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Gay guys are real men

Hola a todos. Some readers have e-mailed me asking why I’ve cut way back on writing about gay-related topics. They said they enjoyed those articles, found them informative (gracias for the kind words) especially regarding San Francisco, but they had noticed that I don’t do much of that anymore. Yes that’s true. There’s not much Queer-related activity here to write about now. Oh, I almost forgot. There was a poorly attended “Santa Run in Skeevies” last weekend. Nothing special to write about however. It looked like something the Castro Merchants put together in desperation. The merchants deserve what they get. Mi amigo/My friend told me as I’m writing this that yet another store in San Francisco’s Castro has gone out of business. I guess I could write about the straight make-out session mi amigo/my friend had to deal with the last time he went to his gym — only one gay guy was there other than himself, and literally everyone was wearing all-black — where he and all others couldn’t get into the change room because of the obnoxious asshole straight couple him-tall/her-short (of course) standing in the way. The guy was leaning way over and down as if making out with his little daughter. I don’t quite understand this drastic height difference that breeder couples now have, other than it’s a dominate (him), submissive (her) head trip. They were oblivious and inconsiderate to anyone else there and stood in the doorway to the change room essentially having sex right there or that’s the way it looked (although he couldn’t quite tell) for a period of about an hour. Mi amigo said that a few people were looking at them with disgust. But this couple was clueless. Your typical Millennial couple. I suspect if two gay guys had done that the cops would have been called on them. I guess that’s what’s known as “straight privilege” which comes up again later in this article. Other than that, not much happening here in San Francisco on the Queer front. Leaves are blowing. The flags are waving and that’s about it. And because I don’t know what else I could say about that topic that I’ve not already said many times, that’s why I no longer write about it. Like anyone else with a diary, in mi diario/my diary (pink barrio) I write about what I feel like writing about at the time which may or may not interest anyone. I’m tired of writing about human sexuality because I’m burned out on writing about it. Few seem to agree on anything. There are also the different “camps” as I call them. Usually the conservative camp doesn’t agree with anything I say. Well really, neither camp agrees with most things I say. That’s pretty much all I have to say about that.

The rest of this article is written by one of my readers from the EU. I’ll call him a “guest writer” even though I don’t usually have guest writers. All of my commenters could be considered “guest writers” when they give their opinions. You can read his e-mail here:

Hallo – I live in Europe and read your page about gay conversion. My English is not great so hope you understand me. Sometimes when I masturbate I think about being straight guy. I’m gay guy. I get extra excited with that fantasy. No want to be with woman. Find some pussies erotic to look at. It carries my mind where the fantasy overtakes me. Often looking at guy in porn having straight sex. After cuming, I’m back to being gay guy. I was on a chat for gay conversion. Didn’t quite understand at first. Out of curiosity. I played the role expected of me there. I lied and acted out straight fantasies like other gay guys there. Not a lot of guys there. Less than 10. The homophobia turned most guys away. Homophobia and gay conversion go together. I detect a conservative gruop of gay guys there. Some macho alpha gay guys talked about converting to bisexual or straight. Said they became real man after having sex with girl. Fantasy? What did they become when they had sex with guy, a real woman? Alpha males are known to have short lives, get into lots of fights and wear out quick. Gay guys are real men. Wanted to tell them that but never did. You see many gay guys built-up and are manly all over Europe. There was usually one guy on conversion site who didn’t believe these stories, lies and questioned did you really fuck a girl this morning? Why aren’t you still with her it’s only noon? Hahahahaha. Good question. Some people’s sexuality can change over years in their fantasy. Brainwashing is used to try to change sexuality on conversion site. That’s what that site is about. One jongen said he is becoming more attracted to women. Forcing it? Brainwashing. It’s immersion therapy of watching straight or bi porn and you can change and be straight like straight porn actors. Why would gay guy want to be straight? On that site they say vagina is paradise and the best sex you have. If you like gay guys living in group in cities you’re out of style and trolled “you’re from the 1950s.” Gay meccas are bad? No need for them today says moderator jongen. I’m a young jongen and think it’s neat to live amongst other gay guys where we’re the majority. What’s wrong with that? What about Chinatown or Little Italy or Japantown parts of cities? They bad too? The moderator is a ignorant jongen. Says there’s little hate or violence against gays anymore. That’s not what I’ve seen on Internet new stories. You complained about lack of education in United States of America. I see that. Where do people like this mod. jongen come from? Says that gays can live anywhere. Says that if you can live a straight life you should to have straight privilege. These conservatives call themselves libertarians. Like being conservatives. Proud of that. Straights have privilege over gays because of sexuality? Don’t you in the United States of America believe that everyone is created equal? The mod also promotes smoking. Smoking is part of being straight and real man. Enjoy your lung and throat cancer. Guess jongen doesn’t believe that either. Funny, I acted out the smoking part by saying I was up to 2 packs a day. I no smoke at all and think it stupid. Really stinks. My women friends complain about guys that smoke. Not a cheap habit. Each pack is $4-5.00 in U.S.A. That’s $3,600 a year for 2 packs a day at 5 dollars a pack. Some gay guys who talk conversion talk about getting girls pregnant on that site. No consequences. The site’s goal is gay guys talking themselves into liking girls and pussy,, tits. Becoming like straight guys. The moderator jongen admits there’s one bad thing about conversion and that’s how hard it is to get that pussy. He’s very down on gay sex and pushes straight sex. Says he’s not homophobic. Don’t think he has much of any kind of sex from what he said. Some gay guys say they’re turning straight not long after arriving on siite saying they’re gay. Other gay guys join in the locker room macho talk about pussy. Hahahahaha. Their homophobia is only at gay guys. Most on site say what all others say to fit in. Example of, for porn pics they all say “nice.” The mod. says he hates the gay community because they can’t be monogamous. This came up in chat and some gay guys saying they knew of many monogamous gay couples. The mod’s mind not changed. His opinion was on his experience and not any research or evidence about it. I questioned why such a ignorant person was moderator but he best fits the anti-gay message of site. Gay guys say they like lesbians for their pussy because they’ve heard that’s why straight guys watch lesbian porn. All fantasy but meant to sound real life and anti-gay. Can be mind trip and disturb if not careful. I don’t like hugging females because of the smell. Their smell from their pussy or period seeps up out of their clothes. Don’t think to have sex with woman after knowing that smell that I’ve smelled many times from hugging females. That would be turn off and lose erection. Her pussy would smell that reek smell. Having my face down near her pussy and something that smells like that, it just isn’t turn on to me. I’d probably throw up. The smell like having your face near dog shit or rotting fish on beach. How can get into that? Discussion take place between some gay guys and homophobic moderator jongen who talks how much better straight sex is than gay sex. I did have some fun private chats with guys but most were douche. 🙁 I Enjoy your site. signed, Bram

Hola Bram, that site sounds like quite the homophobic place. Gracias for your e-mail, and by the way, your English is fine. You do quite well. Had no problem understanding you. If only most USians were bilingual or multilingual. Many/most can barely get through US-English. Chau.—el barrio rosa