbow flags on Market St. Yesterday was the last day of Pride month and they are already gone at the Castro end of Market Street. Why am I left with the impression that someone in a position of authority said to get those rainbow flags down immediately?

“SF Pride has been ruined. It has been sold to corporations with the intent to have gullible gay people buy their products after seeing the corporation’s float in SF Pride.”

“Interesting to see that Gay Pride is now completely corporate and is not even really about being gay any more. But rather about the same stuff as the rest of the year. Perhaps that’s a sign that we don’t need it any more?”

“Occupying the Google float was the most Pride thing that happened in the parade. Where I sat—inside a vehicle transporting around those who could afford it— the whole thing just felt like a corporate party.”

“Corporate pride is disgusting. Our forebearers were fighting for their lives in the streets. Not this shit!!!!! They weren’t running around gobbling the great penises of the rich and greedy so that there could be A PARADE once a year. Get it together already. Enough of this shit with its Netflix float!”

Hyping, Exploiting “Pride,” and Straights taking over “Pride”

El 29 de junio de 2014. Hola, here’s an e-mail I received earlier today:
“A local gay writer was hyping the hell out of “pride”…I know you call it gay shame/gay discreet…in an article I read Friday night. He remarked how “the bars were all packed with queers from all over the world.” How would he know they were all packed with queers from all over the world? Did he ask people in each bar where they were from? I’d like to ask him why “pride” is all about bars being packed? He was giving a much different view of “pride” than you. I was over in the Castro last night (Friday) too and the bars looked like they usually do for a Friday night and the people looked like they lived here and acted like it too. I was surprised the Castro wasn’t more crowded for “pride weekend,” but my partner thinks “pride” is losing its local popularity and that it’s mainly for the tourists. I noticed the number of straights in the Castro hanging all over each other. For “gay pride?” That gay writer would have his readers think that “pride” were more popular than FIFA. On Saturday afternoon, we went to my credit union which is near the Castro and the straights were poring into the Castro and gays were leaving. The straights were poring into [Ed. name of bar removed – one of the gay bars on 18th at Castro] and gays started leaving there. The straights had put rainbow boas on their bodies that they bought at the local gas station so they would look like they “fit in.” It was clear to me that the straights wanted everyone to know they were straight. The crowd coming into the Castro was not your typical Castro crowd. It’s the crowd that we’ve seen come to Castro events over recent years, which some people call “the bridge and tunnel crowd” [Ed. meaning they come from the East Bay and other suburbs]. Mostly young teenagers and straights. From what we saw, my partner and I think the straights want to take over “pride” now. From what we saw on Saturday, they already have.”—Alejandro

My response: Hola y gracias, Alejandro. Well, yeah, if The Castro had been super-crowded on Viernes/Friday as it used to be years ago at this time, I would have said so, but it wasn’t, at least when I was out. And you are correct about the bars. They are often packed regardless of the time of year because getting drunk is one of the major hobbies around here. I saw mi amigo yesterday and he saw the same thing you did. He also said that most people coming into The Castro were glued to their stupidphone, which they never put down or away for any reason. Today for Gay Shame/Gay Discreet Day, the pictures of the Corporate Commercial (they call a parade) I saw showed a much reduced crowd. During the now-fading Gay Mecca days, Market Street from Embarcadero to Civic Center was thickly lined with people all along the parade route. The pictures I saw of today’s event, there were large groups of people in some places behind the barricades but in other places there were no people behind the barricades. Of course, the organisers will say as they usually do that, “it was the most successful Pride ever.” They always feel the need to (lie?) and hype it out. Or does, “most successful Pride ever” really mean making the most corporate dollars from the heavy corporate advertising? But all one has to do is to look at the pictures I saw to see that fewer people showed up, as I had suspected would be the case. And where I live, there used to be herds of people going down and coming up from the events. Nothing like that now. In my area, it’s like any other Domingo/Sunday. Except for one loud house party, it’s very quiet.
UPDATE 2: An e-mail I received following my earlier UPDATE: “I went to the parade with a friend. It was disgustingly corporate. Thoroughly corporatized. Really a turn off. It’s like watching hours of ads on television one after the other. Don’t plan to go again. The Google float and FIFA were protested by housing activists for evictions here (Google) and in Brazil (FIFA). For the first time ever there were more women there than men which supports what you said about the Castro. Lots more police too. Thanks.—Michael”
UPDATE 3: An e-mail I received following my earlier UPDATE: May I give you my opinion? I think Pride has been reduced to the status of any other holiday in the United States. It’s just party time. I can’t think of any holiday in the U.S. that holds to its original meaning other than Valentine’s Day maybe, and the same goes for Pride. Isn’t it now about bars and drinking? Weren’t there 2 shootings at yesterday’s parade. No one killed.—Tanya
My response: Hola Tanya y gracias. Yes, from what I heard there were 2 shootings. If it were any other event and there were shootings (think: Halloween in The Castro as one example), the event would be permanently cancelled since that’s the way this city does things. They operate on Fear. But since this thing is just a corporate advertisement, have to keep those corporate dollars coming in so I suspect this event will not be cancelled no matter how many shootings there are. Chau.—rosa barrio

UPDATE: Pride = Getting Drunk
Drinking (and getting drunk) was never part of “Pride” for me or the people I knew. Today, that’s different. Any event these days is used as an excuse for alcohol consumption in San Francisco. How many alcoholics does this city have I wonder, including public officials? I was out in The Castro earlier (el 29 de junio) and it was rather packed with people coming over from Civic Center. But The Castro was not packed with Castro residents. Most of the people I saw I don’t usually see in The Castro. I think it was mainly the “bridge and tunnel” crowd again. Mostly very young, which is not the average age in The Castro these days. There was a very long line waiting to get into one of the bars to drink. Yet another bar down the street from that bar looked like it usually does and was not that crowded. Among the crowds I saw, I especially noticed all the females. Where did they all come from? The Castro was mostly male/muchachos/chicos during the Gay Mecca days, so seeing mostly muchachos for decades and now seeing so many females (at least half if not more of the crowd was female tonight), it’s something I noticed. Are females and/or lesbians taking over The Castro? I don’t know; I usually don’t see that many females around here as there were tonight, so I suspect they were again part of the “bridge and tunnel” crowd. Chau.—rosa barrio

Sábado Rosa/Pink Saturday: Only for people with dinero

Update: El 21 de julio de 2014. One of the Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence was attacked by an unknown person on Pink Saturday at 18th and Castro. That’s all the information I have on it.—rosa barrio
El 28 de junio de 2014. Hola. Today is Sábado Rosa/Pink Saturday in San Francisco. The street event for this day is a “gated” event with lots of barricades resembling a police state. The event is “FREE but they’ll be requesting donations at the gates of $10. You’re encouraged to donate, but you are indeed allowed to enter without paying.” Well if one is indeed allowed in without paying (you mean, after some peer-pressure and guilt-tripping?), why is one encouraged to donate? So $10.00 to get into one’s own “pride” event. Something is wrong with that. These days, “pride” is not free. One has to have dinero to be “proud.” $10.00 is a lot of dinero. They clearly only want certain people (translation: wealthier people where $10.00 is nothing to them to get into a barricaded area where they stand around on their own street. And “the street fair does not allow open consumption of alcohol or permit open containers.” So this is really about the bars making dinero for people who want to get drunk (drunk = “pride”) once again. And who gets the dinero from this scheme? It’s organised by The Sisters. Do they get all the dinero from this stunt? Or does it end up going to the hateful and conservative merchants who are anti-homeless, anti-nudist, and have other twisted hangups. Or does this dinero go to some gay organisations with already excessively-bloated “Chief Executive” salaries (think $100,000/year plus)? I don’t think too many poor people can afford to waste $10.00 to stand around on their own streets for a few hours “partying.” Why does it feel like Sábado Rosa/Pink Saturday and “Pride” have been thoroughly corrupted by $$$$$$$$$? The corporate advertising event called the parade is thoroughly corporate so why can’t some of that dinero from corporate advertising be used to pay for (if it needs to be paid for) Sábado Rosa so that the public doesn’t have to “donate” anything? Chau.—rosa barrio
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This is not the old Castro

El 27 de junio de 2014:
Hola. Below is a conversation mi amigo overheard this afternoon between dos muchachos in San Francisco’s Castro “gay” gym:
One guy said to the other: I’d like to take my shirt off.
The second guy: This is NOT the old Castro.
First guy: Well this used to be the only gym in the city where I could take my shirt off.
Second guy: Yeah but that was the old Castro.
First guy: How about on a Friday, we just take our shirts off and see what happens.
(The conversation ended there and no one took his shirt off. That this conversation even took place speaks to just how conservative the former proudly-radical and liberal Castro has now become. Muchachos don’t even feel like they can take their shirts off in a gym. What a fucked up, conservative place this has become.) By the way, this is Gay Shame/Gay Discreet Weekend. Someone wrote me earlier and said he hoped I didn’t mind but he had taken the overall theme of some of my articles he agreed with and posted it as an ad on the site I call Closet List, mainly addressing the topic of gay shame and gay discreet. He said the “community” of Closet List (which “moderates” the site) deleted his ad three times. He suspects that happened because he told the truth in his ad, and the “community” of trolls and gay closet cases who use the word “discreet” in their personal ads didn’t want to read/hear the truth, as the gay populace has become so very conservative. Also, I was out and about in the Castro tonight and it was slightly more crowded than it usually is for a Viernes/Friday night, but nothing like it used to be the Viernes before “Pride” (what I now call Gay Shame/Gay Discreet) Sunday. No streets closed off as in the past because of an enormous crowd, because there wasn’t an enormous crowd. Pretty much just a standard Viernes. My amigo also said that every television in the gym has been on FIFA. Today, no one was watching it, but the other day when the team from The Cesspool/The Imperialistic Empire (the US) was playing the team from Alemania/Germany, that half of the gym was glued to the televisions. So, in other words, when there is no team playing from The Cesspool, there is no interest. This US nationalism did not exist in the former Alternative and Proudly Radical City of San Francisco. This nationalism is new to the New Corporate and Lobotomised San Francisco. On occasion, I’m also seeing gay boys wearing clothing in The Castro with US flags on it. I used to never see that in The Castro during the (now fading) Gay Mecca days. Chau.—rosa barrio
Who’s responsible for the new San Francisco?
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Most have gone Log Cabin
El 21 de junio de 2014:
A Guest Opinion by Eddie

Hola pink barrio,

I’ve lived in San Francisco longer than you. I also came here from DC. Wonder if we ever crossed paths there? When I and others migrated to San Francisco to the gay mecca of the day, everyone agreed with everyone. That sounds like a generalization but I’ll explain what I mean. Everyone was gay. Everyone was a Democrat in the original traditional sense of the word. I’m not talking about the Republicrats of today. Everyone was on the Left and not ashamed of that. All of that was part of what became known as “liberal San Francisco.”
Today, that’s all changed. Most of the gay community, and I use that term loosely, are still a Democrat but most have gone Log Cabin. Most are like Log Cabin Republicans and very conservative. A gay conservative? That’s an oxymoron to me. It’s a contradiction. I read that article you linked to by Ted Rall who wrote about how the gay community has been sucked in by the far right. [Eddie is referring to this link: Gays and Lesbians: Sucked in by the Far Right. What Happened to the Wild, Free Gay Movement of the 1970s?] That’s why you’re seeing the words discreet, straight-acting, normal, jock and other hideous words that you’ve written about. Gay conservatives are not proud of their sexual orientation. I think most people are bored with Gay Pride. I think it is something of the past. It’s in name-only. People still go through the motions but it really doesn’t mean anything anymore. It’s just another reason to get drunk. In the San Francisco you and I moved to, I felt very comfortable expressing my thoughts, my beliefs, feelings and convictions because everyone was in agreement or I thought we were. Today, I don’t dare express any opinions on the street because the person standing near me will likely be a Log Cabin type and have something to say angrily in opposition to what I just said. I have little in common with them other than gender and sexual orientation. San Francisco is a very different place today. I’m still a proud radical. I haven’t change. They used to be proud radicals too. Now they sneer at radicals. They have drastically changed, for the worse in my opinion. I think more people become conservative as they age than the research shows.—Eddie


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