The Fabulously Rad Gay Boys of South Florida

Hola a todos. It feels like San Francisco moved to South Florida and the Orlando Metropolitan Area at some point in the past. That’s the way it feels after seeing the pictures of the Fabulously Rad Gay Boys of South Florida/Orlando who were so unfortunately killed in the gay bar, Pulse, in Orlando. I looked at their pictures. So sad. So terribly sad to realise these Latino/Hispano Queer boys are no longer with us (there were a few females there too). Such a loss to their familias y amigos. With many of the Queer boys, I noticed their rad hair styles and/or their bling, ear plugs, one with a cartilage ring and some with makeup. The reason I noticed this is because it’s rare to see that in conservative San Francisco today, although I used to see that all the time around here. It was part of what made San Francisco the city it was known for: Proudly Rad(ical) and Alternative. Yeah well, that city is mostly gone. It’s rare to see anything that I would call “Fabulously Rad” in tech-junkie San Francisco today. (Techie) “Hipster” clones are not “Fabu” or “Fabulously Rad” by my definition. It is as if the Old City — the former proudly radical and alternative San Francisco — moved to South Florida. I had also noticed this rad/fabu-look in the past from monitoring the two español-language networks with their production facilities based near Miami: Univisión y Telemundo. I know some Queer boys moved from San Francisco to South Florida, but from what I’ve heard about GLBTQs who have been forced out of San Francisco, they have not moved to any one place. They’ve sorta gone all over. As I’ve said many times before, most of the conservative gay community — what remains of it — in San Francisco today have gone to great lengths to sanitise themselves and have tried to look boringly mainstream and “straight”/heteronormative which is nothing but — let me tell it like it is — internalised homophobia. And especially with these obnoxious, culture-less faux gay jocks around here who have nothing to do in their life but drink beer/get drunk and scream at the “top of their lungs” over fucking corporate millionaire-owned sport$ team$ with their overpaid millionaire players. Does bling and a fabu hair style clash with the fucking obnoxious jock image? And who with a brain wants to be a jock? Jocks historically have been los pendejos that bullied and belittled gay guys in locker rooms and on playgrounds/the field and that’s still happening today.

Not much has changed people even though some people would like to think that’s the case. Many people like to exaggerate some GLBTQ progress having been made. The GLBTQ community has become extremely complacent dead (read: What was the ultimate goal of the Gay Rights’ Movement) since same-gender marriage became legal here in The Cesspool/the US/EEUU. Law passed in favour of GLBTQs and some GLBTQ appointments to positions in government do not change or easily change people’s prejudices and bigotry. “The price of freedom is eternal vigilance” something that the GLBTQ community has completely forgotten about.

Obviously, the guy who killed these 49 people had many problems, including mental problems. I’ve read about him. It’s just too bad that somebody didn’t get him some mental help or he didn’t have the wherewithal to seek help with a credible (preferably gay in his case) psychotherapist on is own to help him come out of the closet, since according to his amigos he was gay and a closet case. Gay closet cases can be very dangerous people, as is often the case with homophobic people. He was seen at Pulse many times — he was seen there over the past 3 years — and seen dancing with guys. He was in marriage #2 to a female. Using her as “cover” for his prejudiced anti-gay family? Or was he bisexual in the original meaning of that word? That’s also very typical of gay closet cases to be married to a female to try to disguise/hide one’s true gay sexual orientation especially to one’s family. Apparently his esposa/wife knew of his plans to “blow up the place” at Pulse — she supposedly tried to talk him out of it — and now she may be charged as an accessory for the crime from having gone with him on one occasion to “stalk the place out.” I get the sense from what I read that maybe he snapped from his frustration of being rejected repeatedly by other gay guys he was interested in (because some people said his behaviour was “strange”), and decided out of revenge and frustration to “blow the place up” and that’s what he did unfortunately.

If you’ve read anything I’ve written about religion, you may know that I can’t stand the bigoted, prejudiced and anti-gay southern baptist church. Basura. I don’t know that this church in Sacramento, California is a member of the southern baptist convention but they might as well be with their hate and willful-ignorance about gay people Following the tragedy in Orlando at the gay bar (Pulse), some piece of baptist basura at this church praised the killing of the gay boys in Pulse and accused them all of being child molesters/paedophiles. Loco. Are we looking at another closet-case here with this “pastor? I suspect this “pastor” is gay and like all the other closet cases trying to hide his gay sexuality by hiding behind that bible and his twisted interpretation of it. Because people who are secure with themselves and their own sexuality don’t go around hating on gay people and wrap it in that bible. Basura do that.

Where I used to live years ago in the District of Columbia, this happened at Dupont Circle following the tragedy in Orlando: “DC police investigate anti-gay graffiti painted on Dupont Circle sidewalk.” From their article:
Quote: Sapol Jirapanjavat, the owner of Thaiphoon, said an employee discovered the graffiti Sunday morning at the restaurant in the 2000 block of S Street NW. It reads “Down with the gay agenda” in blue paint. On Monday afternoon, a local restaurant worker painted the word “gun” in red over the word “gay” to change the meaning to “Down with the gun agenda.” Jirapanjavat said that the vandalism had raised new worries following Sunday’s mass shooting at gay club in Orlando that killed at least 49 people. Like other restaurants in the area, Jirapanjavat displayed the colors associated with the Capital Pride Festival, a gay rights celebration that took place in the District on Sunday. End Quote.

When I lived in the District, Dupont Circle was the major gay area. But today, because of gentrification, Logan Circle (the next circle over east of Dupont) is the new gay area. When I lived in DC, the majority population was Black, but today from what I’ve read the Black population is about half or less of the total population. From Wikipedia: “The U.S. Census Bureau estimates that the District’s population was 672,228 on July 1, 2015, a 11.7% increase since the 2010 United States Census.” The District has become much whiter and wealthier, similar to what’s happened in gentrified San Francisco. Also from Wikipedia: “Researchers found that there were 4,822 same-sex couples in the District of Columbia in 2010; about 2% of total households. Legislation authorizing same-sex marriage passed in 2009 and the District began issuing marriage licenses to same-sex couples in March 2010.”

Maybe those wishful-thinking people who have been chanting that “gay people can live anywhere and gay is now mainstream” will finally come out of their delusional state and come to the realisation that that is not the case at all, as some of us have said all along.

I wish all those injured during the shooting a full recovery.

So when are the many Latino/Hispano/mexicano actors and musicians going to come out of the closet and stop pretending to be “straight?” You’re not fooling anybody. You’ve been speculated about for year (“is [insert musician’s name/actor’s name] gay?”) Only two to my recollection — Ricky Martín y Christian Chávez — have come out of the closet. Chau.—el barrio rosa

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  1. D8

    I read that over 200 anti-gay and anti-transgender bills have been introduced throughout the U.S. in the last six months. Yet the GLBTQ community thinks that just because they can marry, have some openly gay politicians (with conservative politics too often) and have a certain level of acceptance in pockets like San Francisco that all’s been accomplished. Sadly I don’t see San Francisco leading the way any more as was the case in the past. As we know, that city is gone.

  2. D8

    Addressing a common theme on pink barrio: “Gay people can live anywhere; gay is now mainstream”…. (for the record, pink barrio says that’s not true and here’s another example)……

    Turkish police use tear gas, rubber bullets to disperse LGBT rally in Istanbul

    Lots of hate for GLBTQs in the comments below that article.

  3. Sebastián

    Hola, one of Telemundo’s employees was killed in this tragedy. He was the producer for their singing competition La Voz Kids. They’ve placed a gray ribbon with the word “Orlando” on the screen next to their T logo.

    1. Diego

      I saw that too. It wasn’t what it seemed to be. I thought the gray network (my nickname for Telemundo because of all the gray you see on there….not that Uni is any better) was doing a nice gesture to the victims of Orlando and would keep the tribute on the screen for maybe a week. Not a chance of that – It’s already gone. It was on the screen because they were doing a tribute to Orlando as part of LVK (produced in Orlando). Disappointing that they limited to one show. 🙁 But they’ll keep the Olympics logo below their T for days on end.

  4. RedOrangeYellowGreenBluePurple

    Two longtime boyfriends died in this tragedy and they had joint funeral with matching side by side black caskets with white, red and yellow flowers on top. The article said “together in life and together in death.”

    At the bottom of the article it said one was going to be flown to Puerto Rico for burial and the other would be buried in Florida. Can you believe that? If this had been a straight couple would they be buried in two separate places? That really pissed me off. I guess the families couldn’t agree over where they should be buried which is really ashame. So much for together in death. They were only together for their funeral. 🙁

  5. San Francisco Resident

    I was surprised to read that the owner of Pulse says she’s going to reopen. The reason she gave sounded like Obama’s often used “looking forward.” She said that too, and that Pulse will always be the beat of Orlando.

  6. strangetimes

    there was a straight couple at pulse that night and the guy was killed protecting his girlfriend who was shot in her arm. i didn’t get that he went there on a regular basis it just said that his girlfriend and her all-female football team were going to the bar that night and “he gladly went along” it said. the guy’s brother talked about him in a video and showed a website of the pictures of those who had died that night and said that all of these people who died have a story to tell. i didn’t get that he is anti-gay or his sister who was also interviewed. she had planned to go to pulse with him but her plans changed so she wasn’t there. the family had to wait about a day and a half before they knew anything about him. they were then told he had died. i read the obit for the guy and found it a little odd. it said nothing about him being 1 of 48 other people killed that night, said nothing about being killed in a gay bar, said nothing at all about that night. all it said was that he died protecting his girlfriend who he loved very much. if the obit was written by the guy’s parents who are still alive and were listed in the obit i got the feeling they’re anti-gay for consciously being so vague about how their son died and where. what also makes me think they’re anti-gay is that they chose a baptist church in orlando for his funeral. as this article points out, baptists (especially the southern baptist kind) are no friends of gay people.


  7. Alejandro

    Hoooooooooola. Haven’t commented in a while but i’ve been reading. D8 said “I’ve been struck by the lack of interest in this here in SF.” I know. Do people with over one-million dollar homes care about something like this? Let me tell you about this – a old home on my street with a garage for only a small car that I wouldn’t give $500,000 for sold for $75,000 over asking . Sold for over a million. It’s on a busy street and hard to get in and out of the garage. When the house was listed I was shocked at the over $1million price they were asking for “that dump.” It took about 8 weeks to sell. I take it they had multiple offers since it sold over asking. Be interetsed to see what crazy person bought it.

    I agree with others that San Francisco’s resopnse to this tragedy is lame. I was talking with someone from my office’s east coast office yesterday. She was talking how she had expected to hear about thousands and thousands marching in SF in solidarity with Orlando but she said she’d heard nothing about SF. It’s like people don’t care, and with the Castro now a mostly str8 neighborhood, whocares? I told her to come to this site to get caught up on how SF has changed. Feel like I’m living in the wrong city with wealthy people that I can’t relate to.

  8. FedUp!

    Another commenter mentioned politicians exploiting this –

    Cold Obama/Biden went to Orlando today to “console” survivors. Hug them and pretend to care about them. Nothing but a PR stunt & photo op. Gay men were banned from giving blood the other day in Orlando because of Obama/Biden homophobic federal guidelines. Why don’t Obama/Biden wear a sign reading, “We’re really here to encourage you all to vote for Hillary and Democrats in November.”

    I’m trying to figure out who is going to console the survivors of the people he’s killed in his many wars?

  9. D8

    Your point is well taken. Yes they were fabulously rad many of those guys from the images I’ve seen. The guys were in the majority in that bar but of the 5-6 women who were there I watched an interview with one survivor who told the gruesome story of how she and many others were piled on top of each other in one bathroom stall trying to hide. Her cousin was there who she hadn’t seen for a long time but they always had fun together when they partied. Her cousin was killed. She said she’s for gun control then more or less canceled that out by saying she’s now afraid to go shopping or go out anywhere. She t hinks people should be carrying guns, which I don’t agree with. Sick people with guns are the problem. People carrying guns would result in “shoot ’em ups.”

    I saw a newstory before coming here that said that someone online has threatened San Diego’s GLBTQ community that “you’re next.” Gay bars in the Hillcrest area of San Diego have upped security now. Hope nothing happens there.

    I’ve been struck by the lack of interest in this here in SF.

  10. E in Sunnyvale

    My heart goes out to all our brothers and sisters killed or injured in that horrific hate crime in Orlando, and to their families and friends.

    To the politicians exploiting this incident to further their own agenda, I say “fuck you”.

    To the haters: “We’re not going away; we’ve always been here and we always will be here. Our love is stronger than your hate.”

  11. Greg

    I lived in the District too years ago – went to college there. Hadn’t heard about the Dupont Circle incident.

    Sorry to hear about SF’s drastic changes.

    Jamaica’s Attorney General Subtweeted US Embassy to Take Down Its Rainbow Flag

    I read about hypocrite Florida Attorney General Pam Bondi who on Sunday with Anderson Cooper was talking about love and embracing “our LGBT community,” when she signed off on a federal court brief back in 2014 claiming married gay people would “impose significant public harm.” She spent thousands of dollars in taxpayer money, gay and straight taxpayer money, trying to keep gays and lesbians from getting the right to marry. Anderson said Bondi is now championing her effort to help the gay community, including attack survivors (at Pulse), with “the very right which allows gay spouses to bury their dead and loved ones” which he said, is “a right that would not exist if Ms. Bondi had had her way.

Fin. The End.