Queers don’t exist in AirB*b’s world

Hola, I was checking to see if someone in my building is using AirB*b for renting out part of his apartment and I noticed one thing about that corporation’s website.

Even though we’ve been told by some wishful-thinking idiots that, “Gay is now Mainstream,” like nearly all other companies and their advertising, San Francisco-based AirB*b doesn’t have any concept of gay people. We Queers don’t exist in their world — and again, this company’s headquarters are in San Francisco — looking at their website advertising. That tells me that they are put-off by GLBTQ people and ashamed of us otherwise we would be shown in images on their website the way they show the many “straight” white couples. Clearly, AirB*b is a very heteronormative corporation. Except for two images (a female in one image and a guy in another), they feature “straight” and mostly white couples on their site. The people in the images make it quite obvious they’re “straight,” (needy her hanging onto him, for example) and/or couples with children. And they look just like the “straight” couples flaunting their sexuality in our Queer faces in San Francisco’s Castro.

On AirB*b’s website you will see no Queer couples. No Gay boys (other than perhaps closet cases who are with a female and being heteronormative). No Lesbian couples, no Trans.

Just like the images that I’ve seen shown on the websites for most of these greedy developer’s over-inflated Luxury Designer Condos (Dahling), all couples are “straight” and white, even for the new buildings in San Francisco’s Castro. It’s expecting way too much here at the end of 2015 to see GLBTQs couples advertised/promoted on greedy developer’s sites even for The Castro (the former gay mecca).

I just wanted to point this out and ask:

Why are Queers/GLBTQs using this company for any reason when we don’t exist in this company’s heteronormative world? Don’t the GLBTQs using this company have any self respect, ethics, or standards whatsoever? Or is the Almighty Dollar all that’s important to them in this shallow and superficial society, where most people stand for nothing? Based on their website advertising, AirB*b only want “straights” and mostly white couples using their services. ¡Basura! Chau.—el barrio rosa

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  1. Alejandro

    Hoooooooooooooola. I once worked with a gay guy who often invited me to go shopping with him. One day we ended up in the parking lot of this store and I said to him, ‘What are we doing here?” He said he had to pick up some things there. I said “But this store is anti-gay. It was reported in the news that they gave contributions to an anti-gay organization.” He said, “I don’t care about that – they’re free to contribute to whoever they want.”

    I think there are many gay people like him out there. They don’t care, no social conscience and they use Air B*b or would have no problem using it. They’d probably defend Air for not having pics of any gay people on their site. Reminds me of some gay guys who write sex ads and call themselves “bi.” They’re looking for str8 and bi dick only. They’re never looking for gay dick. I think they’re gay and in self hate because why would they not want gay dick too? I see lots of those ads out there.

    1. rosa_barrio Post author

      Hola Alejandro, re the gay guys who call themselves bi, I’ve seen lots of that. I don’t think they’re bi at all. As I wrote sometime ago, some gay guys call themselves “bi” because they think that sounds more “masculine” that calling themselves what they are: gay. And mi amigo who has done lots of gay phone sex over the years confirms that and told me that most guys he’s talked with who claim to be “bi” have no interest in females at all in phone sex calls when he tries to get them to talk about pussy. How is gay dick any different than “straight” and bi dick? It’s just more of that heternormative nonsense. *roll eyes*. Gracias for your comment. Chau.

      Related: With Bi and Str8 guys the GF is always out of town

      1. Queer Boy

        When I’ve done phone sex, occasionally a guy will ask me “are you gay or bi.” When a guy asks that and we’re on a gay sex line I take it that he wants me to answer that by saying “I’m bi.” So that’s what I say even though I’m not bi. As we start talking I bring up girls for the hell of it and ask the guy when he last fucked a girl. That ends the call right there. LOL. He hangs up. I think to myself that another gay guy is lying about being bi. Totally agree with you that some gay guys say they’re bi thinking that sounds more manly or masculine than saying they’re gay. Fucked up thinking. There’s lots of masculine and manly gay guys out there.

        I’d never use Air B. since we Queers don’t exist to them. They can fuck off.

  2. E in Sunnyvale

    Isn’t great to be Mainstream(tm)?

    I’m not sure when this shift happened either exactly, but I think it has more to do with the change in generations here. We’re now seeing the effects of the first generation that was raised by video games and social media and a doting family that always told them they were “special”. Living in an echo chamber with little to no experience of the real world and social interaction and being convinced of being “special” has allowed society to achieve levels of apathy previously unheard of. And you cannot convince them otherwise since they’re far too arrogant to ever see their own flaws.

    “Kids these days…” yeah whatever; this is different:

    Education is severely broken, disciplining your child is a concept apparently lost to the mists of time, overdependence on social media and electronic devices made by slaves in china… Welcome to the Millenial generation – where it’s cool to be stupid and baaaaaad to ever be anything but little cookie-cutter cloned sheep that all look/act/dress the same.

    BTW, I hope some of them read this and have made the choice to be offended by it. Divided and conquered – that’s what they wanted, that’s what they got.

  3. strangetimes

    i can’t pin point when it was, and maybe someone can, maybe it was when the us supreme court ruled on marriage equality. regardless, it was like there was this tsunami wave that came over the gay community from coast to coast washing away all traces of social consciousness as if gays and lesbians said, “we’re done, it’s all been accomplished, and (like d8 said) it’s time for us to finally act mainstream (read: corporate).” that’s what’s happened. i have gay friends (mostly couples). years ago they were adamantly against supporting corporations, big box stores, mega-corporations and said all of that was the problem. they shopped with a very astute socially-conscious way of thinking. where are they shopping today? all corporate stores, and brag about it. i’ve made some subtle reminders to them of what they used to say anti-corporate and i watch them start to look uneasy or they deny they were ever anti-corporate and tell me i’m confusing them with someone else which really pisses me off but i say nothing, just looked annoyed. they see nothing wrong with using corporate airb and b. they’re completely sucked in to this tech addiction too. they’re always on their phones and looking for new apps to play with. years ago some of these couples were very healthy vegetarians or vegans. now? they’re eating meat and having health problems, but brag about how good eating meat is for you. when they tell me that i bluntly say that the medical research doesn’t show that. they change the subject. as you’ve asked many times – is there something in the water?

    you really are expecting a lot to see queer couples in ads on the airb and b site. what do you think this is, 2015? 🙂

    but in all seriousness, it’s as you and some commenters here have said, we’re heading backwards so quickly in so many ways. strangetimes.

  4. D8

    Anybody using Air is part of the problems facing this city. GLBTQs of the old city were much more activist than what we have here today. Today, most GLBTQs are quite comfortable being part of the problem because it doesn’t require any work on their part (activism requires work). Maybe that’s what they mean by “gays are now mainstream”….meaning part of the problem. I see the same thing you do with corporate advertizing no matter where it is: straight and white.

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