The Hate for Queers

“Oh that’s so gay.” Mi amigo/My friend says he hears that pejorative line used often in the videos he watches. He says he hears that at least once a day or so from video creators. Do people who use “Oh that’s so gay” not realise it’s a pejorative and a put-down of Queers? Yet it’s used all the time and no one seems to think anything of it. I’ve never heard anyone say, “Oh that’s so straight” or “Oh that so breeder.” No, it’s just Queers who are routinely put-down.

Hola. The widespread hate for Queers (all varieties: GLBTQs) is now at an epidemic level from what I see and it’s especially high for gay guys and transgender individuals. Anti-Queer hate is as strong as I’ve ever seen it — it’s now very overt online — judging by the comments I read on most of the sites I visit. It doesn’t really matter which site it is although I’ve found that the hate is the worst on major corporate sites, which seem to welcome the hate but they don’t welcome commenters challenging the hate and I know that from personal experience no matter how politely one’s comment is written. Also, my experience has been that the fake-progressive sites allow the anti-Queer hateful comments to remain, but they delete the polite response to them challenging hatred.

I’ve noticed that even if an article is not at all Queer-related, there are those toddlers in the comments who have to make “faggot” comments about other commenters they know nothing about as a put-down of them. Just out of nowhere, someone will be labeled a “faggot” because someone disagreed with their point of view. Might those immature people be closet cases themselves? That’s typically the case with anti-Queer bigots.

Or the immature people make “sodomy” comments about other commenters they think are Queer. Apparently such sexually-ignorant people are unaware that breeders engage in sodomy.

Definition of Sodomy: sexual intercourse involving anal or oral copulation.

Breeders have anal sex and oral sex/copulation all the time but breeders probably don’t consider what they do as sodomy since it’s male-female sexual activity. But him “eating her out” is sodomy. So all of you white guys who love to brag about eating pussy while you hate on Queers for engaging in sodomy, you’re engaging in sodomy too. But don’t take my word for it, look it up for yourself (which I know you won’t do because you’ll prefer to wallow in your ignorance no matter how many links I provide you with). And him having anal sex with her — because her anus feels tighter than her pussy — is also sodomy. For the thick people (no shortage of them): I’ve seen countless sex videos where he is having anal sex with her. That’s sodomy. And some (many?) Queers — I’m thinking of gay guys in this instance — have no interest in anal sex at all. They find it uncomfortable and that it hurts. Other Queers love it. It depends upon the person. Not all gay guys are into anal sex which I know will surprise the haters. But the haters don’t care about the facts. They operate on their hateful ignorance.

I don’t go on many sites anymore. Sometimes I end up on a site I never go on otherwise when I see a headline about (for example) “South Korea and ‘the gays.'” I try to go to the original source of the article. These days, honestly I’m hesitant to read any Queer-related articles as I’ve come to expect them to be hate or about hate of Queers. Especially the comment section. The headline may come across as pro-Queer but when I go down to the comments the first thing I see is, “gays are an abomination.” And the hate continues to flow from thereon scanning down the page. So I click off. The same thing on YouTube GoogleTube video comments: More hate and lots of it. (BTW, Google has really ruined YouTube).

Earlier this week (the week of el 24 de abril de 2017), there was a video interview with the “celebrity” transgender woman, her initials: CJ. She revealed that she voted for El Hombre Naranja/The Orange Man and is having voter remorse. Stupid is in. Only a complete uninformed idiot would have voted for The Orange Man as a transgender person. Is there no brain in that head? WTF is wrong with the woman? La mujer/The woman didn’t know that El Hombre Naranja and the people he surrounds himself with are anti-Queer? Where has she been? Yet another uninformed voter. And she wants to be the representative of Queers? No gracias. I don’t want some stupid person pretending to represent me. Then there are other idiots in the corporate media gushing for CJ to run for president. For president? Oh yes why not! I guess we can work in one more idiot into that position. They must be joking. I’m sure we’re going to put a transgender person in la casa blanca/the white house in the office of the presidency of The Cesspool/Los Estados Unidos/the US. (roll eyes). Yeah, that most assuredly will happen. What substance are these people on who are cheer-leading for CJ to run for president? From what I read, she said she’s seriously considering it if she can best represent the heteronormative corporatist Brand LGBT community Queer “community.” And why is it her self-appointed duty or obligation to represent Queers? Who made her Queen of the Queer/Trans “community?” How terribly arrogant. Why is it that some people allow their “celebrity” status to go to their head? The heteronormative corporatists at those US national Queer organisations pretending to represent Queers don’t represent me at all. They represent wealthier people just like themselves as well as The Establishment/Democrats. Is CJ also as ignorant about the hate out there for the Queer “community?” All she had to do to confirm the hatred for the trans community was to read the stream of hateful comments about her under her video interview. And she thinks a hateful public (based on reams of online comments) is about to elect her ass for president? Loca.

Yes, the comments below the video of an interview with her were nearly all hate, hate, hate, hate, hate for Queers and transgenders. I stopped reading and clicked off. Commenters were saying such anti-trans stuff as how she looks like a man, sounds like a man, and is a man and there are only two genders. I expect the hate to only get worse. I did agree with one commenter who said he does not at all relate to the “LGBT” branding of the Queer community. Chau.—el barrio rosa

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  1. All the closet cases

    You can’t miss the anti-gay hate from breeders in personal sex ads either. Like these winners in the men for women category. I wouldn’t respond to breeder guys looking for women but I also wouldn’t get all bent out of shape if I were looking for a woman and a gay guy responded to me. Best to ignore or reply back saying no thanks. Many breeder guys come across as assholes and write this shit in their ads:

    **Absolutely: NO Bi, Gay, or transsexual men.**

    “Also, I’m not gay for fucks sake. I don’t want to see your dick or let you blow me gay guys. I’m a one woman type of dude. God damn, how do you girls do this?. I swear to fuck, the dick pics won’t stop. ”

    “No fems, no freaks.”

    Do breeders ever wonder why some of us Queers can’t stand them?

  2. FedUp!

    I was hanging out on one site taken over by Trump supporters. The Trumpees are some really vile people and lead the hate against queers. Awful people longing to live in an all-white breeder christian nation with an insane dictator. Extreme, ignorant people living in this distant past time warp. I responded to some of them but those comments went into moderation and never appeared. They let the anti-queer comments stand as if they wanted them. I stopped going there – such a negative experience. This was a major political site in DC and the site claims that politicians and the White House read it. If I were the publisher of the site I would have been totally embarrassed by the comments. Rabid, childish and full of hate and the Trumpees piling on about how they’re winning and “libtards” are losing.

  3. Wes in Arlington - GLBTQ

    Agree with D8. It *is* awful. I had to stop using a queer screen name on any sites I commented on because of the abuse and bullying I was getting with it and all the hate and anti-gay comments directed at me. It just became awful with commenters bullying me for my sexuality and making claims to know what I do sexually even though I’d never written anything like that, so I changed my screen name to avoid all that. Moderators never deleted comments from the haters, but most of the time would delete mine….just like your experience. I burned out on commenting on most sites because of the antiQueer hate so now I’m commenting less and less. pink barrio is one of the few places I still comment and know I can safely use a Queer screen name. I think CJ is best ignored….consider the source.

    1. E in Sunnyvale

      I think CJ is best ignored….consider the source.

      Agreed. She’s not someone I want claiming to be a “representative” for me. And the bulk of the trans* community don’t appear to either. But CJ has a tremendous ego…


  4. D8

    It’s awful. About 5 minutes ago I read a headline that pissed me off, “Ellen made gay okay.” Note to editors: You can’t use millionaire Ellen as a gauge for what’s happening out there or online. Get out of your Ellen cocoon and read and witness all the hate being directed at Queers. “Gay” is still not okay in a lot of people’s minds.

    1. el barrio rosa Post author

      Hola D8, re “Ellen made gay okay”: Oh Ellen. She’s another one. Don’t get me started on her. And whatever idiot said that “Ellen made gay okay” hasn’t been paying any attention to the anti-Queer actions of the Trump regime or to his Supreme Court nominee (Gorsuch) who said before being confirmed that it should be illegal for gay people to have sex. As for Ellen – gag. The woman turns me off for many reasons: She’s sorta of arrogant, heteronormative, child-like sometimes, a devout Obamabot (did she ever disagree with him on anything even when he was droning wedding parties? And Mr Nobel Peace Prize left office with 8 wars. That’s all cool with Ellen? I suspect she hasn’t a clue what he did overall), and I could go on about it. It’s unconscionable that she makes millions for being/acting silly, stupid and shallow on a daily basis. Gracias for your comment. Chau.

      1. Queer boi

        Definitely relate to that.

        Except for pink barrio, lots of stupid partisan people whose hobby is arguing hang out in comment sections. My problem with most comment forums is the immaturity although that’s true all over the internet. That’s why I like coming here even though I don’t comment often because of the mature level of comments, good group of like-minded people. I also like it here because I know I won’t read corp. “LGBT” here except when I write it write here to let you know what I”m talking about 🙂 I detest that too! especially since they left off us Queers.

Fin. The End.