LAX Plane Spotting Cults

It’s a free, online baby-sitting service for the world’s many lonely, conservative and often pathetic people who are children in adult bodies. That best describes these cults. These viewers immaturely need a “team” to cheer for and these plane spotting guys “play/work” their viewers, and the viewers always fall for being played. They seem to relish it. And even though anyone who plane spots at LAX share the same “love” and interest in this hobby, these pathetic people immaturely decide to “join” one of these teams/cults and cheer lead for their team in the comments by writing “You’re the best.” (Sigh). Objective point of view: I’ve watched them both in order to write this article — I don’t need a “team”; I can’t stand cults or the cult mentality — and they both doing a good job at plane spotting. Peter and Joshua are definitely the more mature plane spotters, as opposed to Kevin and Rudy’s more immature shtick. They seem to cater to the level of immaturity in that silly chat.

Who would have ever guessed that someone with a camera who shows planes landing and taking off every week at LAX would gather a cult following with a sea of lonely and pathetic people with apparently nothing else to do from around the world — including those useless “mods” who the cult followers also gush over and thank — in the chat who have nothing better to do with their time than to serve as the guy’s cultists and worship and gush over anything he does as if he’s their new messiah figure? And they tell the guy, “Get plenty of rest!.” Some idiots in the chat consider him a VIP. WTF? He’s no VIP. He’s just a guy with a camera who’s not making that much money because predatory and greedy G**gle takes most of it. Quite a strange phenomenon. Also, planes have a vagina? They do on plane spotting videos where planes are referred to as “she” rather than “it.” Rather outdated and very conservative thinking frankly. Just like most of the people in that useless chat? Don’t dare comment on that in their chat because you’ll have your comment deleted and or you will be banned. Some women and men online don’t approve of a gender being given to an inanimate object. I agree. But with airline videos, instead of saying (referring to a plane), “It’s coming in now.” Instead it’s “She’s coming in now.”

Sample of comment from the cultists: “Today was an awesome show as always and a show for the records of Airline Videos Live. What a treat with an excellent interview by Kevin and Rudy to Sam Chui. Also so happy to see Rudy back with Kevin on the show. Mission accomplished as always, stellar work Kevin and Rudy!! Please get some well deserved rest!! [followed by 4 or more childish emojis]” This cultist writes this style of comment on every video uploaded by the channel, sort of copy and paste. I don’t think that international musicians and or medical doctors receive this sort of worship, devotion and adoration, yet they accomplish far more than guys with cameras who “film” planes landing and taking off at international airports for hours. And by the way, “awesome” and “amazing” are the two required words for plane spotting channels and their cultists. Everything — even the most NON-awesome and NON-amazing — has to be “awesome” and “amazing.”

This is likely my final update on this topic because this group of people is too immature and childish for my tastes. Who know that people who like to watch planes land and take off were like this? So, unfortunately, Kevin’s son/dog died recently and all the fake-Christians showed up, who don’t even know or believe their own theology or religious beliefs. I read this in the comments: “All dogs go to heaven.” These fake-Christians don’t even know their own theology. No one goes to heaven until Judgment Day, remember that you phony Christians? You either believe that or you don’t believe what you’re supposed to believe as a “good Christian.” You can’t have it both ways. Well we haven’t had Judgment Day yet, so nobody is in heaven. Then some nut referred to Dog Heaven. Oh, so there’s now a separate heaven for dogs? What about cats? What about spiders? What about squirrels? On and on? But according to the religious nuts in the comments, allegedly Kevin’s son/dog is jumping around in heaven — I suspect they would have a rule against that since they can’t have millions of dogs all jumping around “up there” — and “looking down” on Kevin. That’s odd. When my cat died I didn’t see him doing any of that. To me, he was just lying in the ground unaware of anything going on. No consciousness at all. He wasn’t in any heaven, if I believed in that. If I did believe in that, I would understand that Judgment Day has yet to happen. I would understand and believe my own theology. Where are people when they are waiting for Judgment Day? They’re in the ground or cremated or in some body of water (ashes sprinkled). But they’re not in heaven. I remember challenging a close “Christian” relative on this very topic. He said, “Well you’re right they do say that the person is now in heaven when someone dies and they say “they’re in a better place.” Yeah, that too is said to try to make the grieving people feel better even though there’s no proof of “a better place.” It’s just what people want to believe. I said it’s rubbish. They just say that stuff — violating their own Christian beliefs — to make themselves feel better. My relative still had a problem with me because he said, “So you think that so and so is just lying up there in the ground?” I said: Yes I do. Where do you think the person is, according to your own beliefs? His response: Stutter, stutter, stutter. He couldn’t answer the question. He was stumped. He wanted to believe the person was in heaven. I said: But what about Judgment Day. His response: stutter, stutter, stutter.

The immaturity level of the plane spotting crowd and their cultists is glaring. The plane spotters at LAX are into the same thing yet they act like enemies of each other. That is so fucking immature and silly, and their cultists who watch them and worship their every move are just as immature. And those “mods” reprimand anyone who “says the name of another channel.” Grow up, people! Why don’t you support each other and your mutual interest rather than act like childish enemies? I know this is a business for them, but there are many businesses and organisations with shared interests who support one another. When I was in Orchestra Choruses, most of them supported each other and promoted their performances, rather than “We will not talk about THEM” which is extremely, low-grade immaturity and childish.

Kevin’s “son”/dog Sammy is again having health problems. I know what that’s like when your cat or dog is your family and the thought of losing him or her is something one doesn’t want to think about. It can be agony. I just found it odd — but I suppose expected at this point considering the strange religious people in that chat who are into plane spotting (who would have thought that?) who are sending their “thoughts and prayers” to Kevin. Are they praying to the same “all-powerful” deity who could have prevented Sammy from having health problems to begin with? If so, I suspect your prayers are a waste of your time. Thoughts are cool, but prayers to the floating cloud being? Then there are those who tell Kevin to “stay strong” as if grieving the possible loss of a family member is a sign of being “weak.” Rubbish! Grieving is not weak, people. Only stupid people think that, which most of the plane spotter crowd seem to be. Kevin doesn’t need to be lectured to ‘stay strong.” Strong is about grieving because grieving is part of the human emotional process. Any credible psychologist will tell you that, you fool commenters who reside in Kevin and Rudy’s upper colon and who gush over anything they do by calling everything they do “awesome” and “amazing.” (Two of the most overused, fad words these days usually used for things that are not “awesome” or “amazing” but are rather ordinary.) People who “stay strong” and don’t express their emotions and who don’t grieve end up with neurological problems. I’ve seen that from one of my relatives who refused to grieve when her husband died. She ended up with a neurological disorder because of that. Why don’t you people learn something instead of wasting your lives away talking about nothing on that useless chat?

Both of the sets of guys who plane spot from LAX know how to play the public in a marketing sense, and the viewers suck right in. The viewers are called “family” and other homey terms. These guys “work” their viewers with syrup and the sheeple take the bait and eat the pabulum right up. It is indeed marketing. But most people have no idea they’re being played. Kevin has reduced his viewers down to the level of kindergarten with the frequent use of words that rhyme that children are into. Then there’s singing Happy Birthday to all these pathetic people in the chat who claim it’s their birthday. Is it really anyone’s actual birthday or is the need for attention they crave? Now he has to SING to them. Most mature adults grow out of the need for attention on birthdays because it’s just a sign that you’re a year older. But children love birthdays, especially children in adult bodies who have never matured and likely never will regardless of their chronological age. These gullible, needy and lonely viewers think they have a new “friend” in these guys, who don’t know any of these people “from Adam” as the expression goes. Nor would they probably want to know them, including the highly-worshipped “mods” who are people who work for free. Their “pay” is to be worshipped and glorified — “he has spoken through the prophets!” (think: The Nicene Creed) — by the plane spotting guys and other commenters. Loneliness is a major problem these days and that can be clearly seen in the chat. These lonely people come on and say “I’m back from lunch now.” Does anybody care?! That was after they announced they were leaving for lunch. This is after they all ask each other how they are today, with praying hands in some cases. Nothing controversial is allowed in the chat. It has to stay syrupy and mundane. Or what the plane spotting guys call “clean” and “safe.” (roll eyes). WTF are they afraid of? They also make a big deal about Air Force One coming into LAX. Who gives a fuck about that? The sheeple do who have been brainwashed to do so. Fact is, I wouldn’t walk across the room to see any of these corrupt politicians — both D and R — and AF1 looks like any other plane really and you can’t see Biden or Harris — not that I would want to! — so I fail to see what the excitement is over. And neither person look any differently on a plane than they do on television where you can see them there. I see enough of both Biden and Harris on television that I have no interest in seeing a plane land or take off that either are on. I think this is all really part of celebrity worshipping that many shallow people are into. Peter and Joshua are the more mature guys even though are much younger than Kevin, but with Peter and Joshua you have to deal with all that “Hit the Like button” and silly emojis and that nonsense. And of course the worshipping and glorification of those sacrosanct “mods” (people with no life of their own otherwise they wouldn’t have the time to sit on a channel for hours deleting comments and reprimanding the children and not being paid for it).

25 May 2022: So Peter and Joshua flew all the way to Sydney to record what turned out to be less than 5 hours of plane spotting. Going all that distance one would think they would have spent days there recording full-length days. Not so. I didn’t hear Peter say but maybe there were limits on what they were allowed to do, or the guys were frankly exhausted from the trip. Understandable. And that’s a 15 hour flight nonstop. Why would anyone do that when there are plane spotters that cover Sydney. Kevin has had them on his “show” when they visited LAX. So, instead, watch the guys who “do Sydney.” Peter and Joshua are still dealing with the ramifications of that trip, especially jet lag. I don’t understand the appeal of going to other airports when the name of the airport that you’re based at is part of your channel name. Just stay there, especially considering you have a 3-4 hour trip from home just to get to LAX. It’s one of the best airports in the world. But you know how some kids are; it was probably to try to “out do” another plane spotter who hasn’t been out of the States. I’m not sure the boys will be doing another international airport any time soon. Did they learn something from this experience? Such as: You can’t take your battery backups on a plane? Then they returned home and got sick with supposedly a cold, or was it COVID? Did they wear face masks on the round-trip flight? Are they of the false opinion — like much of the sheeple public — that the pandemic is over? One wonders if the trip was worth it all. When you’re based at the best airport (LAX) why go anywhere else, in an attempt to be different or to try to out-do other plane spotters based at LAX?

8 May 2022: More religious bunk with Peter and Joshua’s channel. What is with plane-spotting and the religious fundamentalist trash they attract? I would not have guessed that plane spotting would attract such conservative people. Some people believe anything that another person says. One commenter in that useless chat — where the moderators are raised to sainthood status — said that she couldn’t follow the chat because she had been rushed to hospital 48 hours ago “with lights and sirens; but I usually drive myself.” What? You usually drive yourself? Do you make a habit of going to hospital as a hobby? Then she said the doctors couldn’t find anything wrong. Other than in her head, I suspect. Well the commenters essentially started a prayer chain for this woman. One person wrote “I’m sending my prayers to you in Jesus Name.” There were many other comments just like that. Why would one be on a plane spotting channel if one were having medical problems? This reminds me of the many people I’ve seen on political websites after a major family member has allegedly died. They go on there writing “My husband died this morning.” Then WTF are you doing online rather than grieving and dealing with that major life crisis? I suspect all of this is made up to give needy and attention-seeking people attention, and everyone does fall for it. If I had a death in my family I wouldn’t be online yapping about it and trying to draw sympathy and “RIP” all the way down the page from people who don’t know me from Adam or the people in my family. I call bull shit on this, but I think I’m the only person who does. Everyone else believes it. Gullible people.

Who knew that religion would get wrapped up in plant spotting with cultists saying “god bless” and “god” this and “god” that. Just because one of the channels reached a certain number of TY subscribers. A floating cloud being had nothing to do with that. That had to do with the guys who run the channel, what they’ve done and YT’s algorithms. People are such idiots, I swear. Then there are the sheeple who have to say “Best Channel Ever.” Both of the channels I watch on occasion are good. I don’t think as one being better than the other, being objective. Aside from plane spotting, they both do different things. But the cultists for each channel need to play the team mentality and cheerlead for their team. Such immature thinking really. Both channels are good. Why can’t they say that? Why does one have to be better than the other? Because that’s how the immature sheeple thinking with their “my team is better than your team” mentality. Ugh.

CORRECTION: 6 April 2022: In this article I said that Kevin had sold out to corporate interests. That was the appearance when he started promoting a certain corporate hotel in his videos and filming from that location. However, he explained that on 5 April that he’s allowed by the hotel to record there periodically because of its good vantage point for plane spotting, but he receives absolutely no financial compensation from the hotel for it and he pays them nothing. He gives out a code for viewers to use to get a discount at the hotel if they choose to stay there when arriving at LAX. So, bottom line: He has not sold out to corporate interests. And it was also interesting to hear him talk more about the business aspect of what he does, his safety, the locations he chooses for recording and the safety of all of his equipment. He’s a very down-to-Earth nice guy, and he’d be very easy to talk with. That’s what I came away with from watching him talk about himself and what he does with his business there in a behind the scenes video.

Short Version:

What can be said briefly about the LAX Plane Spotting Cults?

Well, the viewers of these guys — who record planes landing and taking off — are cultists of the guys.  These guys are messiah figures to these pathetic, lonely, needy people in the chat.  Part of the cult status is because these guys refer to their viewers as “my friend” and these viewers eat that up.  They honestly believe these guys are their friends. The viewers give these guys money as a bribe so they will say their name and get attention during the “broadcast” as they call it.  Then there’s the worship of the mods.  The mods are these equally pathetic and lonely people who apparently have no life of their own, so they spend 10+ hours in the chat reprimanding viewers and deleting comments.  The mods are NOT paid.  If it were a paid job that would make more sense but to give your life away for free just so you can get attention and be called “awesome and amazing mods” is just as pathetic as the rest of these people who are being played by these plane spotting guys.  And that is what is happening.  These guys know what they’re doing.  They treat their viewers like children and “keep the chat nice and clean” (sanitised) so everything is fun and happy in the world.  Not a problem in the world. They’re like a bunch of toddlers really and this is quite a unique phenomenon when you think about it.  I mentioned “awesome and amazing” earlier.  They are the two dominant words used to describe nearly anything on these “channels” as they’re called or during the “broadcast.”  Both “awesome” and “amazing” have completely lost their meaning from overuse where even the most mundane and trivial thing is referred to as “awesome” and “amazing.” There is no “broadcast.”  it’s a YT video like anybody else who does YT videos.   These guys try to make it sound like they’re a corporate network and they make a big deal out of their night camera.  That’s something that corporate networks don’t do.  They never say “We’re now using our night cam”  It’s no body’s business what cameras they’re using, whether they’re for day or night. But these guys make a big deal out of the night cam because of the expense of that equipment.

But that’s about it.  These guys are treated as messiah figures to these syrupy, lonely, needy and childish people in the chat.  Even the most renowned musicians are not treated like this.  That’s why it’s really an insane scenario.  Who ever knew that planes landing and taking off would attract such pathetic people as that group in the chat and those useless mods.

I have their feed on to see Los Ángeles and LAX, and the colour changing pylons at night at the Gateway to LAx.  I’m less interested in the planes landing and taking off, and these days I hide the chat whenever I have the video on, but my best friend says “The chat is just as tacky as it was when you were reading it.  Nothing’s changed, other than maybe it’s even worse now with people asking that these guys make a big deal about their birthday and “can you wish me Happy Birthday on the air.”  Ugh.  Oh jesus people!  When will you ever grow up.  That’s what I mean.  They’re so fucking needy for attention.  Just like toddlers.  Someone leaves the chat and says, “I have to go have lunch now, I’ll be back in an hour.”  Who the fuck cares?!

Long Version:

LAX plane spotting cults. And they really are like cults. The pathetic people in the chat treat these guys like cult leaders. Literally. I’ve never seen anything like it. Even the most renowned musicians don’t get this cult treatment. These plane spotting guys are worshipped, glorified and adored by these lonely people who need some messiah figure in their pathetic lives and where everything (including the most mundane and trivial thing) is described as, “Awesome and amazing. Awesome and amazing. Awesome and amazing.”— spoken by these guys and their childish cultists in the chat to be absolute conformists. Both words have completely lost their meaning from extreme overuse. And where everyone is referred to as “My friend” and the syrupy people in the chat eat that shit up. These plane spotting guys play/work these pathetic people and they’re too damn stupid to realise they’re being played. They’re such gullible suckers. Lonely people love to feel like they have a friend somewhere especially if they have no friends. And those who donate to “the channel” are told “Thank you my, friend, thank you for your amazing (or awesome) support to the channel.” It’s all a bit much, but the Friends of the Friendless — which is what I call these pathetic and lonely people in the chat — absolutely eat it up.

Much of the audience for these plane spotting guys have the mentality of children. “Can you say happy birthday to me in the broadcast?” they ask. “Everyone” wants their birthday recognised. Ugh. Or this one, “My daughter is going to be on the plane to Florida at 9. Will you be there to show it taking off?” WTF? And what’s so important about showing a plane that your daughter is on among the hundreds of other passengers when we won’t be able to see her — and we wouldn’t know her if we saw her — or any of the other passengers? WTF is wrong with these needy people? All we’ll see is the plane taking off. These syrupy trash in the chats are self-absorbed, self-entitled, needy, needy, needy, needy pathetic immature people. And some of the toddlers in the chat write the same thing every day to everyone, such as that chick named Becky who is on every “channel.”

I’ve learned from watching these guys for a bit how very conservative the plane spotting crowd is. Yet I watched a Norwegian airline’s flight from Stockholm to LAX and their crew specifically said on camera that their company did not want them to be or act conservative. I found that interesting. So there would seem to be this clash between the thinking of some of the airlines and the very conservative thinking of the plane spotting crowd.

LAX — Los Ángeles International Airport — is one of the best international airports I’ve seen. It’s my favourite airport, especially with their nightly and pretty colour-changing pylons — that I’ve never heard the plane spotters talk about even though we see them in the background at night as planes land and take off — that are an art display at the entrance to the airport. What I also like about LAX is that it’s in the City, on the coast, unlike SFO which is built on the Bay outside San Francisco. The runways are in the Bay. With SFO, you can’t see The City (San Francisco) from SFO. You can see much of Los Ángeles from LAX such as their downtown skyscrapers, the Hollywood Hills (and the famous Hollywood sign), Santa Monica Mountain range, and other parts of the City.

There are two groups of guys who do plane spotting from LAX and they have channels on corporate AdTube, which has been ruined by g**gle, just like most of what that predatory and overbearing corporation has touched. Both channels after this cult-like following for anything they do or say, which is really quite strange. It reminded me that there are a lot of very lonely and needy people in the world, and many of them show up to be baby-sat for the day by these guys. That’s essentially what these guys are doing whilst they show planes landing and taking off, along with the latest corporate hotel they’ve sold out to, in the case of Kevin.

With one channel, there’s constantly-chucking/laughing Kevin who’s thoroughly corporate and heavy on screen graphics and sound effects. He’s seen as a messiah figure — literally — to the many lonely, immature and pathetic people who he baby sits and who serve as his cultists in the chat. As for the comments (well they’re the same people), those syrupy and useless unpaid mods clearly have no life at all — including a job — otherwise they wouldn’t have the time to sit on there all day reprimanding people and saying, “English only in the chat.” Ugh. They too all worship, adore and glorify saviour Kevin. A really strange phenomenon to see for a plane spotting guy. He can do no wrong in their mind. Even internationally renowned musicians with their decades of training don’t merit such cult-messiah status. But messiah Kevin lost me when he premiered a slick corporate hotel ad/promotion in his video multiple times on 4 March 2022 where he’s video-recording from the premises of the hotel and his videos serve as a promotion for the corporate hotel. His cultist see nothing at all wrong with this. So rather than being all about planes as it was originally, it’s now about a corporate hotel and planes. Who else will he sell out to? Selling out to corporate is so common and tacky these days. Someone was critical of Kevin’s monotonous laugh in the comments — Ouch! — and as expected, his devout cultists rushed to his defence. No one pointed out that in a psychological sense a monotonous laugh is a sign of insecurity, as well as inappropriate affect in some cases. From online: “Nervous laughter happens for a number of reasons. Some research suggests that your body uses this sort of mechanism to regulate emotion. Other research has found that nervous laughter may be a defence mechanism against emotions that may make us feel weak or vulnerable. Either way, it’s pretty weird to experience.”

Sometimes Kevin is with Rudy, who’s a classically-trained musician. He joins Kevin on weekends or when he’s free from his teaching job in the Los Ángeles Public School system. They both seem like very nice guys.

Then Peter and his younger brother Joshua have their own AdTube channel. They too seem like very nice guys. Peter has become a complete ass-eater to the toddlers in adult bodies in his chat. They are indeed like a cult and that cannot be overstated.

Both “channels” refer to what they’re doing as “the broadcast,” when really all they’re doing is what any other AdTube person does: Speaking into a microphone. How is that a “broadcast?” They try to make it sound like it’s more than it is, and as if they’re a corporate network or something when they’re really just like many other channel on AdTube. In the end, their videos are just videos on AdTube like millions of other people have. They’re not a “broadcast.”

Peter is an adamant disciple of g**gle. Living in the tech capital of San Francisco as I do, I can say that if he lived here he might not feel the way he does about g**gle. He might just change his opinion of predatory g**gle. In San Francisco, that corporation once had a good reputation here, but these days, not so much. I never hear anyone say anything about g**gle like I used to. I don’t see anyone wearing g**gle clothing as I once did when the techies barged in and raped San Francisco as if they thought they owned the place. These Millennial techies disrespected our neighbourhoods and their rich cultures and some of them also brought their homophobia with them and were heard saying, “There are too many gay people living here.” Well I can assure you that’s not the case now. The once gay mecca is long gone and today it’s mostly straight. And those hundreds of massive 2-story tall tech shuttles that some people once protested are still running between The City and the South Bay carrying seemingly-lobotomised and elitist Millennial techies — without any genuine social skills and who wear a perpetual snarl on their face — to their employment in the South Bay, because they’re too damn stupid to live close to where they work. (Thumb-typing on a phone is not an example of possessing social skills). And by the way, the word in San Francisco is that g**gle has completely ruined what was once YT. It’s no longer about You. It’s about obnoxious ads, which is why I call it AdTube. But I’m sure these plane spotting guys would disagree with that because they’re making money off of g**gle.

The techies have essentially ruined San Francisco and turned our City into the opposite of what it used to be and the City that we were known for over many decades. That City is gone. Tech doesn’t have this stellar reputation here that it once had.

What happened to language standards? They died.

You know, there was a time where there were standards for language. It used to be that anyone at a microphone made sure that any words they pronounced — including words from other world languages — they tried to pronounce them correctly and as authentically to the language they’re from as possible. It was known as having credibility and one only had credibility of the highest form by being accurate with language, and not just precious English. Well, gone are those days obviously. Now? It’s “say the words any old way that you want” — and then laugh about how badly you mangled it — as long as it’s not US English.

As for Kevin, he doesn’t pronounce any non-English word correctly even though he claims to have traveled throughout the EU and América del Sur/South América. I have to say that unfortunately he learned nothing about the languages of the parts of the world he travelled through. When he was in Deutschland, one would think he would have heard the word Frankfurt and learned that it’s not “Frank(furt)” as in the guy’s name, but the “Frank” of Frankfurt is the same “a” sound that is used for the word Bach. He does pronounce Deutschland correctly now that I think about it. But that’s about it. He doesn’t pronounce any español words correctly, nor does he even try. He doesn’t even pronounce the name of the city he “broadcast” from correctly. It’s El Segundo which is español and is pronounced El Say-gooon-do. It’s not El See-gun-do. It’s not gun, like a weapon. It’s goon. He doesn’t understand español vowel sounds. Even though Rudy who is Mexicano does speak español. He’s either fluent or knows some of the language and he’s more accurate in his language skills, to his credit. But that’s one thing about well-trained musicians — speaking as a Conservatory-trained musician myself — world languages and diction are part of our training with music being the international language, so it’s part of our training as well-trained musicians to try to speak all languages as accurately as possible — which is why the finest Orchestra Chorus Directors bring in language coaches to help a Symphony Chorus with the diction of the piece they’re performing so the language they’re performing in will sound as authentic and native to the language as possible — rather than the shoddy US way of approaching world languages: Complete disrespect of anything that’s not precious US English, which is unfortunately Kevin’s approach.

Kevin is extremely corporate that he feels the need to have an “Executive Producer” Dahling. When I first heard that I asked: Why would your little plane spotting channel need an “Executive Producer?” That’s what corporate networks have. Yes, it sounds a bit pretentious. The curious thing about that is that Brad (his EP) speaks español and seems to be rather fluent in the language. He types en español on occasion in the chat but does not get reprimanded by the busy-bodied “mods.” They don’t scream at Brad, “English only in the chat, Brad. English only in the chat, Brad.” No, Brad is seen as sacrosanct because he’s the Executive Producer, Dahling. So, as usual there are these double standards.

And Peter? He doesn’t have an “Executive Producer” Dahling, at least not yet. And he isn’t much better in the language department. He’s Hispano — or does he consider himself Latino? — but I sense he has tried to divorce himself from his Hispano/Latino roots/culture in order to be “rah rah USA.” Ugh. I noticed that he stripped his last name of the español accent mark above the appropriate letter which is typical of people trying to divorce themselves from their Hispano/Latino culture. Nevertheless, his surname is not an English word so it should retain the accent mark of the español language, just like other español words should regardless of the world language they’re being used in. When I first started watching Peter’s videos — oh I’m sorry, I mean “broadcast” — he used to pronounce the word México correctly since México is not an English word, but a word from español. México is an español-speaking country. But he stopped pronouncing it correctly for some reason, and now says it incorrectly consistently as spoken in US English. I have to wonder if one of his contributors who is anti-español asked him to start saying México the way it’s pronounced (incorrectly) in the United States of North America? Wouldn’t surprise me.

I learned long ago that US English is very disrespectful of any international language and so are many, if not most, US English speakers. Peter says Avianca correctly which is an español word, and a few other words, but not others. He’s very selective as to what he chooses to say correctly when the word is not precious US English. He will tell a donor: Hope I’m saying your name correctly? I think: Why would you care about that when you don’t care what español words you mangle? So why would you care in this case? Oh because they’re giving you money. That’s why and you don’t want to offend anyone who gives you dinero/money. He’s quite annoying in that regard.

Then there’s that chat. Ugh. Sigh.

The Chat: The alter-universe void of any reality, other than the last plane that arrived or took off.

As an example, if someone lives in Ukraine, they can’t say anything in the chat about what’s happening in their home in a city in Ukraine. So for example, a guy was reprimanded by Ms Powertrip-Headtrip “mod” in Peter’s chat. She said, “No politics in the chat.” I felt like typing in that chat: Fuck off, bitch! I was infuriated by that and so was my friend who told me that as of today he has stopped watching these “channels” because of the censorship and repression of free speech in the chat. There is no “free speech” whatsoever in the chat. One must play the required sanitised narrative/script. The guy in the chat said, “I’m not talking about politics. I’m talking about what’s happening at my home.” Poor guy. Ms “Mod” bitch was relentless and lacking of any empathy for the guy. She said: “No, you’re talking about politics.” Then like a good little upper-colon eater: He said, “Oh sorry, you’re right.” Geezus guy, grow a spine. Tell that bitch “mod” — with no life of her own obviously — to fuck off and then leave that useless chat. She (the mod) has no life of her own that’s why she’s a “mod” on there and the only pay she gets is by everyone gushing over her with the words “amazing” and “awesome.” She and the other “mods” eat it up. What useless people on a power-trip/head-trip just because they were chosen to be some fucking “mod” — who the fuck cares?! — and waste their day and into the evening reprimanding people and talking childish syrupy drivel to others.

That useless and syrupy chat. Good lord, where do these pathetic people come from? I would close that chat. I can’t stand that thing and it pops up whenever you click on the videos, so it’s hard to not see it and or glance at it.

If I had a channel on AdTube, I would not have a chat. All of these guys who have airline videos essentially serve as a babysitter for some of the most childish, lonely, needy, insipid, attention-seeking, pathetic people in the world who show up in these chats. These children — supposedly adults? — give these guys a donation just so that he will say “Happy birthday” to one of their family member. (roll eyes) To them I think it’s like having some show host on television talk to them personally and these children in adult bodies eat that shit up, they love the attention they’re given. Sigh. And then if he doesn’t acknowledge their donation, the person in the chat gets in a huff about it and asks very childish. So you only gave him money so that he would say your name in “the broadcast?” If I were to give them a donation, I would not want them to even mention it. I don’t need that attention. But these people — children in adult bodies — absolutely love the attention. The chat is like being in a church banquet. That’s the atmosphere, where there’s not a problem in the world, nor are any problems in the world allowed to be mentioned in the alter-universe utopian chat. Yes, there’s even some god stuff in the chat there that’s why I make that comparison to a church banquet. It’s kept “safe and clean” (roll eyes) like they’re all a bunch of toddlers and afraid of their own fucking shadow. For example, rather than asking as adults: “When do these plane spotting guys go to the bathroom or go pee?” instead they say like children, “When do these guys go potty?” Potty? The maturity level is rock bottom.

So what is allowed in the chat: Very little really other than “lol.” Most of the children in the chat “lol” at everything they say, just like Kevin. All you’re allowed to say in the alter-universe chat — where there’s not a problem in the world — is syrupy drivel. Say hi and bye to each other. Ask each other how they are repeatedly, “I’m going to lunch now, I’ll be back” (who cares?) and of course gush over the guys who run the channel and call them “amazing and awesome” and gush over those useless “mods” and call them “amazing and awesome mods.” Some of the “mods” act as if they’re infatuated with the plane spotting guys and write the most cult-like comments to them calling them “amazing and awesome” and what a “perfect broadcast today” along with other words of adoration and worship. It is like a cult. I’m surprised some of these pathetic people don’t refer to the plane spotting guys as, “Your Worship. You’re awesome and amazing.” Someone thanked “Kevin and the mods” for the amazing stream one evening. The mods have nothing to do with the stream. The stream is Kevin’s end of the operation; the video production end. The mods have nothing to do with that. They are on AdTube in the chat thingy. So clearly many people have no clue how the whole thing works. Stupid people. Maybe if they spent just half the time they waste vegetating on that chat thing whenever these guys are “broadcasting” learning something, they might improve their pathetic lives.

Anything other than what I’ve said above will be deleted or you’ll be banned. So what’s the point of having the chat?

The useless chat serves as a babysitting service for some of the loneliest people in the world with no life — I think of them as “The Friends of the Friendless,” and again it’s a type of marketing tool for these guys. That’s the bottom line. “Keep it safe and clean” is the sanitised mentality in the chat. These people are afraid of their own fucking shadow and can’t stand reality. They hate reality including the guys who run the channels otherwise they wouldn’t take this repressive approach. But that’s why I say that the chat is an alternative-universe where syrupy is required with not a problem in the world, and you don’t dare mention any of the problems in the world otherwise one of those power-trip/head-trip “mods” will reprimand you and or delete or ban you.

And again, this cannot be overstated, the “mods” clearly have no life of their own. They spend up to 12 hours on there without pay reprimanding people and talking syrupy drivel to others and telling people to “hit the Like button” and other marketing stuff. What sane and rationale person would waste hours of their life on a near-daily basis and want to sit around reprimanding people and talking syrup? Quite a few people are into that quite frankly because people ask, “How do you become a mod?” Who would want to be a mod? (Answer: Again, another person with no life of their own who have the hours to sit on a site watching planes take off and land. Nothing else going on in your world, eh?)

A friend of mine who has been watching these videos off and on since I mentioned them to him, told me today that, “Today was the last straw for me. I clicked off after I saw one of those busy-bodied ‘mods’ assholes in that chat thingy delete comments asking about a Russian plane — what’s wrong with that?! Oh, it has to do with Russia which you’re not supposed to talk about — and he made some innocuous comment that Ms Mod Powertrip interpreted as “political.” My friend said the same thing I said: Fuck off! I’ll go watch something else. That’s how I feel about it now.

Who would have ever guessed that plane spotting would be so conservative, uptight, sanitised, constipated, suppressive, repressive and attract such childish trash where everything has to be “fun and happy with not a problem in the world.”

One wonders how these people get through their day being so fucking delicate and thin-skinned. My friend said he also left a comment on one of the channels. His comment was polite and respectful, but because they didn’t like his message, he said his comment was deleted. Even in the comment section, they only want ass-eating and gushing over them as “amazing and awesome.” Well you’re not going to get that from either my friend or from myself. We think for ourselves, rather than engaging in herd mentality.

No talk allowed about plane crashes of the past.

In fact, a plane could crash at LAX and their cameras would likely shut off and no one would be allowed to talk about the plane crash in the chat, because these guys have reprimanded people in the chat on their mics who have mentioned plane crashes in history. They said such talk is not allowed in the chat, even about the planes that have crashed throughout history. They don’t like history. Well really, again, they don’t like anything but syrupy, childish, meaningless drivel. “You have to talk about plane crashes elsewhere” they said.

But yet they allow talk about food in the chat — that has nothing to do with planes taking off and landing — such as their constant ad/promotion for the fast-food joint where they film near LAX. Or someone in the chat can talk about the split pea soup she made. “Would everyone like some?” Oh good lord people, grow up! And then there’s that Becky idiot who is on both channels and types the same crap every day, “Ah, bless ya mate” (with praying hands). She too has no life at all either. All the hours she wastes on there she could have learned the difference between “to” and “too” which she consistently misspells.

Completely disrespectful of world languages.

And then there’s the ludicrous, “English-only” requirement for the chat which again is disrespectful to other world languages. Any fool can use a language translator. So why not put one up at the top of the chat for anyone to use, including the guys who run these sites? Why is that so difficult? Rather than having some mod keep saying throughout the day, “English only in the chat. English only in the chat. English only in the chat.” Ludicrous. They fail to understand that many people don’t feel comfortable writing in English because they don’t know the language at all or only in a very remedial sense, and people don’t want to look like an idiot and possibly be bullied, so they would not write in English. I understand that. I feel the same way about other world languages that I’m not at all fluent in. I would be hesitant to write anything in a language I’m not fluent in for concern that it’s not correct. Why is that so difficult for others to grasp?

As I said earlier, the messiah mods are worshipped and glorified by these guys as messiah figures. The mods are people with no life at all — apparently — who spend all day and into the evening at times typing silly childish shit to the others in the chat and, “English only in the chat.” The mods are not paid yet spend all of their day there. As I said, apparently nothing else going on in their lives and those in the chat worship the mods because the guys who run these channels worship them. It’s their way of paying them. The mods are consistently described as “amazing” and “awesome.” And all of these sheep fall for it. I’ve learned that people love to be gushed over as “amazing” and “awesome” even when they’re not.

Required conformist words: Awesome and amazing.

And again, the two required words for these sites (oh I’m sorry “channels”) is awesome and amazing. As absolute comformist, everyone thinks (group think) they are required to use those two words in reference to the most mundane thing. Because of their overuse, amazing and awesome have completely lost their meanings.

Who knew that airline plane spotting would attract such a conservative, prudish, childish group of syrupy, pathetic, lonely people requiring baby sitting them, essentially.

Both of the guys of each “channel” do a good job of what they do. The filming is excellent with both and the narration and they’re both using commercial-grade equipment. Some morons keep asking “What camera are you using?” They really expect these guys to tell them and give out their trade secrets? That’s like asking a commercial bakery for one of their most popular recipes.

Both sets of guys have two different cameras: A camera for day recording, one for night. And, since they consider what they’re doing a “broadcast” which is very corporate, corporate networks never talk about their cameras — day or night — so it’s odd that Kevin especially makes a big deal about it and gave a special Hollywood-sounding macho name to when he’s using his night camera for night filming. Corporate networks don’t say, “Audience, we’d like you to know that we’re using our night vision camera now. Aren’t you impressed?” It’s likely the research for and expense of the “night vision” camera that has caused Kevin to make a big deal about it. The same for Peter, although his attention to his night camera is only verbal fortunately, rather than making a big deal out of it by using big screen graphics like Kevin does.

Peter is more mature with the narration than Kevin with his chronic and needless laugh. Kevin uses a laugh as the period of every sentence. In psychology, that’s call “inappropriate affect.” Kevin also has all of these increasing silly sound effects and his channel is turning more and more into just one big ad for this and that whilst showing planes taking off and landing. Rudy serves as the chronic “yes man” for whatever Kevin says. Rudy is careful to never say anything that could remotely be construed as negative because “everything has to stay positive on the channel.” There was a time where they (Kevin and Rudy) refused to say the word COVID. They referred to COVID as “You know what.” (roll eyes). Sounds like how kids talk, right? Kevin seems to live under illusions that COVID and the pandemic is over as Hong Kong’s COVID numbers are exploding. The case loads are still high elsewhere, but because of politics (and not science data) many political idiots around the world are ending all COVID restrictions. The pandemic is not over, Kevin. (Related: Covid will always be an epidemic virus — not an endemic one, scientist warns).

Oh by the way, Joshua has a really pretty cat whose name is Chester. He reminds me of a cat I once had who was a Maine Coon. Not sure that Chester is a Maine Coon, but he looks like one.

Some more of the drivel that one reads in the chat: “There’s beer for all to go around? Everyone hit me up.” Silly drivel and what does that have to do with planes taking off and landing?

Now let’s be honest here: These guys who run these sites on AdTube are not stupid. They know what they’re doing. It’s their method. It’s their agenda. It’s a business for them even though they like to pretend that it’s “all about planes.” Yeah right. They know they’re playing/working these pathetic people (“Thank you for your amazing and awesome donation, my friend), these viewers and the sheeple in the chat, and the child-mentality “adults” in the chat fall for it.

Everyone is “My friend.” That’s marketing bull shit, and people eat it up.

Each person who donates is called “amazing” and their donation “awesome.” Or vice versa. “Thank you for your amazing support, my friend.” “Thank you for your awesome support, my friend.”

And yes, everyone is called “My friend” and lonely, needy and attention-seeking people eat that shit up. They love to be called “My friend” when apparently none of them have any friends otherwise they wouldn’t be vegetating on these “channels” all day and into the evening most days a week between the two “channels.” Even though these guys who run these sites don’t know these people in the chat or their viewers from Adam, so to speak. They may have met a few of them over the time at LAX since they’ve been doing this. I saw one woman talking with Peter and Joshua and she was clueless. They were busy trying to get on with their “broadcast” and she kept bothering and interrupting them with her gushing over them — and she didn’t get the clue — and telling them “You guys are such hard workers” and “You’re doing so great on your channel. How many subscribers do you have now?” She was one of their cultists.

As I said earlier and this cannot be overstated, one also gets the impression that some of the viewers and mods have an infatuation for these guys by the way they go overboard in gushing over them and anything they do in their worship of them, which of course they describe as, “you guys are amazing and awesome” followed by a series of red heart images. I’m surprised the viewers don’t refer to Kevin/Rudy and Peter/Joshua as “Your Worship.” Maybe I shouldn’t have said that. They’ll start doing that.

Then there are the usual people in the comments who do that terribly immature stuff of having to write, “First” “Second” “Third.” These people are adults and they have to write that they are the first to show up to comment or the second and the third. Who the fuck cares?! Again, the maturity level of these people is rock bottom. Then there’s the usual, “Get some rest guys, drive safe and stay dry!!!!” as if they’re best friends with these guys who run these “channels.” Well they think they’re best friend with them because from a marketing standpoint these guys refer to their viewers as “My friend” as I said earlier, and they all fall for that marketing tactic. These people have no bull shit detectors at all for when they are being played by someone. How many of these people are easily duped by others on a daily basis? Some really gullible and stupid people, and I’ve learned that unfortunately one cannot fix stupid, so don’t bother trying.

And the Friends of the Friendless — as I call them — in the chat fall for this stuff every time. None of them come with any bull shit detectors at all. Instead, whatever the guys say, they eat up.

It’s the same mentality that fundamentalist Christians have for their “ministers” or “pastors.” They become absolute messiah figures for their sheeple. That’s pretty much the same mentality one sees here in these plane spotting videos from LAX.

Here’s a paraphrased example of the typical cult-like adoration, glorification, praise and worship that the mods and the baby-sat children in the chat write in the comment section:

“Kevin, amazing shots and excellent work by Rudy giving us information and facts on airplanes. Great studio audience and very nice to see [Ed. names removed. Other cultists in other words coming up to the garage for camera attention.] Your night camera is amazing as always and I love the intro music to it. It’s a perfect match! The vibe was so relaxing and nice. Just what I needed and the music choice was perfect. (Yeah you said that earlier) . Awesome show! Thank you Kevin and Rudy for your dedication and professionalism!”

Well, you needed one more “awesome” since you used “amazing” twice but “awesome” only once. Does this mod have an infatuation for these guys? Sounds like it to me with such gushing praise. The thing is: The reason I chose to quote this person is because this person I’ve quoted writes the same thing — but different versions of it — on every video comment section. He stops short of genuflecting to Kevin and Rudy and making the sign of the cross.

Another comment from the same person. His usual gushing in every video comment section:

Awesome live stream!. We had so much fun today, learned and we enjoyed a great show! Thank you Kevin and Rudy for your great shots and for providing such a wonderful vibe to all of us. You both together rock and are the best!”

He needed at least one “amazing,” but seemed to have replaced that with “wonderful.” This over-the-top-gushing is the norm, the standard on these “channels.” I don’t quite understand it. All of this adoration, glorification and worship for plane spotting. Internationally-renowned classical music conductors don’t get all of this stuff said about them. As I said, it’s like these plane spotting have developed a cult following. Chau.—el barrio rosa

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