It’s District of Columbia, not Washington DC

Mi amigo/My friend feels as strongly about this as I do, and he’s never lived in the District of Columbia (hereinafter referred to as the District or DC, which is how local residents in the District, Maryland and Virginia refer to the nation’s capital). The only people who would likely have an interest in this article are District residents because it’s going to repeat what they already know and it’s part of the friendly “lecture” that new residents of the District receive when moving there. Some people/trolls would say, “Does it matter what you call it?” (Don’t you have certain words or language that are important to you that you prefer people use when speaking, mi amor?) Of course it matters unless you want to be seen as an ignorant pleb and then be looked down on because you sound like an unprepared tourist visiting DC, just like the basura who refer to San Francisco as “Frisco.” That’s a no, no too. You don’t call San Francisco “Frisco.” Ugh.

When I moved to the District years ago, I already knew from watching the newscasts from District the proper language to use in referring to my new home City — the US nation’s capital — but that didn’t stop friends from giving me the friendly lecture anyway:

You call it (they told me) in this order of priority:

the District


Washington (but NOT Washingon DC, just Washington). The US state by the same name is officially called The State of Washington, not “Washington state.” That’s ass-backwards. So, the Federal District is officially called the District of Columbia and the 42nd state is officially called The State of Washington. There should be no confusion at all if one used that official language.

in town

in the City

You don’t call it:

Washington DC because that sounds like an ignorant tourist who doesn’t know any better. Why? Because there is no Washington in DC. Doh. Saying Washington DC is like saying Boston, Boston or Chicago, Chicago or Denver, Denver, or San Francisco, San Francisco. In other words it’s redundant. The official name of the nation’s capital is District of Columbia — not Washington DC — because the District is not a state but a Federal District and the seat of the corrupt and imperialistic right-wing US government.

Yes, the corporate media and sheeple politicians refer to DC as “Washington DC’ because they think that stupid people won’t know what they mean by District of Columbia. Is that up there in Canada? No, that’s British Columbia, moron! Well what about Colombia? That’s a different spelling and that’s a country in South America, moron! Don’t you stupid people know any geography or believe in maps? Sigh. But I and some other people refuse to cater to stupid people and their stupidity. I choose to educate them, if that’s possible. Doubtful, but I’ll try.

When I lived in the District, I never heard anyone referring to my City by any other terms other than the District, DC or Washington. Again, for the thick people: You don’t say “Washington DC” — the two are not put together — because again, there is no Washington in DC. They are synonymous which means they mean the same thing. Saying “Washington DC” is fucking redundant.

I did hear Ronald Reagan refer to “here in the District” on occasion, so he knew. How could he not as long as he lived there? Then I heard a reporter for the corporate media say one day, “I have to pause for a minute because there’s a plane flying over the District and you won’t be able to hear me.” He didn’t say: There’s a plane flying over Washington DC, because he was educated and knew the official name for the nation’s capital.

Interestingly, I saw a guy at one of the Black Lives Matter demonstrations in the District with a t-shirt on that said: The District. Obviously he cares about it as much as I and others do and is proud to be a resident of the District.

To those who say: It doesn’t matter what you call it. Would you like to be called something other than your official name? It’s the same thing. The official name for the nation’s capital is: District of Columbia and its government is called Government of the District of Columbia. One of the universities there is called the University of the District of Columbia. So get with it, people! Oh never mind. I’m sure I’ve changed no one’s mind. That’s the way things work these days with closed-minded people. Chau.—el barrio rosa


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