Queer boys in “straight” roles. ¿Por qué?

Why are Queer boys cast in “straight” roles?

Hola. ¿Qué tal? I’ve been monitoring the telenovela ¿Quién Mató a Patricia Soler? (QMAPS) on MundoFox by RTI Producciones for Canal RCN Bogotá. QMAPS, set in beautiful Bogotá, Colombia is the telenovela with the conservative drab-dull colour scheme of black, coffin-gray and white. Just because the title of the novela is (translation): “Who Killed Patricia Soler” doesn’t mean everybody has to wear funeral clothes/colours. But they are the conservative colours that the sheeple have been told by their television to wear these days as moda/fashion/fad. It’s one of the first things I noticed about this telenovela was their fear of colours. Black, coffin-gray and white make for a very uninteresting-looking screen/set using all drab colours. (It that why it got moved from 9pm to 11pm?) But lately, perhaps they tired of the dull funeral colours because now I’m seeing some more pretty colours. Not many, but some. With one of the main characters, Sebastián (played by Miguel de Miguel desde España), I never see him in anything but drab coffin-gray and white. He wears a white shirt, a coffin-gray suit and coffin-gray tie. Su oficina/His office colours are black and coffin-gray. This is also the telenovela with three actors who were in Yo soy Betty, la fea: Doña Marcela, Don Mario and Dr Sánchez (el abogodo for Betty y Nicolás). While writing this I saw a very unrealistic restaurant scene in QMAPS. Everyone within camera view in this restaurante had on black or coffin-gray (or both) clothing. Now that’s getting a bit extreme, don’t you think?

For awhile now, my very reliable gaydar has told me there are at least a couple of Queer boys in the cast, but I’ve been annoyed to see them making out with una hembra (a female). It doesn’t look right. From what I’ve seen all of the roles cast are heterosexual. ¿Por qué?/Why? I wondered why that was because it doesn’t reflect society.

We’ve been told repeatedly by some delusional and wishful-thinking GLBTQ conservative idiots in San Francisco that, “gay is now mainstream.” Well if that were the case (which it isn’t), I’d see gay couples, gay couples kissing, gay couples holding hands, gay couples embracing, gay couples making out and gay couples pretending to have sex regularly on my television. But what I see on my television regularly is heterosexual, heteronormative programming all the time. I constantly see “straights” sucking face, making out and embracing and giving the appearance that they are about to fuck, and then the camera moves away. I don’t see gay couples on my television. So don’t tell me that “gay is mainstream” because that is bullshit wishful-thinking. And even when it’s noticias/news about GLBTQs, the corporate media networks feel they must show las lesbianas/lesbians embracing or kissing—because the corporate networks consider las lesbianas “safer” for their bigoted/prudish audience—instead of showing gay guys kissing and embracing. On a corporate site recently I did see one picture of two guys supposedly kissing. I say supposedly because I had to examine the picture closely to see what they were doing. After examining the picture I thought: Well that’s a new approach bigoted/prejudiced corporate media. In their attempt to sanitise the picture of the two gay guys kissing they showed the two guys but one guy was kissing near the ear of the other guy. All the way back at his ear. And the guy being kissed had his left hand holding the other guy’s head. He was not kissing him on the lips or anywhere on his face. No, you can’t have that. What will our prejudiced, bigoted and hateful readers/viewers think? So of course that’s the picture they chose to use. Nice and sanitised. We’re also told that “gays can now live anywhere.” HA! Where do people get this shit from? What delusion-inducing drugs are these people on who say this stuff? I learned sometime ago that the conservatives who have long-hated gay areas and wanted to make them “straight” and white always repeat the “gays can live anywhere” lie. Well, gay people might be able to live anywhere (and that’s very questionable) if we live in that unhealthy fucking closet. I would point out that physical violence against GLBTQs because of their sexual orientation happens daily somewhere, so don’t come at me with that “gays can live anywhere” bullshit. (Related: EXPERT: ‘Desperate Anger’ Is Driving The Rise In Anti-Gay Hatred).

The Gay Rights’ Movement fought decades for me to go back in the closet and be “discreet,” “straight-acting” and “straight-looking.”

I would also point out that if “gays could live anywhere” they wouldn’t be going back in the closet and living in the closet in San Francisco of all places! (the former Gay Mecca) and in Manhattan (as two examples). They wouldn’t be sanitising themselves by removing their bling/earrings/rad earplugs and rad-alternative hairstyles and trying to look cookie-cutter “mainstream”, macho “straight,” and calling themselves “discreet” and “down-low” and “straight-acting” and other fucked-up-in-the-head gay shame/heteronormative ways of thinking. GLBTQs seem to be having a major identity crisis. They don’t seem to know who the fuck they are. Today, they seem to be trying to be as mainstream, corporate and sheeple as possible and completely divorcing themselves from their radical history, as if ashamed of it. (Related: The “Discreet” Gay Guys in New York City). I used to see lots of Rainbow Flags flying from home and apartment windows and on bumper stickers in San Francisco’s Castro/Upper Market area during the Gay Mecca days. But today in the New Conservative Techie San Francisco? It’s rare to see Rainbow Flags at all other than on the outside of some gay bars. So if “gays could live anywhere,” gays wouldn’t be putting the Rainbow Flag back in the closet and trying to “assimilate” by being heteronormative around (bigoted?) “straights” who like taking over gay areas and turning them into sanitised, prudish, “family-friendly” (Translation: “straight” and white with lots of screaming children in condominium-sized strollers clogging up the sidewalks) conservative places (think: Walnut Creek, California) with the help of conservative GLBTQs.

So why are Queer boys cast in “straight” roles? Why don’t they cast Queer boys in gay roles? Or do they think the viewers or advertisers can’t deal with seeing gay couples making out and embracing, and pretending to have sex before the camera moves away, like they do with “straight” scenes? But I thought that “gays are now mainstream,” no? Not at all. There is still lots of institutionalised/establishment prejudice and bigotry in society which doesn’t at all get erased or legislatively removed by court orders, laws written or referendums. And from what I’ve read, same-gender marriage (for example) is way down on the list of importance to most people. And even in places where same-gender marriage is legal there’s still a lot of resentment and resistance to it especially in the US of Hypocrisy/Los Estados Unidos. GLBTQs should have the same rights as “straights,” but that doesn’t mean we have to mirror them as so many GLBTQs are doing in their desperate desire to be accepted by those precious “straights” (as if their opinion matters about and above anything). I’m not too hot on same-gender marriage to begin with. I oppose the conservative “Institution of Marriage”TM for anyone because it’s nothing but a legal contract. I remember Lily Tomlin saying that she had hoped that gay people could come up with something a little bit better than marriage and trying to emulate and be like “straight” people. Right-on, Lily! And then you have the fucked-up US public, get this: US public: Gay legal rights are good but gays kissing is bad. (WTF?) “The national study, which polled more than 1000 USans, found that heterosexuals approve more of legal protections for gay people than they do gays kissing in public.” [roll eyes] Well who gives a fuck what they think? And of course if you asked the same people about heterosexual besos, they would say heterosexual besos/kissing is perfectly fine and acceptable in public. Fucking hypocrites.

Some “straight” actors have played gay roles such as Julián Arango who played Don Hugo Lombardi in Fernando Gaitán’s masterpiece Yo soy Betty, la fea. Don Hugo’s boyfriend in BLF was/is also “straight” in real life. Then Jorge Enrique Abello (who superbly played Don Armando in YSBLF) and Patrick Delmas (who played Don Michell Doinel in YSBLF) went on to later be cast in roles as a gay couple in a telenovela. Both JEA and Delmas are “straight.” But we don’t see any besos or make-out scenes when “straight” actors are playing gay characters. But when Queer boys play “straight” characters we see make-out scenes. It turns me off because it doesn’t look right or realistic. I see a Queer boy making out with a female and I think WTF? He’s forced to make out with una hembra/a female per the role he’s cast in. I know I can’t be the only person to pick up on this. I’ve been watching the telenovela Rebelde on UniMás that cantante/singer y actor Christian Chávez was in. He later came out as a Queer boy after that, but in that telenovela he had to show affection to las chicas (per the script) and to me he looked uncomfortable doing so. He looked a bit put-off by it and it didn’t look natural for him and understandably so because he’s gay and has no interest in making out with las muchachas. There are many gay actors—even though they may still be in that unhealthy closet with their gay shame—so why not cast gay actors in gay roles and “straight” actors in “straight” roles? Or would that cause Queer actors to be out of work entirely because of a lack of gay roles and especially a lack of roles for and showing gay couples? But I thought that “gay is now mainstream?” [roll eyes] Chau.—el barrio rosa


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12 comments on “Queer boys in “straight” roles. ¿Por qué?

  1. Gay is Mainstream????

    Oh dear me yes….. Gay is so mainstream, that’s why this just happened:

    The reason a Colorado High School canceled Its Valedictorian’s Speech minutes before the ceremony began was because Evan Young refused his school’s demand that he not reveal his gay sexual orientation. The bigots at the school board and their attorney supported the school’s decision and recited the usual right-wing script.

    Is this an “isolated incident?” Hell no. Almost 75 % gay students report instances of verbal harassment and bullying at school. Up to 56 % of gay students reported discriminatory practices based on their sexual orientation or identity.

    Thanks for your article.

  2. SF-Resident

    Was talking with my neighbor yesterday and he mentioned the vote in Ireland and tried to connect that to gays being mainstream that he had heard somebody else repeat. I remembered this post and was laying some of that on him. He stood there stunned, speechless. I could tell I was making him uncomfortable so I had to back off some but tongue-in-cheek I ended with “I see gays and gay couples on my tv all the time, don’t you?” He shouted: NO! I made him think. I said well then how can you say that gays are mainstream? He looked very flustered and had no answer for that. Thanks for the article.

    1. rosa_barrio Post author

      Hola SF-Resident, happy to help out.

      If anything is “mainstream” it’s human and civil rights. And from what I read, many Irish voters saw this as a rights issue as in a person should be able to marry whomever one wants to marry, and those who oppose marriage don’t have to get married. Pretty basic. It’s a choice issue. So from what I read it was not necessarily a gay issue in the minds of some voters in Ireland. It was a slap to the bigoted, sexist, hypocritical, anti-gay (with closet-case priests) and outdated Roman Catholic Church. At least the Anglican Church is a little more up-to-date/current. Gracias for your comment. Chau.—el barrio rosa

  3. Y

    Gay is now mainstream? lol. Anyone who says that is definitely smoking something. If gay were mainstream there would be no need for this article. Last week I was talking with an acquaintance who lives in San Francisco and he filled me in on how the city has changed, drastically. Like he said it used to be that Upper Market was mostly gay. Today it’s mostly straight. He said you have to go down to 18th & Castro to see gay guys or gay couples and then it’s for only about 3 blocks and then you’re back into Straightsville. He works in tech and he says tech has ruined San Francisco in that it’s been too extreme for the city. He also credits the mayor and the Board of Sups for ruining the city. He told me how the mayor refused to fly the transgender flag from city hall but he has no trouble flying any other flag he wants to fly.

    1. E in Sunnyvale

      “the mayor refused to fly the transgender flag from city hall but he has no trouble flying any other flag he wants to fly”

      The merchants groups all were a part of that as well…

      As a trans person, the fiasco over the flag was when I finally decided SF is dead. I’m outta here – seriously considering heading for Oregon (Eugene would be nice – not many yuppies there from what I hear).

  4. Azúcar

    Hola mi amor. I read your article yesterday and I came back tonight to report to you that Sebastián in ¿Quién Mató a Patricia Soler? bought a new suit,, well, I’m sure he didn’t buy it but they gave it to him to wear. The suit he had on tonight was a charcoal-brown. Still has the white shirt and gray tie. He still looks “drab” as we would say but at least they finally changed the color. After the commercial break they went to a restaurant scene and I only saw male-female couples sitting at the tables. Like you say – “gay is so terribly mainsteam.” NOT!

    Oh and I love Betty la Fea, I’ve seen that about 5 times and love it….especially El Cuartel. They’re hysterical (Berta with her chips and her other profession: chisme).

  5. D8

    Just thinking out loud. Now that Ireland has approved gay marriage will gay people in Ireland start that heternormative, discreet (and so forth) behavior to follow the lead of gay people in the U.S.? I hope not. Hopefully in Ireland they will remain out and proud and who they are. As you say, there’s definitely an identity crisis going on among the U.S. gay community.

    Excellent points made in this article although it would be my guess that most won’t want to hear it. The truth often hurts.

    1. rosa_barrio Post author

      Hola D8,

      “Now that Ireland has approved gay marriage will gay people in Ireland start that heternormative, discreet (and so forth) behavior to follow the lead of gay people in the U.S.?”

      I thought the same thing when I heard about Ireland. Let’s hope they don’t copy GLBTQs in the US of Hypocrisy and their heteronormative nonsense. Gracias for your comment. Chau.

  6. Ed in the Castro

    Thanks for this. I think it’s come to this with some people –

    ‘Gays are now Mainstream’ when:

    * str8s take over gay areas
    * str8s like coming to the Castro to get drink specials and to get drunk and make out in front of gay guys
    * str8s like moving in, taking over and pushing gays out of the Castro, West Hollywood and Chelsea
    * str8s go to pride sunday….any reason to party. Last year’s SF pride was more str8 than gay. I see a name change in the work to ‘Straight Pride Sunday?” Last year’s Pride was nothing but a big corporate party full of corporate ads. Anyone noticed that as soon as corporations realized they could use and exploit gay people for their money, corporations became pro-gay overnight. Like many other things, nothing’s like it used to be and really having lost it’s meaning.

    1. rosa_barrio Post author

      Hola Ed in the Castro, I think you’re correct. Yes, last year’s “Pride Sunday” (I changed the name of it to “Gay Discreet Sunday” because of all the Queer boys going back in the closet with their “discreet” selves which contradicts the very concept of pride) was as you described. For this year’s event (next month, junio/June) I have no plans of even writing about it as I don’t think there’s anything more that can be said about it that I haven’t already written. Gracias for your comment. Chau.

  7. Alejandro

    Hooooooola. This is one of the reasons I stopped watching TV and according to this article nothing or little has changed. Why am I not surprised! I stopped watching TV because I got tired of seeing straight sexuality presented as what one should be… because that’s all I saw on TV. As a gay guy that offends me so I got rid of my TV. I’ve read your other articles about the black gray and white clothing fad. I walked by a clothing store on Market St near Castro last night and looked in their windows. All of their mannequins were wearing black gray and white clothes. It was then that I realized this is, like you say, a programmed fad for sheeple to wear conservative colors. I make sure I don’t wear ANY of those colors. Gracias.

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