Review: The 2018 Gay Freedom Day in San Francisco

[There’s an update to this article at the bottom.]

Hola a todos. Well, we didn’t go to the corporate Pride Parade the Gay Freedom Day Parade in San Francisco (as it should be called), but mi amigo/my friend had some things to buy near The Castro so I went with him, and here’s what we saw after the parade:

After the parade and people came over to The Castro, generally speaking, there was more of a feel of the Old City, although there were very few Old City people there. The Old City feeling came from a bit of a party atmosphere and seeing many people in rainbow colours and colour in general. We saw a few Drag Queens with big hats. What one usually sees around here 364 days a year — the cold Millennial black and grey-clothed, lobotomised, snarly-faced snottiness and snootiness — was not there, fortunately, although a few people were still in all-black. It was a friendlier atmosphere. So that was a positive thing. And the party atmosphere is very rare to see in today’s conservative and sanitised Castro.

It was obvious to us that the majority of people who came to Pride Gay Freedom Day don’t live here, because we were asking: Where did these people come from, most of whom we’ve never seen before that we remember? It was what’s come to be known as “the bridge and tunnel crowd” (meaning the young partying types from around the Bay Area) that we saw coming up out of the Muni metro at Harvey Milk Plaza’s Castro station. Most of those who came to San Francisco for this event likely took the metro back to Civic Center Station from Castro Street Station and then took BART (Bay Area Rapid Transit, our other subway system here in San Francisco) back home to where they live around the Bay Area. I suspect most of the colourful clothing we saw will be going back in the closet today (Lunes/Monday) and The Castro will return to looking like a depressed Disneyfied morgue with the majority of people wearing funeral-drab, boring, conformist Millennial black and grey. The crowd was very mixed in ethnicity and in age, but mostly younger.

We noticed that the obnoxious jock bar on Market Street near Castro — is that a gay or straight bar now?; it’s supposed to be gay — had predictably dragged out its Rainbow Flags that always look new because they only get used one day a year on Pride Gay Freedom Day to exploit the tourists into thinking that the bar is pro-Queer, even though it’s often filled with obnoxious breeders. Those flags will be heading back in the closet today (Lunes/Monday) if they didn’t last night, not to be seen again for another year as is the case every year following Pride Gay Freedom Day. Apparently that conservative and corporatist bar owner (originally from Santa Cruz?) who says he “identifies as gay” (ugh) — which makes it sound like one’s sexuality is a choice — presumably is of the opinion that Rainbow Flags are “too gay” for a jock/obnoxious sports bar. So that’s why one only sees Rainbow Flags flying outside his bar one day a year. The bar’s own flags and the flags of corporate sports teams (with their homophobic players?) fly there the other 364 days a year.

One thing mi amigo/my friend couldn’t help but notice was the number of gay guys that we have seen from past years from the — what used to be known as — gay gym who are now with females. You read that correctly; I’m not making this up. They were holding hands as a breeder couple and some of them were making out on street corners while wearing gay colours (Oxymoron Alert!) and waiting for a light to change. Mi amigo said to me: “See that gay guy across the street wearing that short-sleeved green shirt? He used to go to our gay gym and he always hung out with the gay guys. See him making out with that female next to him?” Then the guy put his arms up to stretch and his Millennial female slapped him, so he immediately put his arms back down. It looked like she was scolding/reprimanding this now-closet case for exposing his underarms to the public. So he’s with a prude female now. She ought to be lovely in bed! You wouldn’t want to see a guy’s underarms in public, jesus! By their behaviour, we sensed their relationship is quite new. Then I saw a gay guy I’ve seen for years holding hands with a female crossing Castro Street as a breeder couple. They got in the theatre line to go to see a gay film. Oh how things have changed in The Castro. The guys I’m talking about here are the gay conversion guys. (Related: Gay guys self-induced conversion therapy). That must be some head trip. We saw quite a few of them. It was disturbing to both of us. It’s odd that they came to a gay event while trying to “go straight” or having “gone straight” and trying to present this public image that “him and her” are a breeder couple. (Oxymoron Alert!) Why would a gay guy come to a gay event marketed as gay “Pride” to show that he’s now with a female? And presumably having “gone straight?” (Oxymoron Alert!) These gay-conversion couples were rather in-your-face about it too. I guess that’s part of it. The public displays. But that’s typical of breeders also. But I guess this comes with the times, being that of increasing insanity. It must be the plastics in the agua/water worldwide.

Regarding the self-induced conversion therapy, I’ve read a couple of comments online from two different gay guys who tried to “go straight” on their own. Both said it didn’t work and they felt ashamed of themselves and guilt for having even tried to “go straight.”

Interestingly, we saw no politics, nothing about the orange nazi, nothing about anything remotely political. Nothing about the loss of Queer freedoms or the rising violence against Queers. One got the impression that “everything is fine in the world.”

Mi amigo was listening to some conversations and he said: If these people showed up at your diary/your site, they would immediately click off. They would have no interest at all. They don’t have the intelligence for it. Their intelligence level is at zero. Your diary is far too in depth for anything that these people would have an interest in. There’s such a glaring immaturity level out there among the so-called Queer Community, he said. I agree, and I already knew that. I’ve heard the conversations too, that is, when people aren’t paralysed by their phones. The main language one hears here is presumably US-English and the only word in that language that one hears is the word “like” or when it’s said extremely quickly it comes out as “lick.”

But I’m well aware that most of what I write about, the so-called Queer Community has no interest in. That’s part of the reason I started this site because much of what I write here I wouldn’t be allowed to write anywhere else, or I would be hated on for writing it and trolled, and it would go right over most people’s heads, unfortunately. It’s just representative of the times we’re living in where stupid is in.

We did see a sizeable group of Queer guys who haven’t tried to “go straight,” that we know of, and were with other guys and not with a female, again that we know of, but mi amigo couldn’t help but notice the ones who have “switched” as he called it. As I’ve written before, one never saw this “switching” during the Gay Mecca decades and the years of the original Gay and Lesbian Rights Movement. Perhaps these guys who have “switched” are the ones who saturated their personal sex ads (when CL allowed personal sex ads) with the closet case language “discreet, discreet, discreet” and “down low.” Ashamed of their gay sexual orientation after all these decades. We also couldn’t understand why breeder couples would come to a gay event — or is one of them in the closet? — since neither of us go to straight events.

Other than that, there’s not much else to report, other than the two females standing next to us the entire time in the Harvey Milk Plaza. It was their phone library and they stood leaning against the light pole paralysed by their phones the entire time we were there. They’re probably still standing there! I wouldn’t doubt it. Go check them out. They never, ever looked up once or took their eyes off their screens other than to look at each’s screen a few times in a “show and tell.” It was clear to us that they didn’t see any of the event that they supposedly came to see. All they saw was their phones. They could have done that at home in their living room. I glanced over at their phones once and they were both on either F**book or Twi**er. I couldn’t tell which one because of the glare on the screen, and it doesn’t matter. I just fail to understand why people make all the effort of coming to an event like this and then never see it. Chau.—el barrio rosa

UPDATE (el 25 de junio de 2018): Hola. Mi amigo went to his gym this morning and was surprised by how many Queer guys were there considering it was the morning after Pride Gay Freedom Day. I said: Well the reason they were there is because they didn’t go to that thing yesterday. He said: That’s exactly right. I asked: Did any of them have a sunburn or any sign that they had been there? He said: No, and they were mostly the Old City Queer guys who are still here. But something disturbing happened while he was there. Mi amigo was in the locker room and he said this guy was dressing to leave (I’ll call him Guy 1). Another guy came in (I’ll call him Guy 2) and Guy 1 apparently found Guy 2 attractive. So they talked briefly and then Guy 1 said to Guy 2: “I couldn’t encourage you to date me (or words to that effect) could I?” Guy 2 said, “Well, there’s a problem with that. I have a lady at home.” Guy 1 said, “That’s all I need to hear” and he quickly turned around and left. Mi amigo said: You could clearly see that Guy 2 is Queer so I don’t know why he has “a lady at home.” Some history: Guy 2 is one of these guys from the old gay gym who has been in the so-called Gay Community here in San Francisco for 28 years or so and was all wrapped up in “Pride.” Every year — including this year — he would go around asking the gay guys in the gym, “Are you ready for Pride?” He’s one of the guys that did that. Now, he has “a lady at home.” (roll eyes). Sigh. I guess he’s “converted,” and there has been absolutely no indication all this time that he’s bisexual nor has he mentioned a word about being bisexual for him to have “a lady at home.” Unless he’s talking about a guy as being “a lady at home.” This looks like yet another case of gay conversion while going to Gay Pride. (Oxymoron Alert!) jesus fucking christ. Mi amigo said: I was really surprised to hear that because when I went into the locker room he (Guy 2) was taking his shirt off and rubbing himself all over inspecting to see how Queer he looked, or at least that’s the impression I got from watching him. So dude (Guy 2): What is with this “lady at home” nonsense? Chau.—el barrio rosa

3 comments on “Review: The 2018 Gay Freedom Day in San Francisco

  1. castro local

    one thing i noticed after “pride” was i saw no guys with earrings of any kind, no hawks, nothing rad. rainbow flag colors for 1 day a year is about as rad as they get now. we can thank gay assimilation for this sad state of affairs, and count me in as another person who saw gay guys that i’ve seen around here for years now with women….holdiing hands and kissing. i did a triple take last sunday when i saw one of the gay guys i was friends with and had sex with yrs ago making out with some girl. he was gay. he wasn’t bi or str8. now look at him!!!

  2. E in Sunnyvale

    Meh – I stayed home and hid from the extreme heat. Although I did watch a video of the trans march (which has always tried to distance itself from “Pride, Inc.”) – looks like quite a few people showed up for that.

    Mi amigo was listening to some conversations and he said: If these people showed up at your diary/your site, they would immediately click off. They would have no interest at all. They don’t have the intelligence for it.

    Precisely true. The ones who need to hear the message the most are the ones least likely to listen. They put up the “Wall of Willful Ignorance(tm)” immediately.

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