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The Breeders’ Guide To Making Out (in Queer areas)

In order to beso/kiss her, “cup and hold” her head with both hands as if holding a cantaloupe before going in for the landing. Remember, it’s “cup and hold.” “Cup and hold.”

Hola a todos. I’ve written a lot about the breeders (straight couples; mostly the Millennial basura1 (see footnote below, por favor) who wear all-black and/or black and gray clothing) who have invaded San Francisco’s former Gay Mecca, The Castro, in recent years. For some reason, they do so enjoy parading their in-your-face breeder sexuality over here — I don’t see it anywhere else — along Market Street and in The Castro Village with their mandatory hand-holding and make-out scenes. Often it’s the non-feminist, submissive-to-him little her who is walking one-half step behind him seemingly of the 1950s chauvinistic thinking that she is not his equal. At least that’s how she looks. She’s latched onto him with her right arm hanging onto his left arm, that is, if they’re not in the #1 mandatory hand-in-hand routine. This behaviour is presumably to let us all know they they are both taken and are a couple. Who the fuck cares?! Is she so insecure with herself and their “relationship” and her ignorance of Queer boys that she thinks a Queer boy is going to rush over and take her guy from her? Ha! Don’t flatter yourself, Millennial basura. Just because your guy has a dick doesn’t mean that any Queer boys would have the slightest interest in him. But to answer the question: Is she that insecure? Yes, she is, absolutely from what we’ve seen around here from the super-needy, overly-high maintenance, demanding females in these breeder couples and they’re usually the Millennial basura. As my straight amigo often says, “I don’t know how these guys can put up with them. That’s why I don’t date often. I wish I were gay.” Well yes, Queer couples have it much easier in this regard, which I’ll get to later. These breeder couples (or is it needy-her again?) enjoy stopping on the sidewalk and putting on their own telenovela for everyone to see as if they’re trying to instruct the Queer community that remains here how to kiss and make-out, as if we don’t already know. We don’t need or appreciate your instructions breeder basura. They do so love putting on a show and they try to seem as though they are oblivious to anyone watching them, even though many of us think los pendejos absolutely thrive on and adore the attention, especially that needy-female. Maybe she’s thinking, “Finally, a guy is kissing me in public on an unobstructed street corner for all the world to see.” Ugh. I would point out that Queer couples don’t typically go into traditionally straight areas of San Francisco and engage in the same obnoxious behaviour.

Fortunately, on Día de las Madres/Mother’s Day 2017 along Market Street and The Castro it was mainly Queer boys walking around as it had been the past few days on my walks in the area, or at least that was the case around the time I was there. It was dead out, surprisingly. There were a few breeder couples, but thankfully they were in the minority. But even when there’s only a few, some of them feel the need to stop on street corners and make-out. They’re quite the exhibitionists.

What caused me to write this article was the breeder-couple spectacle I witnessed during my walk on Market Street. They were determined to give a matinee. It was the south side of the street which is becoming more known as the breeder side of the street. There they were: the cookie-cutter and ubiquitous him-tall/her short breeder couple. Of course he was 12-stories tall and she was only 1-story tall. Obviously I’m exaggerating but hopefully you get the point. I looked over at them out of the corner of my eye knowing what was about to likely happen while waiting for the light to change. I groaned and thought to myself: Oh here we go. The “can’t wait to fuck” breeder couple.

“Cup and Hold”

I was correct. He turned to needy-her, bent way over to where her face was (approximately at his waist level) and had to take both of his hands and form a “cup” with them to “cup and hold” her head as if he were holding a cantaloupe to beso/kiss her. It was quite a procedure I can tell you that. I was thinking: Well good lord, all that just to give her a kiss? WTF? Why don’t the two of you carry around a portable step-ladder with you that she can use when you do these matinees to bring her face up to your face and make this kissing process a bit easier? It’s got to be hard on the guy’s back.

Well, he wasn’t done yet. After the “cup and hold” ritual, he then slowly went down farther and then reeled her in for the landing presumably to properly place the beso on her lips. And because of their mandatory extreme height differences, he looked like he was making out with his little toddler daughter quite frankly. I thought to myself: This looks right out of a telenovela. This is signature telenovela. His kiss to her was the typical cookie-cutter kiss that one sees so often in telenovelas and in movies. This guy was merely emulating the behaviour he’s seen hundreds or thousands of guys do on television and in movies. After that spectacle I stopped looking, waited for them to finish and for him to come back up into place.

What is wrong with these fucking breeders? Do they not know how ridiculous they look? Again, it’s learned behaviour. I saw the exact same breeder-couple behaviour while writing this article on one of the español language networks I monitor. On television, the guy did the exact same thing to the female he was about to beso.

All that just for a kiss? jesus fucking christ! I would not have the patience for that nonsense. Why the need to “cup and hold” her face? And where had his hands been that he’s putting all over her face? Apparently it wasn’t her concern.

It made me wonder why breeders have to make such as fucking big deal out of kissing? Well it’s not just kissing. They make a fucking big deal out of most of these ridiculous things/requirements they do. They have all these other outdated, 1950s-type chauvinistic and sexist requirements, like him having to open her door for her, or pull out her chair in a restaurant, or do this for her and do that for her. I wouldn’t do any of it, with the exception being helping someone with medical problems by opening their door for them. Helpless her can’t pull out a damn chair? Then she can sit her big ass on the floor until she’s able to do so. Helpless her can’t open a fucking car door? Then she can part her ass on the hard sidewalk by the parking meter (put some money in it). I don’t know how much they charge for ass time these days. But that’s the way I feel about this chauvinistic and sexist behaviour. I won’t have it! And that’s precisely what I see from these !Conform, Obey! Wear Black and Gray! Sexist and Chauvinistic Millennial trash who have ruined San Francisco. What conservative, backwater cesspool of a small hick town did these basura come here from? They certainly don’t act cosmopolitan yet they like to give the impression of being “chic” and “modern” while really they’re rather superficial, shallow and pretentious. And many (most?) of the Millennial techie guys come with this misplaced superiority complex. And mi amigo/my friend has repeatedly told me about the many anti-gay looks he has received if he made the mistake of fleetingly glancing at one of these “hipster” Millennial techie trash guys who have poured into San Francisco in recent years.

Anyone I’m with will be my equal, not subservient or dominant. And again, Queer boys don’t do this nonsense. Queer boys just kiss, or hug and kiss. There’s none of this preparation or preparatory routine/nonsense that must first be done in order to kiss. And with Queers we’re usually the same height; we don’t have this fucked-up head-trip where one person has to be 8 stories tall and the other guy has to be the height of a little child. The more I see from breeder couples and their silly behaviour, the more I can’t stand them.

It was nice to see a few Queer couples on my walk yesterday. All the same height. The guys in one of the couples were going in different directions at Castro/18th Street. They gave each other a quick kiss on the lips and hugged, said a few goodbyes and went different directions. Their behaviour was the opposite of what I had seen from the breeder matinee I described earlier.

No, Queers don’t have these issues going on where one person is to “be strong, manly and protect the other and be the dominant to protect the submissive other.” This breeder behaviour is so terribly outdated, chauvenistic and sexist, but that’s what I’ve come to expect from these Millennials from observing their behaviour around here. And the breeder couple who gave us the matinee performance were Millennials. From my research, this fucked-up head-trip is because of the female and her many issues. From what I’ve read, the guy in the breeder couple doesn’t give a shit about height differences. This is entirely her thing. She’s been indoctrinated with this thinking that the guy she’s with must be tall, dominant and protecting of submissive little non-feminist her, and she feels she deserves lots of/all his attention. I think she would be quite comfortable barefoot and pregnant in the kitchen. That’s seems to be the mentality. Does she hope and/or fantasise about getting pregnant so she can be like all her pregnant friends — who seemingly moved to San Francisco to pump out babies — and fit in here in San Francisco’s Baby Factory (Read: San Francisco’s Baby Explosion and The Stroller Brigades?) Then they can all talk about their pregnancies on their phones and when they get together.

As mi amiga/my lesbian friend said: Why doesn’t the bitch go get some therapy for fuck’s sake?! That’s not likely to happen mi amiga. This is societal programming that females learn from various sources, especially television and movies.

Another thing about breeders with children is that they think it’s hilarious that people can’t get through to where they’re going or get by them on the sidewalk because they (the obnoxious and inconsiderate breeder assholes) are taking up the entire sidewalk with their fleets of huge baby strollers and fleets of dogs. It seems to be a requirement that they have a huge dog (or two) with their condo-sized black (or black and white) baby strollers because “everybody else does and I want to fit in.” !Conform, Obey! These obnoxious breeder basura just laugh and laugh because someone is giving them, their children and their dogs attention that they crave. Los pendejos. I ignore them. I don’t even look at them. I don’t care to give them the attention they’re constantly desperately seeking. And these are the shallow and superficial Millennial trash — I say that based on overhearing their insipid conversations — who have ruined San Francisco. Chau.—el barrio rosa



1 Regarding the Millennials I wrote about in this article: To be clear, I’m not saying that all Millennials are basura/trash. I would not say that. I’m specifically talking about the type of (breeder) Millennials who have moved to San Francisco in recent years and the type I’ve unfortunately experienced since San Francisco became a playground for the super-wealthy. The Millennials I’m talking about say the word “like” every other word. It’s like, she’s like, I’m like, go like, he’s like, like, like. Stupid-assed people. They sound tongue-tied when they talk. They are not at all articulate. It takes them forever to say anything important because their “sentences” (if you can them that) are cluttered with the word “like.” And many of them clip the word “like” by saying it so fast that it sounds as if they’re saying the word “lick.” They have ruined their speech with “Valley Girl” language so that they can “fit in” and sound stupid like their amigos. (How do these Millennials possibly keep a job talking in such a stupid-sounding manner? And who would hire someone who speaks like this?) They can’t speak in complete sentences. They uptalk (meaning they end all sentences with a question mark). They sound fucking stupid and illiterate. I know that some Millennials are very good, high-quality people. Absolutely. They speak very intelligently and are very articulate, but I don’t know of any of them personally and they are not the Millennial trash I wrote about in this article. To be clear, from our experience, the very good/high-quality and intelligent Millennials are unfortunately not the majority of Millennials who have moved to San Francisco. I have nothing positive to say about the ones who have moved here in recent years. They are from the bottom of the barrel. I don’t know where these people came from.