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Black Tights, Lingerie and Skyscraper Heels

What is (corporate) office attire where you live?

Hola. ¿Qué tal? This has been going on for awhile. It’s part of the New Conservative Lobotomised Techie City of San Francisco. Some of us started seeing this new “look” worn by females when the city started changing noticeably in the last 2-3 years due to techie gentrification and the predatory and parasitic Tech Surveillance-State Industrial ComplexTM taking over the city. And now, like a bunch of sheeple more and more females are trying to “fit in” and look the same conservative and bougi/snooty part. What I and others are seeing around gentrified San Francisco these days are las muchachas wearing black tights (they must be conservative black in colour; that’s all anyone is wearing), a lingerie shirt (that’s usually white, black or gray or a combination of those drab/boring conservative colours) and skyscraper heels. Mi amigo says: “These females look like sluts to me. Do they know they look like sluts?”

Do you see this “look” where you live? If one were going on “tradition”/stereotypes one could say that these muchachas look like hookers/prostitutes (no offence or disrespect whatsoever directed or intended at sex workers). I suspect las muchachas we’re seeing are the techie basura who have — like a malignant cancer — raped San Francisco and taken it over with their signature Fuck YouTM mentality (while their SF-based techie companies are receiving corporate welfare from San Francisco). I didn’t see this “look” I’m talking about in the Old City. Lots of “vintage” denim/jeans were worn in the Old City by las muchachas y los muchachos.

In the Old City, many muchachas were concerned about the health of their feet in — what I call — Manhattan (San Francisco’s Financial District) offices. They wore “heels” to work (but not these skycraper-type heels) en la oficina/the office, but they took them off when they left la oficina and wore sneakers for their trip home or when they went out to lunch or ran errands during lunchtime. They knew (wisely) that high heels are terrible for one’s feet. Yeah well. In this New Techie City of San Francisco all of that seems to have disappeared from what I and others are seeing around here. Today, las muchachas don’t seem to give a fuck about the health of their feet — or really their health in general considering how drunk they like to get as they stumble down the sidewalk through puddles of vomit from other drunks — considering the tall heels they’re wearing as they strut down the sidewalk in their black tights swishing their ass at the remaining Queer boys around here [note to clueless females: Queer boys are not into females swishing their ass] trying to be all bougi, snooty and pretentious, which is how these shallow females come off. Just Real Snots. That has to be the techie basura we’re seeing with their overinflated, “We’re the Gift to the World” heads.

I’ve noticed that some muchachas are wearing all black (black tights, black heels, black lingerie shirt) out at night. Now does that sound “smart” to you? For people who are so obsessed with “smart” this and “smart” that these days, wearing all black out at night doesn’t sound very “smart” to me. They expect a motorist or cyclist to see them wearing all black in dark areas crossing the street as I saw the other night? Or are these idiots not aware that it’s difficult to see people who are wearing all black at night? And these females don’t put themselves out rushing to cross the street. Hell no. These (techie?) assholes come with this self-absorbed and self-entitled way of thinking. They take their time crossing the street even at dangerous intersections as they try to walk in those skyscraper heels.

My neighbour goes on hikes every now and then and she told me she sees the same “look” there. WTF? Yes, she asked me the other day: “Who are these people and what are they dressed up like that for on a hike?” Las muchachas are walking on rough trails in the forest in tall heels, black tights and what looks like lingerie. *roll eyes* My neighbour said, “you should see them trying to walk in those tall heels on those rough dirt trails. I’m just waiting for one of them to fall flat on her ass — while she’s glued to her smartphone stupidphone on the trail in those black tights and I ain’t about to help her get up.” Somewhere along the way these bougi snots have been programmed that they must be “dressed up at all times,” even for hiking. Loca./Crazy. Mi amigo has also noticed this on his bike rides and hikes. He’s mentioned this female “look” to me for months now and we see the same along Market Street especially between Church and Castro, which has drastically changed in the last 2-3 years due to the techie basura and their overpriced Luxury Designer Condos (Dahling).

In the law firms I worked in some years ago, they were very accepting of what people wanted to wear to work depending upon who you were, especially the support staff. I can’t see la abogada/female attorney coming into la oficina with this black tights and lingerie get-up on or showing up for a court hearing for her client. I suspect some judge would say: “Excuse me Ms, I don’t mean to pry, but have you been home to change clothes after your drunken night out last night? I have to say you don’t look like it. This is a courtroom and not that slinky nightclub or street corner you frequent waiting for curb crawlers in those black tights, lingerie and tall heels. I’ll be glad to take a court recess for you to go home and change if you’d like. How’s that?”

I think this new get-up that females are wearing is just yet another new fad for the sheeple and we’re seeing it more and more in The Castro, especially with the many new females vehemently opposed to birth control of any kind and pushing condominium-sized baby strollers (some double-seated) up and down the sidewalks.

I have no patience for class-ist, snooty, bougi, pretentious, superficial, shallow people “keeping up appearances” and putting on airs of wealth. Class warfare is ugly and San Francisco has been ravaged by it. And that’s how las muchachas wearing this black tights/lingerie get-up come off to me and others. These bougi females are part of that and trying to give the impression they’re better than others with their nose-in-the-air selves. I don’t like it. I look the other way when I see them. I’m also of the opinion that people should wear whatever the fuck they want to wear, but we all know that offices generally don’t take that view especially corporate offices. So I’m curious: What do you see where you live and are you seeing las muchachas wearing this get-up I’ve described to work in corporate offices or anywhere else? Chau.—el barrio rosa