Most people are gay or lesbian

Hola. Despite statistics and data showing that only a small percentage of the population is gay or lesbian, after you read this it should be quite obvious to most intelligent people that the majority of people worldwide are Queer, specifically gay or lesbian.

I remember growing up that when people came to visit our family, after the initial time — approximately 10-15 minutes — of being together as a group all in the living room, the women always moved to the kitchen and the guys always stayed in the living room. Mi amigo/My friend said that’s exactly what happened at his house too as a child.

The Burning Question is: Why would all the men want to be together without any females in the room if they weren’t Queer? A reader is now screaming at me: “Oh you can’t say that!!!…just because the men all want to be together doesn’t mean they’re Queer?!” It doesn’t? And how would you know that? How do you know that they’re not Queer? Or do you just want to believe that they’re breeders because you have some internalised anti-Queer feelings? Hmmmmmmmmmm? Or are you thinking the men can’t be Queer merely because they went through the charade of being married to a female? Ha! That means nothing. Thousands and thousands of gay closet cases are married to females and that is continuing to this day. And the same for las mujeres/the women? Why do they always want to be together? It’s obvious the guys are more comfortable with each other and being around each other. The same for las mujeres/the women.

Lucille Ball in “I Love Lucy” did an episode on this topic. Lucy and Ethel were always in the kitchen (the same with my mother) and Ricky and Fred stayed in the living room (the same with my dad and his amigos). Lucy made a point that they should all stay together in the living room and talk and share interests, but it didn’t end up like that. The women called it “girl talk” when they went in the kitchen. I always hung out in the “girl talk” room because that was far more interesting to listen to with all that juicy chisme/gossip they had to dish with each other — it also meant that they didn’t need to spend 2 hours on the phone that day with somebody listening in on the “party line” — than to hear guys go on about boring sports and men playing with balls and about this team and that team while halfway-watching whatever sports game (usually) was on television during the visit. That seemed to be all that the guys talked about other than their jobs. I couldn’t care less about sports and that’s still true today. I found Lucy and Ethel’s chisme/gossip more interesting than Ricky and Fred’s sports talk, which was often about boxing as I recall. That episode of “I Love Lucy” was a very accurate representation of straight life in the US at the time and I think that still is. Although I suspect when people get together these days, they talk for a few seconds and then immediately get out their electronic leashes/their adult pacifiers (I’m talking about their phones) if it’s not already embedded in their hand, and they begin to text each other sitting side-by-side and show each other their screens in a “show and tell” followed by “tee hee, tee hee” sounds. Laughing hysterically over little nothings on a screen. I’ve seen people do that in restaurants. Other than their laughing, they were completely silent during dinner. Didn’t say a word the entire time. What limited social skills they had were for their adult pacifier. They could have been sitting in their own home texting the same phone zombies in their homes. Didn’t need to get together in a restaurant to do that! What pathetic people. And of course they wasted much of the food they ordered because they were too busy with that phone.

It seems to me that breeder couples are paired off wrong. Are they really straight or do they think they must be — or rather pretend to be — per their family’s script/plans for them and society’s 24-hours/7-days a week heteronormative dictates? I read this article which said that guys are horniest in the mornings. Whereas females have the least interest in sex in the mornings. That doesn’t sound like a very workable situation for breeders. It’s a hormone thing. When I read that I said to myself: Well that right there should tell anyone that breeder couples are paired off wrong. They are a mistake. He should be with a guy and she should be with a female and then they would be on the same biological clock for sex, and they wouldn’t have all of these obnoxious breeder dysfunctions that one sees around here. These breeder couples are constantly having dysfunctions and often it’s about something absolutely trivial, such as he forgot to charge their phone (roll eyes) and of course she’s having yet another emotional melt-down presumably because she won’t be able to spend hours on billionaire-owned F***Book, the headquarters for those pathetic and lonely people without any genuine social skills. These breeder couples love to talk loudly and broadcast their dysfunctions through the neighbourhood. From my experience, Queers (gay and lesbians couples) have far less dysfunctions than breeder basura. (I’m getting rather fed up with breeders, I have to admit. I’m sick of them being in my face with their sexuality).

Again, it seems to me that the genders are paired off wrong when they’re in the male-female arrangement. Society teaches “you must be ‘straight’ to be ‘normal.'” Ludicrous. This would also explain why there are all of these gay closet case guys on sex sites who are married to a female but are pursuing what they really are: Queer. Although some of them call themselves bi. It would seem that they’re completely burned out on that pussy and that whiny and needy female they’re with which they coldly and unaffectionately refer to as “The Wife,” “The Girlfriend,” and/or “The Bitch.” It becomes obvious they would like to dump her as soon as possible but haven’t quite figured out how.

So, because of all this, this is why I’ve concluded that most people are gay or lesbian. It makes sense to me. Chau.—el barrio rosa

[This article is written somewhat tongue-in-cheek, although what I’ve written here is true, although as with many — or most of the — things I write, most people won’t want to hear it. The truth and non-popular views make many people uncomfortable.]

2 comments on “Most people are gay or lesbian

  1. Queer boi

    Cool. I know I’m definitely Queer. Sometimes I see a guy that looks hot in a str8 porn promo and I’ll watch that to look at him. I don’t pay any attention to her. In fact i’m turned off by the squealy high-pitched sounds that I’ve heard women make in str8 porn vids. I think it’s all an act and they’re told to do it because the public expects it. Guys don’t do that. We’re quieter for the most part. With thin walls no need to wake up the neighbors.

  2. E in Sunnyvale

    Hola. Yep, I had a conversation about this subject with a friend not too long ago. She and I concluded that the majority of people, if not all people, are by default bisexual. But the “rules” of society (as you said, “you must be straight to be normal”), push those tendencies into the closet – at least in societies conditioned by Judeo-Christian religious beliefs. Women in our society definitely seem to enjoy more opportunities for sexual “fluidity” than do men – I blame machismo (probably rooted in Western religion) which says that “men have to be Men” (with a capital ‘M’ and all).

    At any rate, me and my friend are both bi, so perhaps we’re a little BI-ased 🙂 (*facepalm*)


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