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What Happened To San Francisco’s Boycott Of Arizona?

Hola a todos. Following the imposition of hateful and draconian anti-immigrant laws targeting undocumented immigrants in the US state of Arizona, the city attorney of San Francisco and a Latino member of the San Francisco Board of Supervisors urged policymakers and businesses of the City and County of San Francisco to boycott Arizona.

It would appear that’s all been forgotten about even though nothing has changed for the positive in Arizona since then — or anywhere else for that matter — regarding hate of undocumented immigrants/migrant workers y especially los mexicanos.

I was checking to see if Los Gigantes de San Francisco — our local and excessively overpaid corporate sports team had lost again. Yes they did lose again. As of this writing, since 14 abril/April 2016 they’ve lost 7 of the last 8 games. That’s very good. They’ve lost the last 5 games in a row while they’re paid the extreme amount of $20,833,333.00 USD (top player salary) and $166,495,945.00 USD (team salary) to play a fucking ball game. Little children could play baseball about as well as this team does and they would play for free. I assume these players receive that generous salary whether they win or lose, and they lose half the time. It’s also ludicrous that a team that loses half the time is known as “World Champions.” And it seems that in this instance, “the world” is América del Norte (corporate teams from North America). Of course they get that salary listed above because many idiots out there are willing to pay these outrageous prices for their (season) tickets. I’m always pleased when Los Gigantes lose because it means less obnoxious drunks screaming at their televisions in The Castro and Upper Market areas — which one didn’t used to hear around here — and fewer drunk “straight” him-tall/her-short mandatory hand-holding couples stumbling around here and throwing up on the sidewalks. I did several double-takes thinking I couldn’t possibly be reading something correctly when I saw that Los Gigantes de San Francisco have a remodeled and exclusive home in Scottsdale, Arizona, of all places. Why would a San Francisco team have an exclusive home in Arizona? That’s the state that San Francisco policymakers and businesses are supposed to be boycotting, remember? The stadium is called the “Spring Training Ballpark.” The PR/BS for this Scottsdale stadium is that it gives fans the easy opportunity to walk around the concourse and check out the newly added practise facilities. Can’t wait to do that. They can $hop at one of the many Dugout $tore$, and eat at the conce$$ion $tand$. In other words, something to make more la plata/money for these already-wealthy so-called “celebrity” sports people. Los Gigantes de San Francisco play in San Francisco at that big stadium over near the Bay named after a predatory, monopolistic, NSA-spying-enabling telecommunications company, but Los Gigantes de San Francisco “spring training ballpark” is in Arizona.

Now the logical question is: Why can’t they train in San Francisco where they play? And as pathetically as they often play, it doesn’t seem that the Arizona location is of any special benefit to them other than that of la plata/$$$$$. It certainly doesn’t seem to help them polish their “skills.”

I can’t think of any other job where an employee would be allowed to have such a shoddy and an erratic performance record like Los Gigantes de San Francisco where they lose half the time and still keep their jobs. I think of office workers whether it be attorneys, word processing operators, typists, you name it. Regardless of one’s work specialty, the employee is expected to produce good work each day or “there’s the door” and they’ll hire somebody else who’s consistently competent and reliable in the job. I was just thinking that if major Symphony Orchestras and their Symphony Chorus gave as inconsistent performances as Los Gigantes, they’d all be replaced/fired. These corporate sports team players call themselves “professionals.” Ha! As far as I’m concerned, anyone that does their job — whatever the job is and whatever field it’s in — and does it consistently well is a professional. Professionals give consistently excellent and high-quality performances. They don’t lose half the time like this inferior bunch.

Going back to their salary listed above, by contrast many classical music musicians train for decades and spend their entire life studying and working to be at the highest skill level required to perform in major symphony orchestra, for example. The highest paid orchestra in The Cesspool/the US is the Chicago Symphony Orchestra and they are paid $144,040.00 USD (base pay for musicians) as of the 2011-12 season. San Diego Symphony came in the lowest at $57,708.00 USD (42-week season). Several of the orchestras on the list I saw were/are in the midst of labour talks (translation: salary reductions and having their health benefits gutted as per usual these days). All salaries were based on a 52-week season. So the Chicago Symphony Orchestra base pay is $144,040.00 USD (and the Chicago Symphony Chorus is also paid but I don’t have that figure) as opposed to $20,833,333.00 USD being the top player salary for guys who grunt, sigh, stare, spit and play with balls for 6 months of the year (2016 Season: April 3, 2016 – October 2, 2016). Something is very wrong with this inequality but I don’t expect anything to be done about it.

So I take it that the San Francisco boycott of Arizona didn’t apply to corporate sports teams or to food, as another example that comes to mind. I’m not surprised to see that the idea of boycotting Arizona died with this New Lobotomised Techie Conservative City of San Francisco which seems to stand for nothing that matters today. I’d noticed this sometime ago when I saw pecans from Arizona in Rainbow Grocery Cooperative before their renovation about 1.5 years ago. I said to mi amigo at the time: “WTF are these doing in here? I thought businesses in San Francisco were supposed to be boycotting AZ, no?” That was an indicator to me even at that time that Rainbow’s activism was quickly dying or dead. I haven’t looked lately but I suspect Rainbow still carries things from Arizona. They have items from the Terrorist State of Israel so why wouldn’t they carry some items from Arizona? The ironic thing about this is that many of Rainbow’s workers are Latino/Hispano/mexicano, so one would think that they would be especially alert/sensitive to hate directed at undocumented immigrants/migrant workers. Apparently not, since they’re not honouring the boycott of Arizona. I have to keep in mind that that was the Old City that cared about such things. This New Lobotomised Techie City doesn’t give a fuck about anything other than corporate and developer’s greed, corporate sports teams, the chronic addiction to that 4″ tiny screen appendage on one’s hand, drinking and getting drunk in The Castro, moving homeless people from one barrio to another, building Luxury Condos with boring/blindly white interiors for the super-wealthy who have no taste and are afraid of colour, and the same super-wealthy crowd buying status-symbol boring-looking Luxury vehicles — in hearse-black, casket-gray or drab white — which all look dull and uninteresting. And these new cars often look like the dusty old cars before they even get the new licence plates for it. It’s all about wealth, greed and pretentiousness for this New Techie City of shallow and superficial people. But there’s good noticias/news: From what I’m hearing, the Tech Bubble has burst and tech is gradually crashing — YES! — along with the Real Estate Industrial Complex and their Corrupt LiarsTM.

I wonder how many San Franciscans know that Scottsdale, Arizona is one of the homes of Los Gigantes de San Francisco? A team with San Francisco’s name on it has a home in Arizona? I’ve written it that way because I don’t know how many of the players even live in San Francisco. I don’t know if it’s true but I read someone’s comment that most of the players live in the East Bay (Orinda) and have million-dollar-plus homes elsewhere, such as in Southern California.

Meanwhile, the corporatist GLBTQs will continue to jump up and down and cheer lead for Los Gigantes de San Francisco because, “They have a Gay Day and they love gay people, isn’t that cool?” Yes, I’m sure they do love gay people (roll eyes). I’d like to be a fly on the wall (so to speak) and hear just how much these corporate sports team players really “love gay people” while these jocks are making their heteronormative, anti-gay/anti-trans jokes around each other in the locker room and in private while they try to out-macho each other and show what a “real man” they are, and brag about how many times last night they banged their girlfriend or wife/partner. Based on their history, the history of corporate sports teams and other factors I just don’t believe they “love gay people.” I remember reading their response to their first invitation to be in San Francisco’s Pride Parade. They didn’t respond with, “Oh we’d love to!!” but rather with reserved hesitation. Uh huh. Not many, if any, major league corporate sports organisations “love gay people.” It’s all public relation$ bull $hit. And that’s another thing: GLBTQs: What happened to your keen bull shit detectors you had for decades? I still have mine and always will but it would appear that you completely abandoned your bull shit detectors when you became conservatives as part of that “assimilation” nonsense which has clearly backfired. These days you proudly allow yourself to fall for any corporatists — including D and R corporate hack politicians — who say the words “gay” or “transgender” on the odd occasion as bait for your $$$$$$$. Chau.—el barrio rosa