San Francisco’s Straight Mecca (November 2016)

Often this New Conservative and Lobotomised City of San Francisco feels like a City of Shallow and Superficial, Bougi and Pretentious, Elitist Lah-Tee-Dah Wealthy “Straight” Assholes who feel the need to show off their wealth, particularly in The Castro.

Hola a todos. Mi amigo/my friend and I first noticed the “straight” takeover of The Castro a number of years ago, although I think it was happening some time before we even noticed it. What told us that The Castro barrio/neighbourhood was changing was when we saw the first “straight” make-out session around the Harvey Milk Plaza under the big Rainbow Flag. Why would a “straight” couple want to make out under a giant Rainbow Flag? That pattern has repeated itself countless times since. It was startling and very annoying to see that because I had never seen any “straight” couple make out in The Castro during the Gay Mecca Days. It just didn’t happen. Yeah, well that was then. And “straight” (the required him-tall/her-short, subservient and desperate for attention) make out scenes are pretty much all you see around here now. They even make out in restaurants and some restaurant patrons have written in their restaurant reviews that they have felt like screaming to these obnoxious los pendejos: “Get a room, somewhere! Who wants to be eating dinner at a table where ‘straight’ basura are making out at the next table over? Can’t you control yourselves and your hormones long enough to eat dinner? This restaurant is not your bedroom!” By contrast, it’s rare to see a gay couple making out in The Castro today. It can be rare to see a gay couple, period. It’s so rare to see a gay couple making out that I do a double-take when I see that and stare at them a bit to enjoy it and appreciate them. But I’ve read comments from other GLBTQs asking, “Must you make out in The Castro, straight couples?”

I heard some Queer tourists the other day on Market Street in San Francisco talking with some locals. The tourists had stopped to ask some locals sitting out front of one of the many coffee stores around here: “Where are all the gay guys that are supposed to be here?” I stopped to hear the response to that question. I didn’t hear the tourists say where they were from but I could sense they were very disappointed with what they had seen of The Castro and the so-called gay community they had expected to see here. (I say so-called gay community because there’s no sense of “community” here anymore; The Castro feels very fake, cold and unfriendly today with class warfare. Snooty, elitist wealthy basura living right beside the poor and homeless). I heard one of the tourists say, “We expected to see hundreds or thousands of gay guys in the streets and around the City like we’ve heard so much about over the years. I thought this was the Gay Mecca. [Ed. Well it used to be]. Since we’ve been here we’ve seen “straight” couples with baby strollers, and with everybody else, we can’t tell who is “straight” and who is gay.” [Ed. That’s exactly what I’ve said. They’re very observant.] It was interesting to hear that because I’ve often wondered what tourists think when they visit here now. Are they disappointed at what they see? Clearly these tourists were. I suppose if one never saw videos or images of the former Gay Mecca, one wouldn’t know exactly what to expect. But I suspect most tourists visiting The Castro today don’t expect The Castro to look like any place else which is how it looks, except for the Disney-fied palm trees, Rainbow Flags and one intersection with dirty/stained Rainbow crosswalks. I heard the locals trying to explain to these disappointed tourists that San Francisco is now the “Straight” Mecca and no longer the Gay Mecca. One local said to the tourists, “Welcome to the heterosexual Castro,” to the disgust of the Queer tourists. I heard one of the tourists say, “Then what’s up with all the Rainbow Flags and the Rainbow crosswalks down the street there?” The local said, “It’s all marketing; it’s to exploit people just like you but you don’t sound like the type that can be exploited.” Yes, as I’ve said: You can put up Rainbow Flags and do a shoddy job installing Rainbow crosswalks in one intersection for Brand LGBTTM marketing purposes to exploit the gullible tourists, but that won’t make the area gay. And when the tourists see the many fleets of baby strollers and one young, white “straight” couple after the other holding hands, embracing, making out and looking desperate to have sex right there on the sidewalk, GLBTQ tourists are not fooled. Instead, it gives a false impression/a lie/it looks deceptive which is what these tourists were saying. Before I left, I heard one of the tourists say that they had already been to one of the gay bars only to see “straight” couples in there making out. Uh huh. (Don’t get me started on that!) They asked about the “mixed bars” (where “straights,” gays and these so-called hipsters go) and what they were about? They said they didn’t understand the concept of “mixed bars.” Well, they’re not alone; I don’t understand that either. Why would GLBTQs want to be in a bar hanging out with “straight” people? I couldn’t hear the response to that question, but from reading reviews of one of those bars, it seems that heteronormative gay guys like to go to the “mixed bars.” I suspect it’s the same conservative GLBTQ basura that has welcomed “straights” to take over The Castro. It reminds me of being a Queer boy and wanting to go into a “straight” bar instead of a gay bar. WTF is that about? It’s about being heteronormative and a closet case with some gay shame. Gay “Assimilation:” Back to the 1950s and Going Backwards: More Gay Guys Getting Married To Females and I want to go back in the closet. While researching “mixed bars,” I read that the gay, heteronormative, political opportunist and corporate parasite Scott Penis had his recent victory party — el pendejo won by only 2% as of this writing; no mandate, no landslide — at one of the “mixed bars,” instead of a gay bar. Considering that this conservative gay prude has helped sanitise and turn The Castro into a “Straight” Mecca, that should surprise no one that he chose not to have his victory party in a gay bar. El pendejo has “issues.” He says he’s gay and has done all he can to exploit the “gay community” for his rabid, anti-homeless, elitist conservative agenda), but I’ve never seen him with anyone. His phone seems to be his partner. Every time I have the misfortune of seeing that basura he’s hunched over mesmerised by his screen. And frankly I don’t know who would want to be with that prudish pendejo. Since he first ran for public office here, I and others have had the sense that he’s uncomfortable being gay and would prefer to be “straight.” He certainly has done all he can to make The Castro “straight.” So again, the bar that he had his victory party in is what amounts to a “straight” bar that some gay people go to. Some locals have asked: Is this guy just here to use and exploit the gay community for his agenda? It won’t surprise some of us that after he leaves San Francisco to go to Sacramento we hear that he’s gotten married to a female and has kids. The guy obviously has issues and enjoys exploiting people for his agenda, as so many of these fucked-up-in-the-head political corporate parasitic basura do.

Here in the “Straight” Mecca — which is mostly comprised of super-wealthy, bougi, elitist, white/young shallow and superficial techie trash who I’ve heard say to their tech bros: “if you’re not putting out product, you’re nothing!” Phew! (Asshole: The #1 Requirement For Being A Techie) — there are also the many desperate-looking-for-sex “straight” couples around. They are very obvious and obnoxious. They come to The Castro to cheat on their husband/wife or partner. Their thinking seems to be: “Let’s meet in The Castro. My wife/husband never goes to The Castro so we’ll be safe over there for cheating/meeting for the first time (and the unspoken part: then go to that motel to have sex.)”

San Francisco has two major industries today: The City is a Baby Factory (these people have never heard of birth control?) and the City has been raped by the billionaire-owned tech industry, and one will see the techie zombies (they think they are too good to see homeless people) wherever one looks.

I’ll never quite understand the Baby Factory phenomena. The way it usually works is that these young, “straight” white couples move to San Francisco seemingly to have babies rather than move to their final destination. Then after the child has started walking, she whispers in his ear, “Honey, don’t you think it would be nice if little (fill in name of child) had a bigger place to play, and a nice big back yard to play with the other children in the neighbourhood (unspoken: of the same class and income bracket of course)?” Him: “Well yes honey that does sound nice. Maybe we should look for a bigger place in the suburbs or elsewhere.” Maybe you should have done that before you moved in here and helped to push out the GLBTQ community, los pendejos! So, these “straight” couples leave San Francisco and go to a bigger house where the child has a back yard to play in so that the child doesn’t grow up in “that nasty big City.” We’ve all heard that “nasty big City” stuff, I suspect. Well, you didn’t seem to have any problem with “that nasty big City” when you moved in here and helped change San Francisco and sanitised it to the prudish conservative way you wanted it to be.

After I walked away from listening to this Queer tourist couple, I began wondering whether they planned to go up to Twin Peaks to see the view of the City and Bay Area. If so, they should expect to see the same thing up there. But that didn’t used to be the case. Twin Peaks has changed too, unfortunately. I’ve been going up there recently and the “straights” now go up there to make out with their mandatory hand-holding, and their arm-in-arm routine. I’ve seen the same in-your-face stuff one sees in The Castro. Twin Peaks has always been mostly “straight” even though it’s right up the hill from The Castro, but in the Old City the “straight” couples were not so in-your-face with their sexuality as they are now. Something changed here around the time that GLBTQ marriage equality was achieved in the Cesspool/the US, and that is around that time the “straight” couples must have decided to be as in-your-face with their “straight” sexuality as possible, because that’s the way it’s been since that time. It’s as if they want to send the message: “We now own this City and The Castro. Get out of here, GLBTQs. You can live anywhere (in the closet, maybe). This is now our City.” Up on Twin Peaks, I see the neediest and most helpless females. They can’t seem to do anything for themselves. They can’t even hold a blanket around themselves to stay warm. The needy female needs, expects or demands her subservient guy to “cup her” with the blanket around her. As one of my “straight” friends reminded me again recently: “Guys are required to do all these things for their needy female as part of entrance rights to that smelly pussy.” Occasionally I see gay guys up on Twin Peaks (according to my reliable gaydar) but they act like closet cases as if they don’t want anyone to think they’re gay. I have not seen any guys or females making out or holding hands up there. I don’t see that even though we’ve been repeatedly assured by the conservative corporatist idiots of Brand LGBTTM that “gay is now mainstream” and “gay people can live anywhere.” Utter nonsense! If that were the case, gay people/gay couples would feel comfortable and safe holding hands and making out on Twin Peaks right here in the geographic center of San Francisco and right up the hill from the former Gay Mecca.

A ratio of 4 gay couples to 40 “straight” couples

Mi amigo walked along Market Street in San Francisco on Sunday morning (27 November 2016) and this is what he saw: Four gay couples not holding hands and about 40 “straight” couples holding hands. About one-third of the “straight” couples had babies or baby strollers. And the sound of crying, screeching babies and children filled the air. Most of the “straight” couples had a phone in their hand whether they were talking with someone or not. The him-tall/her-short requirement is even more extreme now. It seems that it is required that the guy be a foot and a half taller than needy her, whereas a difference of 6″ in height was their previous requirement. I’ve suggested in past articles that these needy-for-attention las chicas carry step ladders with them so that they can more easily beso/kiss their chico when they reach the corner of Castro/Market under the big Rainbow Flag (that flag is only there for tourist purposes at this point). As mi amigo was walking down Market Street, there was a “straight” couple behind him (of course tall-short). If I were to transcribe their conversation it would be the following: “Like, like, I like, like, like,” with the second “like” much higher in volume and pitch than the first “like” as they’re trying to point out that he needed a coffee. She answered back with even more “likes” that sounded more like “lick” about the quality of the coffee at a particular “like” coffee shop “like.” Mi amigo said it was so nice to get away from these “like, lick” basura. It was frustrating having to hear that, he said. Fuck these techie trash. They are the scum of the Earth. And this City eats the ass of tech — giving corporate welfare (tax breaks) to billionaire-owned tech companies based in San Francisco — and look what a mess it’s turned into. For example, the street I live on has turned into a stop-and-go parking lot during rush-hour every day. That was not the case in the Old City. People all over the Bay Area are complaining about the Los Ángeles-style traffic we now have due to the techie trash who have taken over the entire Bay Area.

Speaking of which: Often this New Conservative and Lobotomised City of San Francisco feels like a City of Assholes. That makes sense, since San Francisco is the Tech Capital having been raped by the obnoxious and self-absorbed and self-entitled techie trash — who only care about themselves — and where being an asshole seems to be the #1 requirement for being a techie. Most techies are very elitist “straight,” young and white (with some Asian) and many are very immature from what we’ve seen. Ageism and sexism are a well-known part of the billionaire-owned tech industry.

The Him-Tall/Her-Short “Straight” Height Requirement

Oh by the way, I did a little research on this him-tall/her-short height requirement that “straight” couples now have and from what I read that’s a head-trip on her part. Not surprising. I can easily believe that considering what I’ve seen from these desperate-for-attention/needy females. (jesus fucking christ, get some therapy, la perra!). The guy is usually not that concerned about “his girl’s” height. It’s the “high maintenance” and needy-for-attention female that (for psychological reasons) must have a guy that’s at least a foot or more taller than herself. These needy-females have never heard of feminism and see the guy as a “tall protector” of delicate/wet-doily/submissive little her who seems to enjoy being a boot licker for “her man” if he lather$ her with lot$ of attention and expensive gift$ including “wining and dining” her on a regular basis. (I don’t know how guys can put up with this shit! I know I couldn’t. I wouldn’t have the patience for it.) Personally, I think this him-tall/her-short is also a learned behaviour (learned from television) since I see it all the time with “straight” couples on the corporate media. One of my neighbours is of an older generation and she was telling me that she and her esposo are the same height and all the male-female couples of her generation were/are the same height. She finds this him-tall/her-short requirement very strange. In fact, she brought it up with me and that’s how we got talking about it. By contrast, as I told her, most gay and lesbian couples are the same height. They don’t have this fucked-up-in-the-head dominant/submissive nonsense going on with them. They may have it sexually as a sexual turn-on, but it’s not part of their public life.

Last febrero/February 2016, I read an article which gave these numbers confirming San Francisco’s “Straight” Mecca:

The article started out by lying and saying that “San Francisco is still extremely gay.” No it’s not. Why do people lie? The same article went on to contradict itself by saying that 6.2% of the population identifies as GLBTQ, according to a poll from a well-known pollster. 6% ??? That’s all? 6% is not “extremely gay.” That’s barely anything. Add a zero to it (60%) and I’d call that getting closer to the “extremely gay” side. As an analogy, if a politician received 6% of the vote s/he would be dismissed as irrelevant. 6% is nothing while they go on about “San Francisco is still extremely gay.” And I sense that what remains of the “gay community” that is still here has gone back in the closet. I can’t remember the last time I heard the word “gay” spoken here. Mi amigo/My friend often walks by some gay bars on his walks around The Castro and many times he has talked about how obnoxiously “tough guy, macho, jock and heteronormative” the guys are behaving outside of the gay bars. They make him feel uncomfortable (that didn’t use to be the case), and he’s usually comfortable around most people.

I wish I could remember where I read/heard this, but it was said that out of all the gay areas in major US cities (Chelsea in Manhattan, West Hollywood, Dupont Circle in the District of Columbia, The Castro, etc) that it was thought that The San Francisco’s Castro would be the only gay area to survive a “straight” takeover. Unfortunately, The Castro has not survived its “straight” takeover. The Castro is now the new Straight Mecca. Someone may be asking: Aren’t there any gay guys there now? There are some, depending upon the day or night and time of day or night. But one never knows whether the gay guys/gay couples we see are from here or elsewhere. But often on his walks, mi amigo comes back and tells me that he saw all “straight” couples holding hands and maybe one or two Queer boys (and they were on their phones) and one Queer couple holding hands. That’s it. And as many gays and lesbians have said, these days it’s hard to tell who is gay/Queer and who is not unlike the Gay Mecca days where thousands of gay guys were not ashamed of “looking gay,” they did not have gay shame and they were out of the closet and they didn’t try to pretend to be “straight.” These days, gay guys are trying to look like “straight” guys and lesbians are trying to look like bougi “straight” females with long blond or brown hair (out of a bottle?) having mostly abandoned the butch “dyke” look of the former Gay Mecca decades). I also read recently that the Dykes on Bikes event which is held in Dolores Park on the Saturday before the corporatist mobile commercial known as “SF Pride” has been ruined by obnoxious frat guys and their girlfriends. As I’ve said many times before, we’re quickly heading backwards: Gay “Assimilation:” Back to the 1950s. But most people don’t want to acknowledge that it seems.

While writing this article I read a headline with its hyped description about an upcoming “amazing” television programme which will be on one of the US corporate media networks about LGBTQ GLBTQ rights. Now let me take a guess: All the commercials shown during this programme will be what they always are: Heteronormative. “Straight” couples holding hands and/or making out. Despite the bull shit spewed by Brand LGBTTM that “gay is now mainstream, “straight” couples in commercials is all I ever see on my television no matter which channel of the US corporate media I’m monitoring. I never see a gay couple or a lesbian couple (and the lesbian couple is more acceptable to the prejudiced/bigoted public). But from what I see and sense around San Francisco, there would be no interest in this television programme. Of all the articles I’ve written about GLBTQ topics, it’s the sex-related articles that people are interested in and not the GLBTQ-rights related articles. I get the sense that most people are bored by that. For their television programme, one would hope they would get the order of the letters correct to reflect the original gay and lesbian rights’ movement. So they would use GL for Gay and Lesbian and not that ass-backwards LG which is that corporatist and conservative Brand LGBTTM rewriting of Gay and Lesbian/GLBTQ history where the former Gay Rights’ Movement Legacy has been hijacked by Lesbians). But I suspect that “amazing” television programme will follow corporatist Brand LGBTTM and their revisionist/rewriting of GLBTQ history. (Related: Corporatist Brand LGBT (TM) deserve what they get and PrEP and “Our Sexual Revolution ?”).

In many ways today, it feels as though we’ve come full circle in going back to where we were near the beginning of the former Gay Rights’ Movement despite some pro-GLBTQ laws having been passed … and which some people are currently working to overturn. As I’ve said many times, I see more and more gay guys — according to my reliable gaydar — going back in the closet. They’re holding hands and making out with females trying to pretend they’re “straight.” Again, I get this sense that most people including GLBTQs are disinterested and bored by gay-related topics. They’re bored by and/or ashamed of the Rainbow Flag, as if the Rainbow Flag today is considered to be “too gay” for the now-conservative and heteronormative GLBTQ “community.” The obnoxious and supposedly gay sports bar near The Castro has always refused to fly the Rainbow Flag (except on Pride Sunday to exploit the tourists, then their flag goes back in the closet the following Monday). Apparently the owners of that bar feel that the Rainbow Flag conflicts/clashes with their macho jock image. That heteronormative bar flies the flags of corporate sports teams outside instead. Then awhile back across the street from that bar, a “mixed” bar (translation: “straight” with a few heteronormative gay guys there) took down their Rainbow Flag outside. This was presumably done so as to not offend the “straights” of the Straight Mecca and the heteronormative gay guys. Originally, before that bar opened it was posted on its windows that this bar was planned to be a gay bar, but those plans were quickly changed. They removed the word gay. Also, awhile back, the gym in The Castro unofficially known as “the gay gym” sanitised the interior of the gym. They took ugly drab gray paint and painted over the Rainbow Flag colours that were originally painted on the columns in the gym, presumably to cater to the increasing “straight” clientele. “You don’t want to offend any bigoted/anti-gay ‘straights’ with Rainbow Flag colours!” [It’s always good to cater to bigotry and prejudice, isn’t it?….sarcasm intended.] “The ‘straights’ have priority here now, you know!” seemed to be the message coming from the heteronormative management of this gym. After receiving a few public complaints about this, that gym put up a small “token” Rainbow Flag near the inside entrance to the gym. I walked by that gym recently to see if that flag is still there. It is, but barely. It’s hanging crooked.

All of this pisses me off. I and thousands of other Queers didn’t pick up and move 3,000 miles away (I moved to San Francisco from the District of Columbia) leaving everything we had to have this happen. One local Queer boy asked some years ago: “Can’t we Queers at least have this little gay mecca area of San Francisco for our own? You ‘straights’ have the entire world and the rest of this City?” No Queer boy, the “straights” want it all! They’re never satisfied. The basura. The conservatives will tell us in an arrogant and patronising way: “Well things change, you know.” Oh fuck off, basura! The conservative trash whined, moaned and complained the entire time the Gay Mecca existed. They couldn’t stand the Gay Mecca. They wanted The Castro to be what it is today: A sterile Straight Mecca. If I had run into any of these conservative basura when I moved here and heard them whining about The Castro becoming a Gay Mecca I would have told them: “Well things change, you know.” Los pendejos. Observing their sour, cold, unfriendly and nasty depositions today, they certainly don’t seem to be happy with the Straight Mecca either. Maybe they’re sour because the place is so sanitised that there’s nothing here anymore other than overpriced mediocre meat-based restaurants, that useless conservative theatre that helped to sanitise The Castro and that features Disney “sing-alongs” for the breeder “straight” couples and their children complete with silly hats given to the audience, and there are some gay bars for the conservatives to get drunk in. That about covers what is here today.

When, if ever, GLBTQs come out of their coma and realise that the price of freedom is eternal vigilance, it will be too late. And frankly, being thoroughly disgusted with what the GLBTQ so-called “community” has become: pro-corporate and conservative Brand LGBTTM, the way I feel about it at this point is that they deserve what they get. Fin. The End. Chau.—el barrio rosa


UPDATE (5 de diciembre de 2016/5 December 2016): Mi amigo/My friend saw two long-time San Francisco residents/homeowners yesterday. They are of the Old City (the once proudly-radical and alternative San Francisco). They’re moving away. They are a gay couple. Mi amigo stopped to talk with them and he began his conversation with them by saying, “Not another gay couple leaving The City?” They told him they are leaving San Francisco because of the threat of the “Donald Trump Jackboots invading San Francisco and imprisoning all the gays.” They said that their friends are all leaving too. They told him the reason why there are so many gay people moving out of San Francisco is because of the Trump threat. They are moving 3 hours north of San Francisco to live in a small cabin until Trump is out of office and the threat is gone. They also said they’re moving because The Castro/the neighbourhood has changed. It is no longer gay-friendly. Chau.—el barrio rosa

My thoughts on this: This seems a bit extreme to me. If the Trump regime wants to go after “the gays” one easy way to do so would be by using their “paper trail” and their phone records. That’s one negative with having all of your information in one place, smartphone stupidphone addicts, in the case of surveillance/data-mining and/or being rounded up. The Trump regime could look at one’s memberships in and donations to the many corporatist Brand LGBTTM organisations as well as gay marriage licences, and the Trump regime could obtain those records from San Francisco City Hall. The Trump regime could also go after people who didn’t vote for him, so that would include the gay Hillary-bots in San Francisco. But I wouldn’t think this “round up” would happen for awhile. I don’t know that one would be any safer in a cabin in the woods than in San Francisco’s Straight Mecca. These days one cannot run anywhere to get away from our many problems. And the “gay community” has been moving out of this City long before Trump ever showed up as a presidential candidate. The “gay community” seem to have completely forgotten the reason for gay meccas in major cities. One of the reasons for San Francisco’s Gay Mecca was that thousands of us fled from bigotry, anti-gay prejudice and repression to live together safely all in one place (San Francisco’s new Gay Mecca) — rather than spread all over the anti-gay/prejudiced/bigoted US — because the thinking was “there’s safety in numbers” as a safe place for us to be and to be with each other. We were all together in one place when there was a need to come together to protest injustices. For example, when cops came into The Castro to fuck with the gay community la policía/the police got hell for it. They had their cop cars burned along with massive protests from the gay community. Gay guys didn’t act like subservient, obedient-to-the-Establishment/wet-doily, heteronormative, conservative, corporatist cop bootlickers in those days as they do today. Gay guys didn’t put up with any shit in those proudly-radical days. I miss those days and it disgusts me what the gay community has turned into. But nobody seems to care, or very few. So fuck it! That’s how I feel about it now. But today, with the former Gay Rights’ Movement dead they — corporatist Brand LGBTTM — seem to be in a collective coma having erased our history from memory and/or abandoned it. We’ve heard repeatedly from conservative corporatist Brand LGBTTM that “gay people can live anywhere now because gay is now mainstream.” As I’ve written many times, only a delusional wishful-thinking idiot would believe that nonsense. And it would seem that the “gay community” no longer believes that lie otherwise they wouldn’t be “running to the hills” at this time. But I thought, “we can live anywhere now,” no? So why are you running from San Francisco’s Castro because the Trump regime will take office next month (even though one gets the distinct impression by his actions/behaviour that he’s already the president)? It’s obviously easier to round people up if they’re all in one place in major cities. If it were the US military that began rounding gay people up, which side would the San Francisco Police Department take considering there are many gay and lesbian cops in the SFPD? Would the SFPD fight the US military to stop the rounding up of gay people in San Francisco? I don’t know. I do know that the response time from cops to gay people being rounded up would be much faster in San Francisco than out in a rural area. The SFPD has a fast response time. Chau.—el barrio rosa


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Then there’s this:

A Republican politician who sent sexual text messages to a teen boy said in an interview that he is “not gay.” This politician who is the president of Jefferson Parish in New Orleans and who is married to a female, admitted to exchanging “improper texts” with a 17-year old boy last month. This politician called it a “bad decision.” Why, because you got caught? He says he regretted his actions. Again, only because you got caught having your gay fantasy text messages? Why don’t you fucking come out of the closet? He was the mayor of a town in Louisiana at the time he texted this teenage boy. But this closet-case politician says “To simply say it, I’m not gay.”
[My response: Of course you’re not gay, Mr Republican politician. No one would want to allege that because we all know it’s “bad to be gay,” correct? That’s the message you’re sending, and we can’t have that! And this is exactly the closet-case mentality I talk about in the article above and in many other articles I’ve written. And I’m sick of it while corporatist and conservative Brand LGBTTM lie and tell us that “gay is now mainstream” and “gay people can live anywhere” (yeah, maybe in the closet like this politician in denial).]

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  1. castro local

    just to let you know the state of things in the straight mecca castro now –

    my partner and i were online looking at tank tops for him to wear to his gym in the castro. we spotted one with rainbow flag colors. he said he liked that but wouldn’t wear it around here because (he said to me) as you know this is not the san francisco or the castro it used to be. the new san francisco is not gay-friendly. he said he wouldn’t want to get beaten up. there’s been a big jump in hate crimes since trump’s election. i asked what about at your gym? he said no, i wouldn’t feel comfortable wearing it there. that doesn’t feel like a gay-friendly place. there are lots of hard-ass, tough-guy str8 guys – the techies – there trying to prove how macho and jock they are. they walk like apes — all bowlegged. they drop the weights to prove their manhood. everybody there wears black and gray except for me and there’s usually another guy who wears color usually lime or orange. just the two of us. i get a wtf? look from at least one person there each time i go when i walk by someone because i’m wearing color. they don’t wear tank tops anymore at the gym. they’re in black or gray t-shirts. i find t-shirts uncomforatble to work out in.

    this has all happened under the current mayor who is a slave to tech, billionares, the super wealthy and the tech takeover of the city and who has refused to fly the transgender flag from the balcony of city hall but he has no problem flying any other flag like those of corp sports teams, or the flag of israel.

  2. pink triangle

    i have a lot to say but most of what i could say repeats what you’ve said since we’re of the same mind. rare to find sites like yours. 99.9% are brand lgbtTM. i think i’ve read all of your glbtq articles. btw, i live in the castro. the straight mecca indeed. i don’t have many friends here now because they’ve had to leave — forced out of the city or cannot afford to live here. the few gay people i do know feel as we do, which is that it’s hopeless. i sense you’re resigned to it all because it does feel hopeless. it’s not just because we live in sf where what gay community is still here feels unable to relate to. i haven’t changed from the days of the gay mecca but the gay community has. they’ve become tech bots, hipsters – conformists as you say. you’ve written that you can’t relate to them. i can’t either. i can’t relate to anything about them due to their maturity level and lack of intellect and their mainstream interests. i don’t mean that in any snobby way. i can’t relate to the way they talk. i think they could have all their rights stripped from them and they would go about as they are. there’s nothing there with them. they’re empty shells of people.

    the str8 make out scenes make me gag no m atter where i see them. i don’t care if its on castro, on market street or on t.v. where it’s common. they’re not about to show lesbians or gay guys holding hands and making out on the major corporate media networks. girls, females, women whatever they want to be called are very “needy” (your word) and demand attention and affection around the clock so for my own saneness i try to keep that in mind. i still think and probably always will ‘oh here we go’ when i see str8 makeout scenes. we’ll always see that until the end of time no matter where we look. it’s part of str8 females to demand that. they must have attention from their guy.

    i’ve given up on the glbtq community because it’s been ruined by brand lgbt. i read that you don’t think that anything you’ve written is about to change anything and sadly and respectfully i agree with that. you can’t say you didn’t try. should our rights start disappearing under trump/pence, brand lgbt might (as you say) “get off the pot” but at least around here i don’t see any longterm action will be taken. just like the short-lived, very temporary protests after the election., i think we had one in sf the following night. then it was time to “get over it.” go back to your sex apps and phones, lobotomized tech zombies. what’s left of the gay community here will be occupied with their sex apps and prep. the gay community is dead. the most i saw it come alive was after the pulse mass murders. i can’t say i have any confidence in the gay community anymore nor can i relate to them because of the people they’ve become as they’ve made the mistake of assimilating back to that closet. i’m unable to relate to. sorry i can’t be more positive but i know you’ll understand. thanks for giving me the space to speak my mind and for all the articles you’ve written in your many attempts trying to wake up the glbtq community.

  3. Former San Franciscan

    Hi, I’m here in town (SF) this week on business and visiting the few friends I have who can still afford living here. I was not prepared for what I’ve seen here. I didn’t know it was this bad. They have really ruined San Francisco. The obsession with wealth is repulsive. When I lived here wealth was never slammed in your face the way it is here now. The City has turned into a horrible place for the wealthy, rich and greedy.

  4. Nobody You Know

    I’ve noticed the him tall and her short phenomenon with hetero couples. It looks strange to me and they don’t look like equals. Under the new “Straight Rules” it looks like the guy must be a head taller than her. This is so that her head can rest comfortably cradled on his neck to where the top of her head comes up to just under his chin. LOL. Although I have seen some straight couples where the woman comes up to about his nipples. Yeah she’s way down there. That looks really strange. Heteronormative is definitely the tune of the day. Just yesterday I saw a headline about some actor who is now engaged and the headline annoyed it, it said “sorry ladies, this actor is off the market.” Why “sorry ladies?” Many gay guys would find this guy attractive too and be interested in him regardless of his sexual orientation. They would have as little chance of dating him as these women who are interested in him. For all we know he’s another closet case. That’s the shit we’re dealing with these days. It feels to me like the progress we’ve made for decades has been halted and we’re going backwards very quickly. Thank you for taking notice. You’re very astute.

  5. Cole Valley Resident

    Enjoyed reading your article. You didn’t say anything about Cole Valley. It’s no different over here. I feel like I live in a baby factory. They call it “a children’s neighborhood.” ROLL EYES. It’s like people moved here to breed. It’s young and white over here w/ a few Asians. Baby Stroller City. Locals dressed in black and gray on their phones. Lots of black leggings. Most holiday lighting this year = clear lights. On the block near me there are only 2 homes with any color. Everybody else has clear lights/conformist, as you would say. What do people find so appealing about all this?

  6. FedUp!

    Hola, I frequent right-wing websites just to see their sick, immature and simplistic state of mind which I have to report is getting worse regarding GLBTQs. It’s specifically gay guys they hate as has always been the case. Like you wrote that’s part of the reason Brand LGBT(TM) chose to put the “L” first. To put being gay more palatable and “acceptable” but I’m afraid it’s not working. I’ve noticed that under Trump, the new put downs that right-wingers are using is to call someone a “sissy” or a “fag” and to accuse a person of frequenting gay bars. They also think nothing of using the “nigger” word. It’s getting really nasty out there.

    Also the partisan (D and R) trough is as bad as it’s ever been. Nearly all of the put-downs are based on D versus R.

    A big sigh.

    (I’m non-partisan).

  7. All the closet cases

    Wanted to say this even though pinkbarrio has said it many times and that’s this ——–

    It’s become very clear to me that the thinking among the gay community today is that being gay is bad. Somehow they have reverted back to that. The majority of gay guys no longer identify as gay in their sex ads. THey’re ashamed of the word gay. They lie and identify as “bi”. What elese would explain all the gay guys mislabeling themselves as “bi” in sex ads and wanting to suck only straight or bi dick. Why don’t they want to suck the dick of a gay guy? It’s that gay word they have a problem with. This the heteronormative thinking pb has focused on in many posts. These guys are always “discreet” and closeted “this is just between you and me, nobody else needs to know.” To them I scream: “WHO THE FUCK CARES WHOSE DICK YOU SUCK?! NOBODY CARES!”

    I was watching this television program and it was about beach wear (in December?) yep! All the participants were straight couples. Him with her. All young and white. All models. If gay were mainstream as we’ve been told they would have had him with him and her with her couples, but in the world of this television program gay people don’t exist. Maybe that begins to explain the behavior in my first paragraph.

    All the closet cases in 2016 and more gay guys going back in the closet as I speak. Thanks for allowing me to vent.

  8. I'm the L in GLBTQ (Castro resident)

    This is spot on. As you can see by the order of the letters in my handle, I agree with you that (corporatist) lesbians have hijcked what was known as the gay and lesbian rights movement. I sense your frustration and resignation but maybe it will comfort you to know I and my friends feel the same way. It all seems hopeless to us, and most GLBTQs don’t seem to give a fuck anymore. Unless I’m out of the loop I don’t see the few local gay groups and political clubs around town or the national gay groups doing a damn thing in these depressing times. What’s their reason for exiting? To collect membership dues and to have exorbitant annual dinners honoring wealthy celebrities? The corporate GLBTQ organizations are responsible for ruining the gay and lesbian movement and its subsequent death. I guess us rad Queers were just too much for them. They prefer to rub shoulders with millionaire politicians and celebrities than to have anything to do with us average Queers. Fuck them.

  9. Former San Franciscan

    Another commenter wrote – “the straight mecca has made for a very conservative city, but the ‘ol foggies’ who are proud rednecks have hated on sf over the decades live in the past and go on about “commie sf” and “sf’s libtard” board of sups. none of that could be further from the truth. you go on other sites and people write about “liberal bastion” san francisco.”

    That’s been my experience too. It’s very frustrating. I’ve even taken the time to politiely correct them but I’ve been dismissed as a “nigger” talking. 🙁 That’s what I was called the other day by a conservative when I explained how SF had changed. They refuse to believe San Francisco is now known as billionaire Bay and very conservative playground for super wealthy people.

    1. D8

      I’ve had similar experiences so I know how you feel. I’ve tried to tell some people on the far right that SF is no longer the City they once hated on and that they would/should like it now but they insist i’m wrong and even go so far as to say that I don’t live here and I don’t know what I’m talking about. They point to the major tech companies based in the Bay Area as being “extremely liberal to the point of being communist” and that “the super-wealthy are not conservatives.” I stop right there. Don’t waste my time with them. But even then I wasn’t talking about the Bay Area. I was talking about The City. They’re just trolls. There’s no reason to continue with them. They’re looking to constantly disagree. They’re also very belittling, patronizing and arrogant. They are the authorities on all matters they think. pink barrio is the only site I don’t get that frustrating stuff on and never have. The comments here are a pleasure to read.

  10. All the closet cases

    What’s really sad for me to see is the personal sex ads from New York City, not that they’re in different than any other U.S. cities. Like this guy I saw living in The Village saying “I am a closeted masculine guy who is looking to suck off a str8 or bi hung, muscular bud blindfolded.” Why would a guy be closeted living in The Village? It’s like being closeted living in the Castro — and yes I know many guys have gone back in the closet in the Castro. Just saying – We’re really living in such fucked times.

    1. strangetimes

      yes we are. you can’t make this stuff up. during the gay mecca years, gay guys moved to the major cities to come out of the closet where they could live freely and openly and mostly without judgments because they moved to a new place where no one knew them, often running from small towns where people knew them by their first name.

      today, the reverse is true. gay guys are going back in the closet in major cities and writing things like, “i’m in the closet. i’m gay but nobody knows and it has to stay that way.”


      (forgive my screaming but i just don’t get this).

      they’re acting like they live in a small town and not a major metropolis. there’s also the gay closet cases in major cities with “the girlfriend” and she doesn’t know and it has to stay that way. …..again, there’s this really small town mentality with these closeted guys. i don’t understand them. other than to say….


      p.s. and why would you need to have a muscular bud if you’re blindfolded?

  11. Greg

    I live in the Castro area. I went to do some shopping on Brannon Street. I found that the bicycle store I was going to had gone out of business and where it once was is now part of a sea of luxury condos being built….as far as the eye could see. In fact, all of the area that had once been industrial is now being turned into luxury condos. Thousands of them. Who would want to live down there in that stinky area? As I proceeded down Brannon, I got re-routed onto a freeway. Streets in that area have been completely removed and replaced with condos. I was finally able to get off the freeway down by the Bay at the end of 16th Street. I decided to come back by 16th Street to where I live. It took me quite awhile to get back through the hell of brain-detached tech zombies. There were thousands and thousands of them. There were so many of them that they ignored stop lights causing huge traffic jams. It made rush hour look like nothing. I have never been in a place that was that crowded before and so many people staring at their phones. Even the anti-war protests with thousands and thousands of people that I took part in years ago were not that crowded. This city has become solidly packed. As I proceeded down 16th Street, one of my delays was a fist-fight in the middle of the street where one of the fighters tried to car-jack a vehicle and that driver popped out of his vehicle and joined in on the fight. Groups of people cheered the fight. I was thinking WTF? Up at 16th and Market, there was another fight which spilled into the flower stand on the corner and the owner of the stand had to push the fight out into the street. One of the guys fighting got knocked out and was laying in one of the street lanes with his head bleeding causing even more backup. The sidewalks were packed literally shoulder-to-shoulder 5 to 6 people abreast in all directions for miles and miles. The uniform of the day was 90% of the people in all black, about 3% in black gray and white, and any people wearing color were probably less than .1%. The sheeple have been well-programmed to follow exactly what the corporations and their tech zombie friends tell them they’re supposed to wear.

    With this tech takeover, San Francisco has turned into a city of nut balls. I saw insanity almost everywhere I looked. A sign of the times….fits right in with Donald Trump’s insane choices for his cabinet.

  12. Ed in the Castro

    How is everyone in The City and County of San Francisco and Bay Area enjoying their nasty, smelly water? Before the techie trash took over SF we had the best water anywhere. Now, because of the drought we don’t have enough water for the increased population buying luxury condos, so they’re having to mix funky water from who-knows-where with our usual supply (Hetch Hetchy). It’s awful and it stinks. Tastes and smells like sewage. I’m switching to bottled water until whenever. I’m concerned about the plastic leaching into the water with bottled water, but hey. I don’t want to get sickdrinking sewage water. They say “it’s perfectly safe to drink.” So is urine. This reminds me of Flint, Michigan’s water problems. This water problem is one of the major consequences of idiot politicians overpopulating a major city and Bay Area with techie trash to pacify their billionaire techie owners during a major drought/. I had tea yesterday that usually lasts 24 hours and this tea soured after about 8 hours. That’s never happened to me before. Thank you, tech. I’m sure this was worth Pokemon II. Ya fucking straight trash!!

    1. E in Sunnyvale

      I live in a part of Sunnyvale that has relatively tolerable tap water (it hasn’t even been contaminated with a neurotoxin known as fluoride – yet). But I use a Brita pitcher/filter system and it makes it taste quite a bit better. The pitcher is a very hard acrylic and supposedly has been tested and shown not to leech anything into the water it contains. For the amount of water I drink (quite a bit), I change the filters every 2 months, so the cost isn’t astronomical.

      I’d rather that than contribute even more to pollution from plastic manufacture and having those non-biodegradable plastic bottles end up in the oceans. I tend to hassle friends that insist on using plastic bottled water. A pitcher/filter system and a GLASS bottle that you can keep with you is a much more environmentally friendly solution.

      Just my $0.02 (CDN)


  13. castro local

    the straight mecca has made for a very conservative city, but the ‘ol foggies’ who are proud rednecks have hated on sf over the decades live in the past and go on about “commie sf” and “sf’s libtard” board of sups. none of that could be further from the truth. you go on other sites and people write about “liberal bastion” san francisco. the most recent example of this was that i read an article yesterday about the kkk coming to “liberal bastion” san francisco back in july 2016to recruit.

    there are many reasons why sf is no longer a “liberal bastion” or progressive city……in big part because of the techie assholes (gawd, i can’t stand those kids who have pushed their way into our neighborhoods and disrespected the current residents and our cultures and made fun of them), and real estate gentrification, the gay community is ultra conservative, etc. just talk with any local and you’ll hear “the city has become so conservative” either spoken as a complaint or like it’s a good thing. voters approved another anti-homeless law banning tents from the sidewalks. like pink barrio pointed out, a law like that would not pass in a liberal or progressive city. the scum who voted for that should be required to lay on the cold sidewalk when it’s cold out without a tent and in the pouring rain when we have rain for at least a month to see how they would like it.

    1. castro local

      correction: i should have said, “what’s left of the gay community is ultra conservative.” there’s not much here now as pb has written.

  14. abby

    hey, the straight mecca is a good way to describe our neighborhood today. my girlfriend and i wear a lot of tie-dye and we get some weird looks. you wouldn’t expect that in ‘anything goes’ san francisco. except that san francisco is not an ‘anything goes’ city anymore. you can probably wear whatever you want but unlike the city of the past expect to get some disapproving looks if you’re not in all black or “the uniform.” the more weird looks we get the more often we wear our tie-dye. i say fuck ’em.

  15. D8

    A heads up —

    You’ve been tireless in exposing Brand LGBT’s lie that “gay people can live anywhere and gay is now mainstream.” Here’s one for you:

    The owners of a video company have filed a legal challenge to Minnesota’s gay marriage law because they want to shoot weddings for straight couples only. The owners say they will be punished for refusing wedding services to same-sex couples. They’re supported by a christian legal nonprofit organization.

    If GLBTQs were as widely accepted and “mainstream” as Brand LGBT(TM) likes us to believe, this shit wouldn’t be happening. As you’ve often said: we’re going backwards and quickly. . I also agree with what you said in this article that most GLBTQs don’t seem to give a fuck. Hey, they’re buried in their phones and that’s all that’s important!! Completely understand your frustration and disgust w/ the GLBTQ community. I feel the same way.

    1. Wes in Arlington - GLBTQ

      Like to add to that…………

      Yeah “gay is (so) mainstream” that no matter where I look on the U.S. corp. media all I ever see is a guy trying to make a move on a girl or woman. The same goes for music videos. What they should be saying is “CLOSETED gay is so mainstream” and “CLOSETED gays can live anywhere.”

  16. David in Breuckelen

    Hola pink barrio. My partner and I love this post. FINALLY, someone expressing what I and my partner have been talking about with each other – at least since marriage equality became legal here in the States. I could have written this post myself and that’s why it felt very therapeutic for us to read and I’ve come here each day to read it over the past days.

    The problem is that I think we’re in the minority and most GLBTQs (YES IT IS GLBTQ and not that goddamned LGBT!!….STOP REWRITING OUR QUEER HISTORY PEOPLE!!) will disagree with your article and even find it offensive. Why? Because you’ve told the ugly truth which a lot of GLBTQs don’t want to hear. Here in NYC, I have to be very careful to whom I speak about this topic because some conformist lunatic from “Brand LGBT(TM)” will verbally assault me for my views. The safest place for our views is right where we’ve posted it….on your own excellent blog, pink barrio. My partner and I thank you. Muchas Gracias. Saludos.
    (BTW, we especially enjoy your posts about music and enjoyed your recent post about the liturgy and music at Notre Dame in Paris).

  17. Robert Seaborne

    Masterfully put pink barrio..
    and Thank you, for this concise expose of what has happened to San Francisco.
    Regarding your update at the bottom of the article, using and hiding behind various language the gay community is going back in the closet as you have written tirelessly about. What is most disturbing now is the “heading to the hills” thinking being adopted by the gay community as expressed by the locals who are moving three hours north to get away from San Francisco. It confirms the intent to go back in the closet. Very sad to hear.

  18. Patricia

    I was in San Francisco two months ago on a business trip and the traffic was horrendous. It took forever to get anywhere. I don’t see how they can consider this progress to allow one wealthy industry (tech) to take over the city and hand them anything they want. I couldn’t believe all the development for the wealthy going up. I read all about the new luxury skyscraper that’s sinking and tilting. The city had noticeably changed since the last time I was there, and not for the better. It’s so crowded now. There are too many people there. The city has lost its unique character and Bohemian flavor. Sorry to see that.

  19. D8

    I was in the Castro earlier this evening and it was packed with hipsters (those guys that have those rounded-looking beards) all looking the same and all in all-black. All on their phones. There was an accident a block away from Castro involving a motorcycle and a car. I was 1/2 block away. As I could see there were 3 women trying to get the cars to go around the accident. One of the motorists got very angry by being delayed (I guess) and he pulled out a gun and shot at the accident victims. By the time I arrived there, the shooter had driven east-bound on Market St and was gone and now there were only 2 women standing and one woman crumpled up on the ground. I suspect she had been shot. This area is definitely not at all the same as it was when it was the gay mecca. I didn’t see any gay guys at all. It was a sea of phones.

    1. San Francisco Resident

      The crime rate in San Francisco has really shot up since tech took over, due to class warfare in the City. The number of vehicle thefts and break-ins are through the roof as well as other crimes.

  20. Bittersweet Chocolate

    Something you left out about these str8 couples is where the guy is required to pick up the girl and haul her around. Super needy. It’s the same scene like when the guy is supposed to carry her across these “threshold” after t hey get married. Or the girl has to jump up on his back and have him carry her piggyback. These girls act like they’ve never matured past 3rd grade. I call them girls because that’s their maturity level….they’re not women.

  21. FedUp!

    Read an article yesterday about someone who put up a rainbow flag at their home and a neighbor protested the flag. It’s comforting to know that “gay people can live anywhere” right?

    The headline to the article referred to the “LGBT flag.” wtf? When did the rainbow flag become known as the LGBT flag? Anyone notice that Q for Queer is absent on “LGBT” or I should say Brand LGBT ™. Looks like the rainbow flag does not belong to queers now. Brand LGBT ™ wants nothing to do with queers. I say fuck Brand LGBT(tm). I expect them to remove the T any day now.

  22. Miguel

    That him tall her short thing looks ridiculous. It’s all over the Latin media. Just tonight they were gloating over some white Latino that’s about to marry a white Latina. He was taller than her. They had to show them making out as if no other Latinos had ever kissed or gotten married before. What’s so special about these two celebrities? They shouldn’t make so much of this because they’ll be divorced in a year.

    Sometimes the guy looks twice as tall as she does. He leans way down to kiss her and she cranes her neck up to him for kisses on her tippy-toes with her left foot up in the back. Sometimes the guy looks embarrassed by her clingingness.

    1. D8

      That’s what we mean by the corp. media indocrinating heternormative behavior into the public, and it’s getting worse. The public sees that and think that’s what they’re supposed to do, down to the him-tall/her-short thing. Guys are also brainwashed they must love pussy and if you don’t love pussy something is wrong with you. You’re not a “real man.” From an early age, boys in school and lockerrooms talk about getting pussy and what girls they’ve fucked or want to fuck which they sometimes learn from their older brothers or other family members. If you don’t talk that way you’re not considered “normal.” My brother has always been unconventional in that regard. He’s straight but told me he’s never been attracted to the vagina. It does nothing for him. He’s more attracted to the females overall body. The thought of eating pussy repulses him and fortunately his current girlfriend doesn’t like to be eaten out. Some of his buddies talk about eating out their girlfriends when she’s having her period which grosses out my brother to the point of being nauseated. Anyway, my point here is that all of this straight sexuality talk is well indoctrinated into young men at the earliest possible age. It clashes with their gay feelings and sexual orientation for those guys who are gay and I don’t think much if anything has changed re negative feelings surrounding being gay for boys and young men coming along in school. More problems incur…as this site has well covered.

      1. Miguel

        I don’t know what the big deal is about pussy but it’s really marketed by society. It’s just another hole that feels like a tube. It’s a mucous membrane and it can be nasty (it’s right beside the anus) so I can understand how your brother feels. Some guys are really repulsed by the smell. Some guys compare eating pussy to licking a toilet seat.

  23. Tom

    I sense you’ve given up on the gay community and so have I. They seem to have lost themselves. The movement has totally died. It’s insane. I’ve read your other articles about that and it’s strikingly clear that the responsibility for that lies on those corporate organizations of brand lgbt. i’d never given any thought to the “lgbt” thing until you wrote about it. I now use GLBTQ reflecting the original movement. Thanks for the heads up.

  24. Phil

    This is so very strange. After marriage equality was achieved in the United States, I had thought that more gay guys would be coming out of the closet but just the opposite. I’m seeing there’s a backlash to that with “you must be with a woman” and that’s what I see more and more gay guys doing. The husband of that woman that claims to have been abducted in CA looks like the poster boy of a super gay guy to me. Every day I see more examples of that. Like today at the grocery store this guy who looked gay to me was walking down the aisle of the store closely holding hands with a woman.

    1. D8

      I see the same thing Phil. I think the whole marriage equality thing has caused one big cluster fuck. Don’t get me wrong, I’m all for marriage equality but somethjing has gone terribly wrong since then with the GLBTQ community. When Brand LGBT(TM) told GLBTQs to assimilate they neglected to say “but don’t go back in the closet; stay out of the closet. Anyone still in the closet, please come out of the closet.” Alas, the opposite has happened.

  25. Alejandro


    You wrote – While writing this article I read a headline with its hyped description about an upcoming “amazing” television programme which will be on one of the US corporate media networks about LGBTQ GLBTQ rights. Now let me take a guess: All the commercials shown during this programme will be what they always are: Heteronormative. “Straight” couples holding hands and/or making out.

    Just like whenever tv shows two people dancing as a couple or a large groups of couples, they’re always paired off as heterosexuals. it’s never two guys dancing together. But don’t forget “GAY IS MAINSTREAM!!!!!!” and that’s why we see two guys dancing together. NOT. I do see two girls dancing together sometimes although rarely but “that’s more acceptable to bigots” like you would say.

    Good article. Gracias.


  26. Former San Franciscan

    sigh. I completely understand how you feel. I’d feel the same way if I still lived there. I think I left around the start of this and I never envisioned this would happen. I hated leaving SF and had hoped to move back one day. That won’t be happening now. I couldn’t possibly afford to live there today and my friends still living there are struggling. They’ve told me about a lot of this. I’ve heard all about the city of wealth and all the new cars that people buy just so they can spend some of their millions. My friends don’t like the new Castro and tell me that they never see the residents they used to see there on a regular basis so they likely left. They would tell me that the conservatives were harping on “the gay community needs to mature.” By that they meant to conform, become conservative and abandon the radical and rowdy gay mecca. Accomplished. I asked them a while back ‘what’s there now?.’ “Not much” was their answer.

    THeir gay neighbor had trouble in one of those mixed bars. He went to a mixed bar for the 1st time. He got invited out for drinks with some people from work. It was getting late and they all left but he decided to stay a little longer. He started cruising this guy he thought was gay and the guy came over to him and asked him what he was staring at. My neighbor politely told him he found him attractive and the guy got real huffy and said well buzz off I’m not interested in faggots. Some people!!! That ruined the night for him and he’s hasn’t been to a mixed bar again. That’s the problem with mixed bars. How are you to know the sexual orientation of the people there? That’s why gay bars were started, to provide a safe environment for other gay people to meet.

    1. castro local

      ” That’s why gay bars were started, to provide a safe environment for other gay people to meet.”

      exactly. i’ve never been called a faggot in a gay bar. which is why you can add me to the list of gay guys who don’t understand these mixed bars. i think it’s just some fad that gay guys who want to be seen as brand lgbt hipsters think they should be a part of. the world is not lovey-dove and utopian towards us gays as brand lgbt(tm) wants us to believe.

      1. Ed in the Castro

        Mixed bars just feel weird….especially when women come on to me. I’m gay. They dont seem to get the message. That situation never arose for me in gay bars.

  27. FireintheHead

    Absolutely brilliant article, just brilliant. I know you don’t consider yourself an activist but you’re more activist than all these “professional” SF activists put together. I read their blogs and none of them …..and I mean none of them will touch this. Are they afraid they will offend the str8s?? It’s apparent you don’t care whether you offend them or not and i’m with you. Kudos!!

  28. San Francisco Resident

    Spot on. Just like to add the Castro St sidewalk widening that they did which made more room for baby strollers. Putting restaurant tables on the sidewalks was the hidden agenda. This was the pet project of Mr Know It All, Scott Penis. Is there anything that this guy doesn’t think he knows? They widened the sidewalks and then they cluttered them up with sidewalk furniture and restaurant tables.

  29. D8

    Being a resident of D8 which includes the Castro, this is a very accurate analysis. Sorry to hear what’s happened to Twin Peaks. I hadn’t heard about that and haven’t been up there in years. The Castro really looks like the shits these days….all the closed store fronts, sections of it look run-down, it stinks in places, all the straight couples embracing. I walk by some of the restaurants and it smells like they haven’t changed their cooking oil in years – rancid smells. I don’t support the theater and haven’t in years since they were part of shutting down Halloween. Some gay guys are definitely going back in the closet there’s no doubt about that. I told you about my friend who was out at his previous job but went back in the closet at his new job, and the reason he gave me was that many gay guys are going back in the closet in this new SF because it’s become straight. It disgusted me to no end to hear him say that. Good article.

Fin. The End.