Matt Damon and Gay Actors

Hola. I think I should stop reading any articles with the word “gay” in the title as these days I come away from the article infuriated by people’s stupidity. I’m well aware that stupid is “in,” and it’s “cool,” to be stupid here en Los Estados Unidos/the US. But still, you’d think there might be the occasional exception to that, no?

Actor Matt Damon says that a person is a better actor when the viewer knows little or nothing about the actor. He claims that one’s sexuality is a major part of that, whether one is “straight” or Queer. He’s of the thinking that the viewer should know nothing about the actor’s sexuality, so as to leave one’s sexual orientation a mystery.

*roll eyes*

Well Matt, to begin with, as with any artist, what people know about you should have nothing to do with your acting ability or performance. Your acting ability should be consistently superb regardless of what people know about you if you’re secure as a person, secure with your sexuality and secure as an artist/actor. And why are you limiting this nonsense-thinking to just actors? Why don’t you apply this to anyone before a camera?

Secondly, don’t most actors play a “straight”/heterosexual role? (Yes they do). Even Queer actors play “straight” roles. The problem with Matt’s thinking is that in our society most people assume that an actor is “straight” to begin with. And that’s the case especially if the actor is “good-looking.” (I know “good-looking” is subjective, but hopefully you know what I’m talking about). Over the years I’ve read comments from people online asking the question if some actor or musician is gay. The response is typically, “No, he can’t be gay because he’s so hot and good-looking.” Sigh. Of course that is bigoted and pathetic thinking. It implies that gay actors/musicians are not “good-looking.” Some people also respond to that question by saying, “No, he’s not gay. He has a wife and kids,” which is another ignorant thing to say since there are thousands and thousands of closeted gay guys who are married to females and have children. Many of whom come out of the closet years later and that’s when one hears the standard:

“Honey, we need to talk. I’m gay and I’ve always been gay. When we got married I was just following the Family’s Script for me — because I knew I would get hell if I didn’t — by getting married to you. Then came the, “When are you going to start a family?” nagging from our families so I thought about guys when I was having sex with you. I now want a divorce. We can deal with the house and my child-support and visitation rights for the kids in court. I’m leaving now to move in with my longtime boyfriend. I’ll see you in court. Have a nice day.”

Also, with the internet it’s very easy to find out something about actors, or anybody else for that matter. A lot of people research actors and want to know more about them. I look up actors who are in telenovelas to learn a bit more about them and what s/he was previously cast in. I find it interesting. Only once or twice have I regretted looking up something about an actor and learning something about him or her that I wish I hadn’t read. So who takes this “blank slate” approach to an actor where the viewer wants to know nothing about the actor that Matt Damon is talking about? Who does that? Loco./Crazy.

And with all of these chisme/gossip shows celebrating “celebrity culture” (all about actors and musicians) on nearly any network and in gossip publications, is there any actor out there that the public knows nothing about? I wouldn’t think so. And I would think that the public would say that all of these actors are “straight.” They would automatically assume that because we live in a heteronormative fucked-up society.

So in my opinion, it is important that Queer actors come out of that moldy closet and let it be known that s/he is gay (GLBTQ), because otherwise the public will assume that the actor is “straight.” And why is that the case, class? Because, again (for the thick people), we live in a very heteronormative society where the majority of people are allegedly “straight.”

As I’ve pointed out many times before, look at corporate network programming. It’s all heterosexual-based, and I’m sick of it. Queer people I know are sick of it. Some GLBTQ idiots have said that, “Gay is now Mainstream.” Luducrious! Not on my mainstream television it’s not. I don’t know what drugs these idiots are on or what corporate network they’re watching but my mainstream television screen is not saturated day and night with Queer people and Queer couples making out. Instead, I’m constantly seeing “straight” make-out scenes, “straight” besos, “straight” hand-holding, “straight” emotional meltdowns where la muchacha is always crying about something (Get. A. Grip!) and “straight” sex scenes (before the camera moves away… thank goodness!… I don’t think I could take that when he looks like he should be with a Queer boy and she with una lesbiana), and so on. I see only heteronormative programming on television.

In fact, while writing this I walked by my television and I saw an ad for solar panels and apparently that company only wants “straight” white couples buying their solar panels because they showed the typical “straight” white (required) hand-holding couple walking through a field of grass.

A 3-way with a Car?

Then the other day, I saw a commercial (presumably) for a car but the commercial seemed to be more about promoting “straight” sexuality. The commercial was more about this “straight” young, white couple and their affection for each other and their required hand-holding than it was about the car. At one point in this ad, the camera zoomed in on their locked hands down at their side. Now I don’t know what the fuck that had to do with buying this car. At the end of the ad, we see this couple leaning up against this car and looking fawningly at each other. I was asking my television: So what are you trying to sell here? I’m confused. Are you trying to sell this “straight” young white couple, OR that car they’re leaning up against? I know people are into all kinds of things sexually so maybe this is an ad promoting a type of 3-way with a car. Do young, white “straight” couples have 3-ways with their car?

But one thing is certain: In commercials I happen to see, “straight” white (usually young) couples with their mandatory hand-holding are always walking somewhere. That’s one of the major marketing requirements for ads it seems. Or el chico has his hands and arms around her waist and as they’re walking in lockstep he seems to be pushing her forward as if she were a wagon. (Women’s liberation is dead; we’ve gone back to the time where women are subservient to men from all indications I see). It’s obvious that these companies don’t want any business from GLBTQs because we don’t exist in their ads. That’s how “mainstream” we are. Oh some programme on the odd occasion may have una lesbiana couple on discussing their problems with some anti-gay family bigots, but that’s not what I’m talking about here.

I think one should dismiss what Matt Damon says. Since a “straight” actor (Matt Damon) in a heteronormative society is suggesting this. Consider the source.

Queer actors should come out of that closet and let it be known that they’re Queer so the viewing public does not assume they’re “straight.” Unless Queers have decided to stay in that unhealthy closet or go back in the closet for whatever reason. And if that’s the case, that’s just another indicator of just how “Gay is now Mainstream.” Yeah right. Chau.—el barrio rosa

2 comments on “Matt Damon and Gay Actors

  1. Y

    I heard something about this too. It originally had to do with a rumor that Matt Damon and Ben Affleck are gay and they didn’t respond to the rumor because they didn’t want to offend their gay friends or something like that.

    Glad you responded to the bull shit.

  2. D8

    I had heard about this. I read that Matt was going to be on the E***n D*******s show to further explain what he meant. What more of an explanation is needed? Predictably E***n D*******s came to his defense with this LAME “I know you and you’re not that guy” statement. One Hollywood elite rubbing the other elite’s back. My opinion of her has changed. I see her as part of the bourgeois elite establishment. She has a net worth of $330 million and an annual salary of $70 million. Some of the things she says are heteronormative. As it does you, it really annoys me when GLBTQ people adopt that thinking. She’s also very much a part of the it’s cool to be or act stupid culture in this country.

Fin. The End.