The Gay Wedding Cake Case

“It’s okay for Shops To Hang Anti-Gay Signs.”—El abogado/The attorney for the current White House occupant.

Hola a todos. A few readers, no thousands, no millions of people have e-mailed me asking how I thought the US Supreme Court would rule on the “gay wedding cake” case currently before the court? Even though this is really not about a cake.

Well, ever since 2000 and the Judicial Coup by the US Supreme Court which installed illegitimate George W Bush as White House resident following the stolen 2000 election in Florida, politically speaking I’ve come to expect the worst. That’s just being realistic. And in pretty much all instances that I can think of, that’s what we’ve seen since 2000: The Worst. And especially now considering the basura occupying la casa blanca as of this writing (diciembre/December 2017). The enemy of the world, this deranged constantly angry man-child-bully is destroying this country and the Supremes foolishly seem inclined to give him what he wants, such as his Muslim travel ban most recently. Of course he sides with bigotry and the cake baker. That should come as no surprise to anyone, who has been paying attention.

I would expect the Supremes to rule in the majority in favour of the cake baker. El abogado/the attorney for the current occupant of la casa blanca told the Supremes that it’s “OK For Shops To Hang Anti-Gay Signs.

How many Queer/GTQBL fools fell for this basura during the campaign believing he’s pro-Queer? I talked with a few of them. Ugh. Morons. They were among the thickest people I’ve had the misfortune of talking with. They told me, “He held up a Rainbow Flag (it was upside down idiots) during the campaign.” Yes, those gullible Queers had fallen for that stunt. Any bigot can hold up a Rainbow Flag as bait to get a bunch of fools to vote for him/her, and have a bunch of gullible Queer fools latched on to them, as some did. Incredible. The keen bull shit detectors that Queers once had during the Gay and Lesbian Rights Movement decades seem to have been retired to the closet, along with many Queers. And they certainly didn’t let any facts get in their way. All facts I presented to them were dismissed as “fake news.” So when that’s what one is working with, simply walk away. One is wasting one’s time.

How will today’s breeder-assimilated Queer community respond to an anti-Queer decision from the US Supreme Court? I can take a guess based on their silent behaviour since this thing has been occupying the White House:

1. The orange man reportedly joked that his vp sidekick ‘wants to hang’ all gays.

2. The Orange Man’s Assault on Queers and others

3. The Orange Man’s regime says employers can fire people because they’re gay

The Queer community responded with silence after all three. No one rose up. And I or my commenters could list other examples and they too received the same response. Silencio.

If, excuse me, I mean when the court rules for the bakery, I would expect the Queer/GTQBL community to respond with their usual collective breeder-assimilated silence that we’ve seen from them all during the regime of the current anti-Queer White House occupant. Some of them might get on billionaire-owned Orwellian-named “social media” sites — where data-mining and surveillance are the norm — and type little one-liners saying how they oppose the ruling. And WTF will that do? Nothing. That will be meaningless, useless and ineffective. Because no one will be inconvenienced by such lame actions. But since “Gay Assimilation” took place, I don’t expect Queers to “take to the streets” by the millions in every major US city to protest. No, that’s what Queers did in “the old days” and for which Queers today are ashamed of as they try to be like the breeders and stop short of apologising to the breeders for their past radical activist behaviour. It was Bad! Bad! But that was then, Queers are different now. That’s not what Queers do these days. No. Queers try to be breeder-clones today. Instead, they remain silent, “discreet,” “down low,” they obey, they’re proudly non-alternative, proudly non-radical, pro-Establishment, pro-corporate, adamantly conformist, subservient and above all: phone zombies just like the breeders. As long as it doesn’t interfere with their fucking phone, then it doesn’t matter to them. At this point, I think the only time anyone will ever rise up by the millions is if people’s adult pacifiers/their phones/their electronic leashes stop working en masse. When millions of people can’t get anything to come up on their fucking screens then you’ll have a problem, but not until.

I had read that the court’s decision would be rendered the week of 3 diciembre/December 2017, but according to the article I’m linking to a decision may not be coming forth for some time, even a year. From what I read, if, rather when they rule for the baker, it will set a very bad precedent making current laws protecting Queers/GTQBLs rather meaningless.

Will the Queer community surprise me this time and briefly relight their pilot light momentarily? What drugs are you on? Relight their pilot light? No, is my answer. I’ll believe it when I see it. I asked mi amigo/my friend for his answer and he said: “Absolutely not.” Even if some Queers do, it will likely be just another “flash in the pan” fizzle demonstration/protest. Nothing long-term which is what is needed because vigilance within the Queer community today is dead. Some people reading this will say, “Oh you’re so negative.” To which I would respond: The truth hurts you doesn’t it? I’m just speaking the truth which pains many people to hear. They prefer to hear syrupy wishful-thinking. And what does that accomplish? Momentary feel-good? That’s not what I’m about. Wishful-thinking is pretty much the same as prayer: A waste of time, and engages in illusions and delusions. I prefer to look at this realistically and without wearing blinders. And that’s how I see it.

Now speaking about the anti-Queer orange man:

Impeachment Vote Fails Overwhelmingly With Majority of House Democrats Joining With Republicans

For years I’ve observed all the grandiose wishful-thinking from Dembots of what they claimed their useless, pathetic and corrupt Republican-enabling Democratic Party was supposedly going to do (according to the Dembots). None of it happened. It was just wishful-thinking. Did you hear that the majority of House Democrats just voted with the House Republicans not to impeach the current White House resident? Did you hear that?

“Now is not the time to consider articles of impeachment,” Democratic leader Nancy Pelosi and Minority Whip Steny Hoyer said in a joint statement.”

With Pelosi, I don’t think it will ever be the time, no matter what he does, including launching a nuclear attack on the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea (DPRK)/조선민주주의인민공화국/朝鮮民主主義人民共和國 Chosŏn Minjujuŭi Inmin Konghwaguk. The same with “the senior senator” Feinstein in the Senate. You may recall that Bush-enabler Pelosi took impeachment of illegitimate George W Bush “off the table.” Remember that? La mujer/The woman seems to live under the illusion that the US Constitution belongs to her personally. As I’ve written before, I think the Democrats really like the current White House resident despite any theatrical charades of opposition on occasion with the intent to appease the Dembot sheeple who continue to support them no matter what they do. And this also explains, at least in my opinion, why el hombre naranja/the orange man approved a California disaster declaration (as wildfires wreak havoc in Southern California) right after the vote in the House opposing articles of impeachment. Because two of his buddies — Pelosi and Feinstein — are from California. “We’ll rub your back, you rub ours.” As you may know, he can’t stand California, but when his two favoured politicians with a “D” next to their name from San Francisco enable him and protect him from articles of impeachment (Pelosi) as well as from any in-depth investigations (Feinstein) — I read that the US Senate does not want to “dig too deeply” in their so-called investigations of him — he’s now warming-up to California a bit it seems. What about CA governor Jerry Brown? He doesn’t matter in this context because it’s the US House (Pelosi) and Senate (Feinstein) who will help to keep el hombre naranja/the orange man in office. Jerry Brown has nothing to do with that. Chau.—el barrio rosa


The Queer Community is Dead (2014 and beyond)

What was the ultimate goal of the Gay Rights Movement?


In the article I mentioned billionaire-owned, Orwellian-named “social media” and their data-mining and surveillance, which I get the impression most people couldn’t care less about! For example:

How F***book’s tentacles reach further than you think
“Vladan Joler says that all FB users are effectively working on behalf of the company” [Ed. I get the impression no one cares about that. They enjoy helping a billionaire make more billions.]

5 comments on “The Gay Wedding Cake Case

  1. Ed in the Castro

    Wanted to share this personal sex ad with you and your readers. IMO it speaks to the sad state of the gay community today in what was once a thriving gay mecca –

    You probably don’t want the ad posted here so I’m going to post my main points.

    He’s 29yo, white, a sub bottom, on prep, he’s discreet and looking to get fucked by a straight or bi guy or jock top. He lives in the Castro.

    A gay guy in the Castro doesn’t want to get fucked by another gay guy?? Since gay assimilation became “the norm” it’s all about being str8 and having sex with “str8 guys” or bi guys, but as we know guys who are really str8 aren’t into guys. Why is he discreet or closeted in the Castro?

    Does anyone other than myself see anything weird about this?

    1. el barrio rosa Post author

      Hola Ed, I just posted your comment. It went into moderation for some reason.

      To answer your question, that’s the kind of sex ad I see routinely on CL. Another fucked-up Millennial. I’ve written about it: What’s Wrong With Gay Dick? is what I asked these guys who are Queer but only want to have sex with so-called “straight” or bi guys (or gay guys pretending to be bi because they think “bi” makes them sound more macho/straight). And as you say, any genuine straight guy/breeder has zero interest in having sex with a guy. Such as two straight guys on my street I’ve talked with who have zero interest in guys, and one of them has little interest in females at this point due to the emotional baggage. With these ads, it’s some heteronormative head trip they have going on. As I’ve also written before, at least in today’s closet-case San Francisco — which has done a fucking 180 from the days of the Gay Mecca — it’s considered bad to be gay in the minds of many Queers and they don’t even use the word “gay.” So they don’t want “gay dick,” as if gay dick is any different than any other dick. Ugh. But that’s how fucked up things have become. (No need to rewrite that article again).

      As for PrEP, a third case of a guy (he’s from Amsterdam) has been reported to become HIV+ while on PrEP. In the comments under that article, another guy said he had gotten pozzed while on PrEP and that his MD told him that he had other patients who had gotten pozzed while on PrEP. So it would seem that more and more guys on PrEP are getting pozzed and their cases are not being reported and officially documented. I wonder why that might be? Hmmmmmmmmmmmmmm? It couldn’t possible be of a concern that a major pharma company won’t make as much dinero/money if more Queers find out that guys are getting pozzed while on this “wonder drug” that’s heavily promoted by some corporate Establishment politicians? With the guy in Amsterdam, they took him off of PrEP so that he wouldn’t become resistant to the virus.

      But I see the same ads on CL that perhaps you do, nearly everyone on there that’s on PrEP is a BB (bareback) bottom or top or versatile. So it would appear that these guys don’t care whether they get pozzed or not, or they are in Denial or willfully-ignorant. Condoms are still supposed to be used even if you’re on PrEP, but most people taking PrEP think that this outrageously expensive drug (mainly for the wealthy) gives them the licence to bareback with only the slightest chance of getting HIV, so they are willing to take that risk. Gracias for your comment. Chau.

    1. strangetimes

      it’s definitely a different time. reminds me of the old act-up slogan of silence = death.


Fin. The End.