GLBTQ and evicted from San Francisco?

Hola. Thousands of GLBTQs have been evicted from San Francisco over recent years, and evictions continue to soar in the city, which has been taken over by corporate/techie greed (specifically corporate welfare given to millionaire/billionaire-owned techie companies). I’ve written many articles about the new conservative “straight” city, one of which you can read here.

I’d like to hear from GLBTQs who have been evicted from San Francisco because of techie gentrification, corporate greed, Class Warfare and related reasons. If this is your first time to pink barrio, I should say this in case you haven’t heard (since most people don’t click on any links to previous articles): It’s depressing what this city has become. The former alternative and proudly-radical San Francisco is gone. You can read about that at that link above.

The city is quickly losing what’s left of its GLBTQ population. The new techie residents of San Francisco are very young, mostly “straight,” and many of them are part of the latest “hipster” fad. Despite our being told what supposed “geniuses”1. (see footnote below) these techies are, they sound stupid when they speak (“like, like, like, like”). They’re completely addicted to their phone which seems to be their life and only identity. Nothing intellectual comes out of their mouths. They’re culture-less. They act lobotomised and they’re mostly white or Asian. These new residents reject any forms of birth control. In fact, I think this city now has a larger fleet of baby strollers than our public transport system’s fleet of electric buses and metro cars combined. With most of these new techie residents, there is not much “there” to them from what I and others have observed of them. Basura is the best way to describe them frankly.

If you are GLBTQ and were evicted from San Francisco, you can be as detailed or as brief as you want when writing about your experience. And muchas gracias for your comment and for sharing your experience. Or, someone else can tell the story of someone they know who was evicted from San Francisco.

I have no idea how many people will be interested in sharing their eviction experience/story because it does involve having to re-live a bad experience. And I suspect some people would just prefer to forget the whole thing. Understandable.

Also, any comments from the class-ist, pro-greedy developers, wealthy elitist homeowners, Class Warfare trolls who now love this new conservative city will be deleted. I already know what you cold, lobotomised, uncaring basura think. Over the years you’ve spammed comment sections on as many local website comment sections as possible with your nasty, smug-assed hate for the poor and average person who is not wealthy. You’ve demonstrated over and over that you despise people who are not wealthy, and you are inflicted with the cancer of class-ism. You don’t care that people’s lives have been and still are being disrupted by evictions. You don’t care that families and friendships are being torn apart in many cases by evictions. You don’t care that people’s health is being harmed or someone’s already fragile state of health worsens because of an eviction. You don’t care that a 90-year old woman, for example, with no money and in frail health is evicted. You don’t care that someone has no dinero/money to pay for a move, and where to? (Intelligent people know that one doesn’t just up and move, it requires lots of planning, research and money). You don’t care who becomes homeless due to an eviction and you’re anti-homeless. You’ve repeatedly demonstrated that you have no care, concern, compassion or empathy for anyone but wealthy, elitist, bourgeois people. You’re cold empty vessels and you’re the scum of the Earth as far as I’m concerned, so Fuck Off! I’ve been wanting to say that for years but I knew if I wrote that on any site — including those sites that pretend to be so-called “progressive” — that I’d have my comment deleted and/or I’d be banned because they typically support the resident hatred trolls who provide traffic to their sites. But this is my site and I’ll say whatever the fuck I want to say. And here, your troll comments are not welcome.

Recently I spoke with un amigo/a friend who lives outside San Francisco and who doesn’t get to the city very often. He was over here recently and later asked me, “What have they done to the city? Are they crazy? It takes an entire pay check just to go out to dinner over there? How is this sustainable? And who is paying millions of dollars for closet-sized condos? (Answer: Idiots, and we seem to have more than our share of idiots in this new city. Sigh.)

Yeah, don’t get me started on that! Other than what I’ve felt necessary to say here for any new readers, I’m not talking about this shit anymore since I’ve covered it pretty thoroughly, and there’s nothing I can do about it.

So, if you would like to tell your story or the story of someone you know who has been evicted from San Francisco, do so, por favor. Chau.—el barrio rosa


1. Regarding techies being supposed “geniuses”: I know a former techie (a really nice guy) and he told me that learning a musical instrument well (conservatory-style training) is much more difficult than tech coding or anything that one can learn in tech from his experience, and he worked for one of the major corporate techie companies until he got sick of it and quit. I found what he had to say interesting because not too many musicians have the enormous head and arrogance that they’re supposedly, “the gift to the world” that many (most?) techies have. I also heard the same thing from a dentist who told me that intensive musical training of an instrument to learn the instrument well is much more difficult than all that she learned in dental school to become a dentist.


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