“The Left” is DJT’s biggest promoters.

“The Left,” or so-called “progressive” and “liberal” websites and talking heads and Democratic Party shill sites serve as his finest publicity agents. But they seem too damn dense to understand that. They don’t seem to understand that the attention they give to this loco — who holds no public office at all — is not bad attention whatsoever.

These sites write lengthy and full-blown articles — complete with pictures of his puss — about his latest antics, giving him the attention he craves. Every mention of his name is a promotion for him but these thick people don’t seem to understand that.

“The left” is really quite stupid I’ve learned. In reality, they are not “left” at all. I know the sheeple think in terms of Republicans = right and Democrats = left, but that is very simplistic thinking. “The left” are Democrats that support the right-wing Democratic Party at election time and make excuses for doing so. Another term for “the left” is fake-progressives. It’s all the same thing. If they were genuine left or genuine progressives or genuine liberals they would want nothing to do with the corrupt and right-wing Democratic Party, which much of the time serves as a mealy-mouthed doormat for the Republicans to walk all over. In fact, the Ds often vote with the Rs.

Go on any so-called “progressive” or “liberal” site. Or listen to any “progressive” or “liberal” broadcast, and you’ll likely see or hear the same thing. Someone droning on about DJT. It’s become predictable. They love promoting him and talking about him. I refuse to type his name because that would be a promotion for him. I’m talking about the deranged nut who occupied the White House for 4 years before Biden took office. Yeah, him. Well, the guy left office awhile back as most of you probably know. But it seems that the fake-left and fake-progressives think he’s still in office and they’re absolutely obsessed with him, but out of the other side of their mouth they claim to detest him. Loco.

Why obsess over someone you claim to detest and who’s no longer in public office? That’s fucked up. That’s very dysfunctional behaviour. That’s the sign of someone who is not mentally well and with a severe psychosis.

These fake “progressives” use DJT as click-bait which is about as low as you can get. You’d think they’d raise their standards and talk about something really important rather than the latest childish antics of an insane ego that loves attention and who is not even in office. And DJT doesn’t care whether it’s good or bad attention. He’s still being talked about and that’s all that matters to him, thanks to his best publicity agents known as “the Left:” the fake-“progressives” and the fake-“liberals.”

These fake “progressives” also live under their usual delusions that the Biden regime is going to go after DJT. (roll eyes) The delusional fucks (known as “The Left”) are not too big on living in reality. Just like their delusions and wishful-thinking that Obama was going to go after GW Bush, remember that? Which of course never happened either. Instead, Obama greatly expanded on the Bush/Cheney agenda. The Bush’s and the Obama’s are best of friends. That’s why we see Michelle and George W sharing candies, hugging, kissing and holding hands at state events at Washington National Cathedral in the District of Columbia. They seem to have quite a thing for each other based on these pictures. Check out those images to see what I’m talking about. I didn’t make those pictures up. They speak for themselves. And Michelle’s husband doesn’t seem to mind her close relationship with GW.

Of course, the fake-progressives — who are really just cultists of the right-wing Democratic Party at election time — will rush to defend anyone who is obsessed with DJT, which makes them just as bad as and accomplices to those who are determined to exploit him on a daily basis. They’re just as bad.

Again, what mindset obsesses over someone they can’t stand? That’s insane. Only the most dysfunctional people do that. Someone who is not well mentally.

And their continued obsession with this nut who they claim to hate shows how low these fake-“progressives” have sunk.

As I’ve said before, “the Left,” the progressives and liberals or what I call the fake-“progressives” and fake-“liberals” have become an empty shell of their former selves. Chau.—el barrio rosa