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PrEP and “Our Sexual Revolution ?”

Corporate Brand LGBTTM wants to help a mega-pharma corporation make billions.

Hola. PrEP is a strong pharmaceutical drug specifically for barebacking. PrEP has a long list of side effects. Leave it to pro-corporate Brand LGBTTM to come up with another marketing scheme to help big pharma make billions of dollars from GLBTQs. The big-pharma corporation that makes PrEP (Truvada) in collaboration with Brand LGBTTM is marketing PrEP using the language, “Our Sexual Revolution” and targeting GLBTQs. As of this writing, their large corporate ads are covering the walls of San Francisco’s Muni Metro Castro Station as well as some sidewalk signs around here. Although I suspect most people entering or exiting the metro don’t even see these ads because people are glued to their phones. The purpose of these PrEP ads is to get as many people as possible in The Castro and elsewhere on this drug. Currently, in the Bay Area there are 192 men-for-men sex personal ads with the word “prep” in them on the site I call ClosetList. Anyone taking PrEP still has the possibility of getting pozzed/HIV as well as other STIs/STDs. When taken every day, PrEP has a 97% effectiveness rate. From my understanding, it takes two weeks to reach that level of effectiveness when one starts PrEP or takes a break from it. Condoms are effective in protecting against other STDs, and latex condoms are very effective in preventing HIV transmission. No one is required to bareback. Just saying. Someone on PrEP essentially becomes an HIV patient with the required routine office visits to one’s physician, the blood work every 3 months to check kidney function, HIV status and other things that one’s physician will look for while one is on this extremely expensive drug. People who bareback may not get HIV while on PrEP, but they can get other sexually transmitted infections/diseases although nobody seems to care about that from reading sex personal ads. Previously, from corporate Brand LGBTTM, we had: Do you have pride in your HIV Status?

Ever since a local conservative gay corporatist parasitic politician (Scott Penis) received some campaign dinero/money from the corporation that makes PrEP, he’s been heavily promoting PrEP. He says he’s taking it himself. Why? One would have to be pretty desperate to want to have sex with that conservative prude. And since he has body image issues and is opposed to nudity, prepare to keep your clothes on when having sex with that piece. He said it was difficult telling his mother he’s taking PrEP. That’s hysterical! I didn’t know that guys in their 40s had to tell their mothers what drugs they’re taking and what they’re doing sexually, did you?

What Revolution?

In reality, there is no GLBTQ revolution — sexual or otherwise — in today’s conformist and conservative Castro barrio/neighbourhood, or anywhere for that matter. The concept of a legitimate GLBTQ revolution is absolutely dead in conservative, conformist and lobotomised San Francisco today. The concept of revolution is the opposite of what this conservative, conformist and sanitised neighbourhood (The Castro) is about. The former Proudly-Radical/Alternative City was about revolution. This New Tech-Zombie City and The conservative Castro seem to be trying to erase the former City from history as if it never existed. This new Castro is about ultimate conformity and being pro-EstablishmentTM.

The Castro today feels fake, cold, impersonal, unfriendly and “straight.” On occasion there are exceptions to that. It really depends upon the day and the time of day or night. On the odd occasion, one gets hints of the Old City and when that happens I hang around and appreciate it knowing that it’s a rare fleeting moment and a nice reminder of the former Gay Mecca decades. The party atmosphere of the Gay Mecca decades is long gone. And since there is no feeling/no sense of community here, the language “the gay community” is outdated. It’s inappropriate for corporate Brand LGBTTM. The language “the gay community” should be changed to the more sterile “the gay populace” since that’s what it is. That’s more accurate. What one mostly sees in The Castro today are cold lobotomised tech zombies glued to their phones as they walk around in their conformist ash-tray gray and/or all-black clothing (guys in black jeans with black or gray t-shirt, females in all-black dresses or ash-tray gray dresses). Ugly, and conservative looking. Or the third clothing option: Black and white. Frankly, based on what the masses are wearing, it looks like a case of mass depression around here. Maybe that’s what’s going on considering the state of things. But considering that the conservatives have more than accomplished their goal with The Castro — completely sanitised it — one would think they would be feliz/happy and not sour and depressed which is how they seem. Today’s Castro has been corporatised, “Disney-fied” — they even installed non-native palm trees on Castro to give the Disney “feel” — and hijacked by pro-corporate and heteronormative Brand LGBTTM with their obnoxious corporate advertising, such as these PrEP ads in the metro I mentioned earlier, and the corporate beer ads splashed all across a gay bar’s windows. It seems that as long as a corporation “plays/works” the gay populace by saying the word “gay” every now and then in sorta a positive way, Brand LGBTTM immediately becomes a life-long supporter of them.

From what I’ve seen from sex ads, most guys on PrEP are barebacking. They say nothing in their ads about using condoms. The language they use is: “BB neg/PrEP” (that means bareback, HIV- and on PrEP). Guys on PrEP used to be more covert about it when the drug first became available (claiming it was “one of the tools they use to prevent HIV” and Scott Penis repeated that lie too), but now guys are quite open about their intentions. I’ve seen maybe 2 ads over many months where the guys expressed a distrust for PrEP even though they are on it and insisted on using condoms. But the overwhelming majority of people on PrEP don’t use condoms — despite the chance that they could get pozzed — based on what they say in their personals ads. So far, there’s been a least one documented case of a guy on PrEP getting HIV. Then there are the many side effects of the drug which people also like to dismiss (Denial?) and they go on about how safe it is and say things such as “I feel better than ever!” There’s lots of hype attached to this drug, as if people hyping it work for the corporation that makes it.

The long term effects of being HIV negative and taking a drug originally intended for HIV+ people are not known. Some people are questioning whether at some point this is all going to blowup/backfire with other health issues arising in the people taking PrEP. Some people are allergic to PrEP. Can HIV-negative people take a drug intended to prevent HIV without any long-term consequences? I have read that should one get pozzed while on PrEP, that one builds up a resistance to other HIV drugs.

Upon reflection, there is a “straight” revolution with the ubiquitous baby strollers (these people have never heard of birth control?) taking over The Castro, as has been the case for a number of years now.

We’ve been told repeatedly by Brand LGBTTM and their corporatist conformists that “gay is now mainstream” and “gay people can live anywhere.” Of course that’s nonsense and they need to be called on it. Gay people/GLBTQs might be able to live anywhere in the closet, but even that’s questionable depending upon where the GLBTQ person is living. Have these people in denial not heard about the rise in (violent) hate crimes against GLBTQs since marriage equality was made legal here in The Cesspool? On my recent bike ride up to San Francisco’s Twin Peaks, I noticed some “straight” couples holding hands. But I saw no gay guys or gay couples holding hands. The gay guys who appeared to be a couple were instead being heteronormatively “DL” (down low) and “discreet” (pretending to be “straight”).

As for the “straight” revolution in The Castro, it seems that “straight” couples are still coming to The Castro to meet each other for the first time (to cheat) that I wrote about some time ago. Their thinking seems to be that the person they’re cheating on won’t think of looking for them over here. Yesterday outside one of the gay bars, mi amigo/my friend heard this strange noise. It sounded like a loud sucking sound and it kept getting louder. He looked around and behind him he saw a young “straight” couple. The guy was tall and probably 300 pounds (he was enormous in size mi amigo said). And the female was extremely short — here we go again with that silly him-tall/her-short height requirement that these “straight” couples have — and her head came up to about his waist. She looked like his little daughter. We’ve seen that before too. Needy-her was hanging on him with her arms around his neck, desperately wanting his attention and dangling over his huge stomach like a doll hanging off of him and he was leaning way down to get to her face. They were having this passionately loud make-out session. Question: They had to come over here — outside of a gay bar — to do that, did they? They couldn’t go down to the “straight” Marina, or over to “straight” North Beach or to “straight” Union Street and be all “straight” over there? But that’s what the sucking sound was. Mi amigo said he had never seen such an extreme height difference before with a “straight” couple over here.

There does seem to be a concerted effort to make The Castro as “straight” as possible, and for years the conservative GLBTQs have favoured that and have even helped to sanitise The Castro to please/pacify the obnoxious in-your-face “straights.”

They could put up new Rainbow Flags in The Marina on all the utility poles and they could install rainbow crosswalks at intersections down there, but that wouldn’t make The Marina barrio gay. That’s how The Castro feels here at the beginning of noviembre/November 2016.

It’s pathetic that Brand LGBTTM would stoop so low as to equate the taking of a rather toxic HIV drug with a supposed “sexual revolution.” It’s ludicrous, but that is what some of us have come to expect from corporatist Brand LGBTTM. Chau.—el barrio rosa


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