“I’m not gay. I have nothing against gays. Some of my best friends are gay, (but…)”

I am so tired of hearing “straight” bigots spew that — what has become predicable — nonsense about, “I’m not gay. I have nothing against gays. Some of my best friends are gay (but)…” (Yeah, sure they are). And then the “straight” bigot proceeds to whine about “the gays.”

GLBTQ flag now "too gay?" Poster

A flag very similar to this
was removed from the top
of West Hollywood City Hall

Hola. I was watching two videos the other day about West Hollywood. The first video was about West Hollywood sanitising their City Hall awhile back by removing the Rainbow Flag and replacing it with a sanitised version so as not to offend those precious “straights” moving into and already living in West Hollywood that many GLBTQs are obsessed with these days. I wrote about the Rainbow Flag being removed here. The new flag on West Hollywood’s City Hall shows a geographic image of the City of West Hollywood in rainbow colours. The flag was changed to supposedly be “more inclusive of the ‘straights.'” Sigh. Why now, are they trying to be “more inclusive of the ‘straights?'” “Straights” were living in West Hollywood (WeHo) when the original Rainbow Flag was put up on the flag pole on WeHo’s City Hall. Being so-called “inclusive of the ‘straights'” didn’t occur to them back then? Well, in this video I watched (which was made by a gay chico/guy and “straight” chica/female), el chico said he thought it was good that the Rainbow Flag has been changed because: Gays are now accepted and it’s all right to be gay, and more ‘straights’ are moving into West Hollywood. The same thing that is happening to all gay areas in major cities that I can think of. I wrote about that here. And he thought it was good to sanitise things (he didn’t use those words but it means the same thing) to be “inclusive of the ‘straights.'” That’s when I clicked off the video. I had heard enough. His view point is the same conservative view point I hear in San Francisco from conservative GLBTQs and other conservatives. The conservatives in the New, Conservative Techie Wealthy San Francisco voice that same wishful-thinking point of view. El chico in the video didn’t know what the colours of the Rainbow Flag meant and he said that West Hollywood has the largest gay parade in the world, which is not true. He seemed a bit ignorant.

Rainbow Colors

I’m not into ties,
but I like this one.
Very pretty.
Not your typical
corporate dull/drab tie.

Then I watched a video tour of West Hollywood which I had thought would be interesting. That video was created by a “straight” guy who started out by saying: “I’m not gay and I have nothing against gay people [NOTE: You always know there’s a problem ahead when they start out like that] and some of my best friends are gay.” *roll eyes* That right there was a major turn-off because we Queers have heard that pabulum so many times and it’s usually followed by hate or whining about “the gays” and that was the case here. I lost track of how many times he told the viewers that he’s not gay. His supposedly “straight” sexuality seemed to be utmost important to him in that he wanted to make sure that the viewer knew he was not gay. He came off to me as insecure with himself and his sexuality because otherwise he wouldn’t make a point about his sexuality repeatedly when his sexuality was not the topic. The topic was a tour of West Hollywood. But one of the first things he did in the video was to go to a gym in WeHo. This gym is known as a gay gym and he spoke negatively about some of the things he had seen at the gym. He saw a penis there on un chico/a guy posing (an exhibitionist type thing)! Can you imagine that? This is some chisme caliente/hot gossip! And I would point out: No one forced you (Mr “Straight” guy) or required you to look at that dick that you were so offended by did they? Do you often stare at and continue looking at things that offend you? This reminds me of the conservative trash around The Castro who supported our ridiculous city-wide nudity ban because of a couple of nude chicos in The Castro. If you don’t want to see a dick, don’t look at it. That seems pretty simple. Doesn’t your prudish head pivot in another direction? When I don’t want to look at something — such as all the “straight” make out scenes in San Francisco’s Castro — I quickly look elsewhere. It’s sad that other people don’t have the ability to do that. But of course, he has nothing against gay people you know! His video — as far as I was able to watch — came across to me as anti-gay. I watched as much as I could take and then continued watching the rest with the sound turned off since I wanted to see the scenery of West Hollywood and the views of the Hollywood Hills but I didn’t want to hear Mr. “Straight” drone on again about how he’s not gay. Get some psychotherapy, preferably from a credible sex therapist!

It’s too bad that the people who created the first video about West Hollywood — and how very accepted gays supposedly are and how it’s now okay to be gay and all that stuff — didn’t watch the second video before making their video. Because essentially the second video cancelled out the message of the first video and their wishful-thinking about how accepted gays supposedly are. Both videos were created by residents of West Hollywood. The second video demonstrated that the first video was a bunch of bull shit and wishful-thinking. It’s also too bad that the creators of the first video didn’t interview the “straight” guy who created the second video so as to get an ear full of his not-so-subtle anti-gay nonsense.

Someone said in the comments about the first video:

“I’m tired of people saying gay people are more accepted by society to make it okay to take away gay establishments. How is it accepting someone when you’re tearing down their social venues?! And stop saying gay people are SOOOO accepted in society when politicians and others are actively working on anti-gay policies.”

Yes, exactly. Muchísimas gracias for saying that. At least that person knows what’s going on and is living in reality.

Assimilation means Conformity

Conformity is one of the definitions of assimilation. In other words, lose one’s public identity as a GLBTQ individual — and instead look like everybody else — in order to “conform” and be like the “straights” in order to fit in with the “straight” herd/sheeple. I suspect that’s much of the reason for this closet case “discreet” language one sees in gay men’s personal sex ads, especially in Manhattan (of all places!).

What idiots gave the order for GLBTQs to “assimilate”/conform? To my knowledge it was those useless corporate GLBTQ national organisations who serve as self-appointed authority on what GLBTQs should do. And if you’ve not read anything else I’ve written I can tell you that I can’t stand those corporate organisations with their cushy/exorbitant bloated executive salaries. They serve as pro-Establishment hacks and shills for that useless and misnamed “Democratic” party here in the US of Hypocrisy and they love their messiah Obama. Ever since that man claimed to have “evolved” on same-gender marriage and whenever he tries to crassly exploit the GLBTQ populace for (campaign) contribution$ for the thoroughly corrupt Big Business “Democratic” party by speaking the word “gay” (as bait) on occasion, those gay organisations jump up, genuflect and begin to gush over their messiah Obama. One of those same corporate organisations threw Transgender individuals under the bus, so to speak, a few years ago. Disgusting. I have no use for any of them of the ones which come to mind, but I see their bumper stickers on sucker’s vehicles on occasion around San Francisco. *roll eyes* Good little “Democratic” party sheeple. They support the party no matter what it does.

A brief aside about same-gender marriage: An Obamabot e-mailed me awhile back and said their messiah Obama is responsible for same-gender marriage in the US. Hardly! That’s not true at all. To begin with, he does not control how the pro-Big Business corporate parasites on the US Supreme Court vote. He nominated two people to the US Supreme Court. He had nothing to do with their confirmation appointments. The senate votes to confirm or reject US Supreme Court nominees, not la casa blanca/the white house. Nor did he know how those two people would vote on same-gender marriage or any other issue. So no, he’s not responsible for same-gender marriage, but his disciples like to give him that credit.

I have a question: Why were Rainbow flags, gay parades, gay protests, gay bars, Gay and Lesbian Choruses, GLBTQ bands and orchestras, GLBTQ sports teams, and other GLBTQ-related organisations, clubs and events created if they’re so fucking concerned about being “Inclusive of the StraightsTM?” Why is being “Inclusive of the StraightsTM all of a sudden an urgent and dire concern?

And what exactly are the “straights” doing to show that they are “inclusive” of GLBTQs? Their taking over gay areas and making them “straight” and changing them/sanitising them to the way they want them is not an example. What are they taking down or changing to “assimilate” and to be “inclusive” with GLBTQs? I know of nothing. This “assimilation” nonsense is only in one direction. Meanwhile, on San Francisco’s Market Street between Church Street and Castro (and in The Castro and Duboce Triangle area) the “straights” are swarming over here to suck face and engage in heavy make-out scenes on the sidewalks and street corners. They especially enjoy making out under a Rainbow Flag with their “in your face” sexuality/exhibitionism to let us all know they’re “straight” and taking over our gay area. When I and mis amigos/my friends see these “straight” make out scenes and what seems to be their required “straight” hand-holding, we look the other direction. We don’t give them the audience they’re craving, or we go somewhere else. And GLBTQs are sanitising themselves as fast as possible trying to forget and erase our GLBTQ past/history, and some are going back in that fucking unhealthy closet (heteronormative) in order to be accepted by these precious “straights” that GLBTQs seem absolutely desperate to be accepted by. [SCREAM!!] Ugh. Chau.—el barrio rosa


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3 comments on ““I’m not gay. I have nothing against gays. Some of my best friends are gay, (but…)”

  1. Ellen in MD

    I really don’t understand this. How is a gay area of a city any different than a Chinatown, Little Italy or Japantown and the like? I never hear of them being overtaken and changed the way gay areas are being rapidly changed.

    There definitely is an anti-gay agenda here and from what I’ve read on this blog it’s led by conservative gay politicians in some cases.

  2. Alejandro

    Hooooooola. I can relate to this article. I met a guy a few months ago I was interested in. Things were going smoothly until he revealed that he had gone back in the closet after being out of the closet for over 20 years. When you say that some gay guys are going back in the closet as a way of “assimilating,” that’s what he did. He let it slip that he was not “out.” I asked some questions and he said he thought it was a good idea to fit in with the straights and said that he tries to be straight-acting and straight-looking so that the straights will accept him and think that he’s one of them. I asked him if he was interested in women? He said oh no. I asked him what he plans to do when a woman shows interest in him because she thinks he’s straight because of him deceiving people? He said he didn’t know and acted offended by the question. My interest in him ended there. I’m not interested in getting involved with people who are fucked up in the head and can’t accept themselves for who they are.

  3. Ed in the Castro

    You sound just like me and my friends.

    Here’s an idea that a friend of mine proposed – since the str8s want the Castro too why don’t we form a new gay mecca down in the Marina district with what little remains of the gay community that’s still here. You and I both know how that would go over!

    Or this – get a large group of gays and lesbians together, go to North Beach, the Marina, Pacific Heights and Union Street and put on a gay and lesbian make-out show for them the way the str8 assholes like to do over here in the Castro. You and I both know how that would go over too, right?

    We would hear screams of “TAKE THAT BACK TO THE CASTRO!!!!”


Fin. The End.