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Straight guys who actually suck dick ?

Straight guys who actually suck dick ? That’s Bull Shit. They’re living a lie. The reality is that they are closeted gay guys.

Hola a todos. Nearly every week, someone comes to pink barrio from doing a search for “straight guys who actually suck dick.” Since many people are interested in this topic, I decided to make it easier for people by writing this article specifically addressing that topic.

Okay Class, everyone pay attention now:

To begin with, the premise is wrong. “Straight” guys don’t suck dick. Now does everyone understand that before we proceed on? Gay and bi guys suck dick. Understand?

I see this all the time in the men for men personal sex ads. I don’t know who they think they’re fooling. Any guy who tries to prove how “straight” he is but is looking to suck dick is a liar and is being heteronormative/pretending to be “straight”. The guy is ashamed of being gay just like many other gay guys these days and that seems to be getting worse from what I’m seeing, and that includes here in now-conservative and lobotomised San Francisco. These guys have gay shame despite all this supposed progress that Brand LGBTTM likes to go on about that we’ve supposedly made. The so-called “straight” guy who is looking to suck dick or get fucked (I’ve seen that too on ClosetList) is either gay and in the closet, or he could be bisexual in the original definition of that word (meaning sexually into both guys and females). What I mean by that is that unfortunately these days many heteronormative gay guys with their gay shame are using the word “bi” to describe themselves even though they have no sexual interest in females. They use the word bi because to them bi sounds more masculine, more macho, heteronormative and closer to being “straight” than the word gay. I think to these heteronormative guys, the word gay has negative meanings. For example, it only means fem, even though intelligent people know that there are thousands and thousands of masculine gay guys out there.

These closet case “straight” guys have the usual closet case language in their personal sex ads, such as the words “discreet” (translation: a closet case and/or he’s cheating on someone, and they also use the letters “DL” meaning “down low” or in the closet). There’s clearly this obsession with “being straight” within the gay population which is part of gay shame. That’s why I and others say that despise decades of work during the now-dead Gay Rights Movements, it’s as if little was accomplished really. During those days, gay guys were “Out and Proud,” they were not “discreet” and “down low.” It’s quite sad what the gay population has become since the Gay Rights’ Movement died which occurred during the years of their messiah “Mr Jock” Obama. It’s as if “Out and Proud” went back in the closet when the corporatist idiots of Brand LGBTTM gave their “assimilation” orders to “assimilate” (translation: blend in and disappear like a wall flower) with the “straights” and try to be as much like them as possible. (Why? Who wants to be like the obnoxious in-your-face “straights” who love to come to San Francisco’s Castro and make out under Rainbow Flags and in front of what’s left of the Queer boys here? Queer boys are not into watching “straight” basura make out. Take your “straight” make out sessions to The Marina or North Beach or Union Street. You own the entire fucking city, what are you doing over here? Are you trying to show Queer boys how you make out? We don’t care! And I and the people I know don’t make it a point of going down to The Marina to make out in front of “straight” couples and nearly fuck on the sidewalk. Although admittedly, you have taken over The Castro as I wrote in this article about the “straight revolution,” and that’s what you’re doing over here, I presume.

I’ve written many articles detailing all the closet cases with their gay shame on the site I call ClosetList. To read those personal sex ads, one would come away with the conclusion that little progress has been made at all for GLBTQs and the gay population. Either most of those ads are purely fantasy or we have thousands and thousands of sexually fucked-up people out there.

Some guys say they’re “straight” and looking to suck dick. What they mean by that is that they are in the closet and everyone thinks he is “straight” because 1) he may have some needy-girlfriend hanging all over him like we see around The Castro and she’s tagging along with him as his “cover,” or 2) he is married to a female. But he’s still a gay guy in the closet. And these gay closet cases will sometimes say in their ads, “I don’t do this often” (meaning trying to hook up with a guy). Does it matter how often he tries to hook up with a guy? He’s trying to do so now. I wish they would stop trying to make excuses for themselves and stop down-playing what they’re trying to do. They want to have sex with a guy — and there’s nothing wrong with that — because they’re either gay or bi. So stop this “straight” phony act and stop lying about who you are. Other guys try to down-play what they’re doing by using the word “curious” as if they’re not sure about their sexual feelings. That could be the case with some people and I’m not dismissing that. But I think sometimes the word “curious” is meant to be heteronormative and to sanitise/downplay what the guy is trying to do. Can’t you hear him now: “I”m not really gay, I’m just curious because I think about sucking dick and getting fucked all the time.” Well it sounds like to me you’re a little bit more than “curious” if you’re thinking about sucking dick or getting fucked all the time. Something pretty intenso is going on within you and you should accept your gay feelings, stop living a damn lie to yourself and others and go enjoy yourself having sex with a guy of your choice. If someone has a problem with your Queer sexuality, that’s their problem, not yours. They are the ones who need psychotherapy, not you. Stop all this closet case nonsense that so much time and energy is wasted on. I have a short fuse for that at this point.

Here’s an example of what I’m talking about. It’s an excerpt from one ad I saw while writing this article:

“If you are mostly str8 like I am, under 33, and white, let’s meet and play — grope my bulge, grind, unzip, feel my monster cock boning. Then we’ll get naked and mess around … Most evenings, I stay at home with the wife and kids. Sometimes I can get a pass at night, but not till I know you’re reliable. …My 7 day load is gonna be a big one when I blow.”

First, your language “the wife” sounds so warmly affectionate [sarcasm intended], as opposed to “my wife and kids.” Secondly, you’re not “mostly str8” dude. You’re bi but mostly have sex with your wife, although based on your 7 day load you’ve built up that doesn’t necessarily seem to be the case either. But this dude calls himself “mostly str8.” Is that because he thinks that if he uses the word “bi” he’s getting too close to that dreaded “gay” word? We can’t have that! Then the guy said, “I’m 190, 6′ 1 “, athletic bod and white. Seeking only another white guy — no offense, that’s what I like. I’m more relaxed if you are curious or mostly straight.” What do you have against gay guys, chico? Why don’t you want to have sex with a gay guy since that’s what you’re looking for? You’re specifically looking for gay sex/sex with another guy.

Some things have been accomplished on a legal basis for GLBTQs, but some/many of those things have not translated over into most people’s daily lives when you see gay guys still married to females, and the thousands and thousands of gay closet cases still out there and gay guys with their gay shame who are still keeping of the charade by marrying females to give the appearance they’re “straight.” That reminds me: On television, are females required to be in all images with a guy where they are cheek-to-cheek? That’s what I see on my television (fútbol being the only exception to that that I know of). When was the last time you saw images of two guys cheek-to-cheek on the heteronormative corporate media networks? Observing the corporate media, one gets the strong impression that they think that everyone is “straight,” everyone should be “straight” and that “straight” is the desired and “normal” sexuality. And it appears that the corporate media have a rule that all guys have to be shown with a female to give the heteronormative impression to the public that this guy is “straight” even though everybody knows he’s a Queer boy in some cases and gossip about it online. I’m thinking specifically of some Latin musicians and actors. While writing this, a male Latin singer — who shall remain nameless — that I follow from time-to-time, was interviewed by TV Azteca. They played part of his new video. His new video is really no different than the old videos. It’s always the same old thing: Guy with female. Predictable. It shows him making out with the typical white Latina. Nothing new there. Then it shows him down on his knee (oh here we go with that tired and predictable routine) of asking her to marry him. Nothing new there. He opens up the box to the engagement ring. Nothing new there. She jumps up in the air with joy and hangs all over him. Nothing new there. My very reliable gaydar has told me for some time that this artist is a Queer boy. I’ve also observed his behaviour around other guys on other networks when he’s been interviewed en studio. I did a little research on him and found that he did a concert at a gay bar “to show that he supports the gay populace.” Might it be a little bit more than “supporting the gay populace?” Might it be because he’s a gay boy himself (Mr Closet Case)? And he doesn’t want to come out of the closet because he thinks it will hurt his career? So he only takes it so far as to say, “I support the gay populace.” I’ve not heard of any “straight” Latin artists who have gone out of their way to go to a gay bar to give a concert there or to do anything else there, have you?

When was the last time you saw two guys holding hands in a programme on your corporate media where the camera did rush off quickly? Yet the ubiquitous “straight” couples of tall-him and short-her holding hands and making out are shoved in our faces constantly. And of course there’s the hate for transgender people. So don’t come at me with this Brand LGBTTM nonsense that “we’ve accomplished so much now” bull shit and “we’re damn-near in Queer utopia.” It’s nonsense. It’s a lie when you look at most people’s lives and how they write their sex personal ads. In reality, little has been accomplished when I see all the closeted gay guys out there which is continuing to this day including right here in heteronormative and conservative San Francisco, the former Gay Mecca.

So reviewing class: Anytime you see “straight guys who actually suck dick,” keep in mind that the guy is not “straight.” He’s a liar. The very definition of “straight” is men going with and having sex with females. The “straight” guys I know have no interest in sucking dick. Hope this helps. Chau.—el barrio rosa


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