He goes to the Establishment’s church, but I thought he was anti-Establishment?

Hola a todos. Someone emailed me asking if I was aware that the orange despot had gone to Washington National Cathedral (WNC) for Midnight Mass on Christmas Eve, and asked why he would go there since it’s not where his fanatical religious base goes?

Very astute of you to point that out. Yeah, I was wondering the same thing. I saw that this shallow, vapid, chronic-liar, completely out-of-control, fragile/thin-skinned, deranged (inter)national embarrassment who is void of any semblance of “common sense” or decency and who is currently residing in the White House went to WNC. Yes, the fake “Christian” went to church. Hypocritical basura. He is so transparent. Yet his shallow stupid-is-in gullible believers still worship and glorify him as if he has spoken through the prophets. (Although his believers have likely never heard of The Nicene Creed to which I was referring there). The life of corruption that he’s lived and continues to live, his chronic lies — he doesn’t tell the truth about anything — and his despicable policies are the opposite of what Jesus was about based on what we’ve been told about Jesus from learned scholars who have studied his life. The orange despot went to WNC solely for attention. Maybe one of the other chronic liars, that Sarah Huck, told him this cathedral church would be packed (which it was) and it’s where the Establishment basura go, if they go to church at all, and especially when they are a “Christmas and Easter Christian” (meaning as fake-Christians they only go to church on those two High Holy days).

Never mind that he claims to be anti-Establishment. That’s just another lie. There are also many cameras at WNC. Washington National Cathedral has quite an elaborate production system to video record most of their liturgies for their U-toob channel, although they don’t record Choral Evensong on any regular basis. And I know of no parish or church in the District of Columbia where they video record their liturgies/services other than this cathedral church of the Anglican Communion, Washington National Cathedral (officially known as the Cathedral Church of St. Peter and St. Paul.) I suspect there are some fundamentalist/Southern Baptist churches in the District he could have gone to. I know there are some out in Virginia and he has no problem with leaving the District and going to where he can get attention elsewhere, but none of the churches out in Virginia likely have cameras that I’m aware of to give the narcissist the constant attention he craves.

I only know of two churches in the US that video record their liturgies on a regular basis and they are both of the Anglican Communion (WNC and Trinity Church Wall Street.) I thought there were three but I can only think of two. St Thomas Church Fifth Avenue in Manhattan with their renowned Choir of Men and Boys is still back in the “Dark Ages” with only audio recordings of their Liturgies.

To their credit, I didn’t see WNC give the repugnant orange despot any camera attention at all. To them, it was as if he was not there. That part is incorrect. I missed where the WNC cameras decided to show him during the singing of “Silent Night.” I’m not sure why it was important to show him at all since the Liturgy was about the birth of Jesus and not about a narcissistic Christian-fraud politician wanting attention and camera time. It was the AP (Associated Press) that apparently had a camera there or did they use one of the WNC cameras? Regardless, the AP fixed their camera on the pew where the orange despot sat from the video I saw.

Every resident of la casa blanca/the white house lies and pretends to be a “Christian” — yet their policies are in direct opposition to what Jesus taught and the way he lived his life. For example, Jesus didn’t bomb or drone innocent people. He didn’t kill people. Jesus fed the needy. He didn’t cut off their EBT/food stamps and or impose work requirements. He didn’t turn migrants away or have migrant children die in concentration camps. Jesus welcomed the stranger. On every account, the fake-Christian/the orange despot does the exact opposite of what Jesus did.

Other than for state funerals, the only time the orange despot goes to church is on Christmas and Easter. Again, he’s one of those “Christmas and Easter Christians” who think they can go to church on just those two High Holy days and that should buy their way into heaven. I think one’s god can see through that and is not fooled by one’s deceiving behaviour and sees how one really lives one’s life. Any other time, the orange despot’s church is a golf course on Domingo/Sunday.

Nobody can ever figure him out because he’s never figured himself out. Unlike well-adjusted and mature people, he’s never learned who he is as a person. He never matured to adulthood despite his chronological age. He’s still that arrogant and pompous immature little bully on the elementary school playground and continues to bully his way around the world to get what he wants. He’s an empty fragile/thin-skinned skin-encased sack who demands praise and adoration. If he were a well-adjusted human being/adult, he wouldn’t care what people said about him of a negative nature.

Does he not know that his evangelical fundamentalist base does not like “those ungodly Anglicans/Episcopalians?” Clueless him. Just like he’s clueless about everything else while pretending to be an omnipotent expert on all topics. There’s nothing that he doesn’t pretend to be an expert on. In reality, he’s the poster man-child for “stupid is in.”

They let him in for the Christmas Eve Mass even though reserved free tickets are usually required for that Liturgy where the Cathedral is packed with other “Christmas and Easter Christians.” Watching the video of this Liturgy, I sensed that most who attended this Liturgy had never been there before and most were not Anglicans/Episcopalians. For example, I watched when the Gospeller, Jan, (one of the priests) introduced The Gospel when she said, “The Holy Gospel of our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ according to….” I saw no one behind her in the congregation make the three signs of the cross (forehead, mouth and over the heart) as is customary Anglican worship protocol. Also, most of the congregation did not bow to the processional crosses whenever they passed during the Liturgy. It was a very, very Low Church crowd. Ugh. One wonders why they went there in the first place — what enticed these sheeple to go there? — rather than a church where they were already familiar with the Liturgy? I doubt that the orange despot had reserved tickets for the Liturgy since I read he went there on a whim. Because of who and what he is — he’s currently acting in the role of “US president;” to him it’s just another reality show to give him the attention he constantly craves — I suspect the cathedral staff didn’t want any trouble with this international bully embarrassment. (And for those who are about to say to me: “You as a Democrat and Hillary and Obama lover…” You couldn’t be more wrong. I can’t stand either one of them and have never supported either. My comments about the orange despot are not partisan sour grapes on my part. Again, I couldn’t stand Obama as he greatly expanded the neocon agenda of the Bush/Cheney regime after going on and on about “Hope and Change We Can Believe In” during his first campaign. Of course that was all bull shit and merely marketing slogans for gullible people who fell for him. I always have to put in this disclaimer in my articles that I’m nonpartisan for the brainwashed “Democratic” and Republican Cultists/partisans who happen to show up here). And anyone who’s been paying attention knows the orange despot is all about trouble, he looks for trouble, he creates trouble, “it’s all about him,” dysfunction and bullying. This deranged nut belongs in a mental institute, not in la casa blanca.

So, WNC let him in without a ticket, I suspect. Any well-adjusted and mature human being — which obviously he is not — I think would have tried to keep a low profile and sat in the back of the Nave. But being the narcissistic child in an adult body that he is, he wanted full attention so he made sure that he went all the way up to the first pew and sat next to a devout Anglican family. Oh by the way, that Melania was there too, sitting next to him. He was talking to her during the processional hymn. One is supposed to be singing the hymn (“Adeste Fideles,”), not talking during it. That’s rude, but rude is what he is about. He never learned any manners or even the most basic sense of decorum and is completely void of any social skills. Basura.

During the procession, he wanted more attention so he made sure he looked down the center aisle towards the back of the Nave to watch the procession. Why did he do that? Why watch the procession? Just look at it when it goes by you at your pew and then enters the Sanctuary area. That’s what I and other Anglicans that I know always did when I was in cathedral churches. I didn’t stand there looking back and watch it like it were a wedding procession. I think that watching the procession is something that tourists do isn’t it? When I’ve seen the procession at St Paul’s Anglican Cathedral in London for state ceremonies when the Queen was present, no one turned around to watch the Queen walk by. They faced the High Altar. For those who don’t know, the procession at WNC includes the vergers, the thurifer (if they’re using incense which they did for this Mass), the Cathedral Choir of Men, Women, Boys and Girls, the Communion servers, the person carrying The Gospel, the two groups of acolytes carrying the processional cross (which is to be bowed to when it passes by one) and the clergy, including in this instance the Bishop for the Dioceses of Washington, District of Columbia. But since this was all about him and his desire for attention, he turned around so that everyone could see that he was there. It’s rather surprising that he didn’t make a statement and demand that everyone worship and glorify him as “The Almighty One” he thinks he is. Well, the mother of the devout Anglican family he sat next to was sort of annoying to me — from the AP video I saw of it — as I sense she was somewhat “celebrity struck” by having the orange despot on the same pew with her. (roll eyes) One of her daughters looked uneasy with him being there. If it were me, I would have moved to another location. I have no desire to sit on the same pew with one of the most despicable and repugnant humans beings on the Earth. The devout Anglican family bowed to the processional crosses when they passed. What did the orange despot do? Well, being clueless to Anglican worship protocol (as many from The Establishment are), he stood there looking down the Nave, oblivious to the processional crosses. He did fleetingly notice the thurifer and the incense. Everyone in the procession seemed to be ignoring him which was good. No one stopped and asked for his autograph or genuflected to him which I’m sure he would have loved being the all-important piece he thinks he is.

If only we had someone “presidential” in that office (and no, I don’t mean Hillary). I think the days of having someone “presidential” in that office are over. And yes, I am expecting him to have a second term, somehow, one way or the other. I’m just being realistic rather than engaging in the usual wishful-thinking that most people engage in, especially “Democrats.” Their modus operandi is constantly living in delusional wishful-thinking, only to look like fools later.*

So, I wonder what the orange despot’s evangelical base thinks about him attending an Anglican Liturgy and in this case a more High Church liturgy (Christmas Eve Mass), or are they even aware that he did so? They are the stupid-is-in crowd after all. Considering the religious basura he surrounds himself with such as clergy from the Southern Baptist Convention, I don’t think they would approve as they would say he should have attended a service in an evangelical, Southern Baptist church or another bigoted and prejudiced anti-gay fundamentalist denomination along that line where they pretend to be “Christians.” Just as the Orthodox Anglicans don’t like WNC because, in part, they have women priests and are pro-Queer, or claim to be. But I suspect the orange despot knows nothing about what I’ve written here or why his fundamentalist base would disapprove of him being at WNC. And not being a genuine Christian or knowledgeable about this topic, he wouldn’t have knowledge or understanding about the frictions and differences between the various fake-Christian groups who exploit Christianity for their right-wing, anti-gay, white supremacist agenda. But I know for a fact that most (if not all) evangelicals, fundamentalists have no use for Anglicans/Episcopalians. Although I should point out that there are some fundamentalist Anglicans. They’re called Orthodox Anglicans). The evangelicals don’t even consider Anglicans to be real Christians. They think of them more as (Roman) Catholics, whom they also hate, in part I think, because the liturgies are very similar.

Does one remember that the orange despot promised to “Drain the Swamp?” Well, he’s done no such thing. In reality, he’s added to “The Swamp” with more corporate trash and it seems that no one can work with him. His orange regime has been one big revolving door of corporate basura coming and going. If there were a Human Resources Department they would most assuredly have difficulty keeping up with who’s still here and who’s not and the paperwork that goes along with that.
So he hasn’t “drained the swamp” but rather added to it, and then he goes to WNC because that’s where the other Christian frauds of The Establishment/the US Oligarchy go, if they go anywhere, after he claimed to be anti-Establishment. More hypocrisy. Do any of these fake-Christians of the Establishment go to church on Sundays or on any occasion other than state occasions? Pro-Establishment state funerals are held at Washington National Cathedral. Most recently, it’s where warhawk John McCain’s and warhawk Bush I’s funeral were held and where both were essentially canonised and granted sainthood status using major versions of revisionist history following their deaths making them out to be completely different people than they were in real life. The corporate media dutifully assisted in this process.

At the Christmas Eve Mass, the orange despot took Communion. He went to the Dean for the wafer but skipped the wine.

During the recessional, I was annoyed to see the Dean feel the need to smile and nod at the orange despot — that’s the way he looked to me on camera — on the Dean’s way out in the recessional. Although it looked like the despot didn’t look at him. He looked straight ahead. One would hope that the Dean would have displayed some self-respect and integrity and ignored this basura currently squatting en la casa blanca. Considering the orange despot’s despicable policies and what he has said — including his “pussy grabbing” remarks during the campaign — why would any self-respecting person give this piece of basura the time of day? He deserves nothing. He deserves no respect as he has completely disrespected the office he’s currently holding (illegitimately so?) The Bishop looked the opposite direction when she got near the orange despot, as I would have. Good for her! From what I saw, those who had integrity and self-respect ignored this piece of basura. And then there was the Dean. Ugh.

On another topic but related to his base: One wonders how the orange despot’s white supremacist/nazi base justifies his shoulder-rubbing at “summits” with world leaders who are not white? How do they justify and feel about him getting together all-chummy with Asian world leaders and world leaders of other ethnic backgrounds when on their own white supremacist sites they make the most pejorative and hateful comments about anyone who is not straight and white. They write that they want a “straight and white America.” Also, using the sheeple/conformist and revisionist history “LGBT” acronym, they write that they are “anti-LGBT.” The word “faggot” is saturated all over their sites encouraging bullying and violence against “faggots,” including images of that shown. It does no good to tell them that “America” is the entire hemisphere and that the United States of America is only a portion of America because in their uneducated mind (the word “mind” used advisedly) and where his willfully-ignorant base does not believe in world maps, there is only one “Amerikkka” to them and that’s the one I and others refer to as The Cesspool/the US/los Estados Unidos. Nevertheless, his rabid and hateful base/supporters claim that the orange despot is “Making America Straight and White Again.” They’re serious. They truly believe that, and they’re full of hate for anyone who is not a breeder and white. They’re the most septic of people.

Finally, I’d like to comment on WNC’s new organist (as well as their former organist, Benjamin Straley): For this Liturgy, the organist, Thomas Sheehan, was excellent. He’s from Harvard University where he’s currently the Associate University Organist and Choirmaster at the Memorial Church at Harvard University. He’s a graduate of the Curtis Institute of Music, and also trained at Westminster Choir College. At first, I thought that perhaps he was auditioning to replace Benjamin Straley. He’s already been hired to do that. Is he the next “Benjamin Straley?” He could be. But in my opinion, it’s much too early to tell. I wouldn’t go by just one Liturgy that Thomas played and especially a Liturgy that is usually or supposed to be more High Church. I would have to hear Thomas over months to determine if he’s another Benjamin. I mean, who could top the original very High Church Benjamin Straley who first showed up at WNC in his early days there after being hired? I remember saying about him: He’s one of the best organists I’ve ever heard. And I may have said he’s the best organist they’ve ever hired, although I don’t know that I would have said that not having heard most of all the previous organists. But anyway, Benjamin was superb in his early days at WNC. He was certainly better than his predecessor. The new organist, Thomas Sheehan, has excellent improvisational skills which are critical in an Anglican Liturgy. I’m thinking of High Church; does one need any improvisational skills in Low Church? I. Don’t. Think. So. Or not much of any. LOL. Low Church congregations are fine with just hearing Southern Baptist hymns played “by the book” where one would usually be improvising. Ugh. Thomas’s improvisational skills do somewhat remind me of Benjamin’s. At one point — I think it was during the recessional hymn (“Hark, the Herald…”) — it looked like Thomas was playing too fast flying up one of the manuals (improvising) for the action of the organ to keep up with him. With Benjamin when he was Organist, I sensed that he had been told at one point by someone to “tone it down.” I think I even wrote about my suspicions about this. When Benjamin first arrived at WNC, he was a very High Church organist. I was delighted they had hired him. He was a perfect choice. But at one point something changed. It was as if he had been reprimanded sort of, as if someone said to him, “Benjamin we need to talk with you for a moment. We enjoy your playing but we are not High Church here, so maybe you could tone things down a bit?” (roll eyes….oh here we go). I don’t know that anyone said that to him but that’s the impression I and others got because his playing style rather abruptly changed to a more Low Church style. After that, I no longer found his playing that interesting. I kept watching the Liturgies waiting to hear the original Benjamin. I didn’t hear him during the Liturgy. Some of his occasional organ improvisations he played for the Organ Voluntary at the end of the Liturgy reminded me of the original Benjamin, but that was it. I remember asking, “What’s happened to our High Church Benjamin? Is he bored with the job and no longer has the enthusiasm he originally had.” Even his improvisations during the Liturgy changed. They were no longer the grand and glorious High Church improvisations he came there with. I remember that his improvisations especially after the reading of The Gospel became more subdued and what I called “meditative” and then he seemed to be stuck in that style. Week after week, I kept waiting for grand and glorious High Church to return. I didn’t hear it. Well, the same thing could happen to Thomas, and it won’t surprise me if it does. So I feel rather reserved about coming to any conclusions about Thomas too early. I enjoyed his playing during the Christmas Eve Liturgy. He doesn’t start full-time at WNC until July 2019. Also, the descant on the recessional hymn was superb. One could easily hear it soaring above the hymn as it should. That was sung from the back of the Nave. The acolytes and thurifer were very well trained and with Thomas’s superb playing it gave the Liturgy a rather High Church feel. I very much appreciated it. Chau.—el barrio rosa


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    Couldn’t agree more. He’s now sending troops to the DR Congo because of possible violence after the election votes are announced. It was a few days ago that he said the U.S. would not be the “policeman of the world.” Guess he forgot he said that. Dementia does have that problem.

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