The Resistance from the “LGBT” Status Quo Sheeple

Hola a todos. Mi amigo/My friend mentioned to me that he was going to write some comments on message forums trying to make people aware of the many problems with the acronym “LGBT” branding that one sees spammed all over the internet like a disease. Every article I see about a Queer-related topic uses either “LGBT” or occasionally “LGBTQ.” Neither acronym/branding is true to or reflects our authentic Queer history and the original Gay and Lesbian (GL) Rights’ Movement. Even though it’s been used awhile, in the big scheme of things “LGBT” is a recent cheap branding dreamed up by heteronormative corporatists.

In his experience of trying to inform people about this topic mi amigo told me he got nothing but resistance. Understandably, he felt very frustrated. He said, “When you’ve been brainwashed by the corporate media and nearly every website on the internet that it’s ‘LGBT’ and everyone you know mindlessly says ‘LGBT’ you’re dealing with an impossible tsunami of ‘LGBT-indoctrinated’ sheeple.” That’s true. Unfortunately, most people are conformists, they’re sheeple and they wouldn’t dream of changing a thing. To “fit in” with the masses as good little sheeple they will continue to use “LGBT” because that’s become the status quo. In comment sections, he told me that some people considered his complaint about the “LGBT” branding to be “small stuff.” We both resent that. The Gay and Lesbian Right’s Movement was huge and historically very important. And its history should not have been rewritten/revised by corporatist basura, in part, (according to my research) to make Queers more acceptable to bigoted and prejudiced breeders by putting lesbians first in the acronym. (As I’ve written sarcastically before: It’s always good to cater to prejudiced and bigoted people.) And if someone else has a movement that’s important to them, would they consider the rewriting/revising of the history of their movement “small stuff?” I suspect not. So we don’t appreciate at all our legitimate concerns being minimised and considered “small stuff,” los pendejos.

Mi amigo found that it didn’t matter what site he was on, he got the same resistance to changing the “LGBT” branding in any way (changing it to Queer or GLBTQ which more accurately and authentically reflects the original Gay and Lesbian Rights’ Movement). He received the most resistance on fake-progressive sites. Why am I not surprised by that? That’s what I have come to expect from those pro-Establishment/pro-Democratic Party status quo sites that charade as “progressive,” who I have found are often merely just “fronts” for the corrupt and imperialistic Democratic Party. Generally speaking, when I was frequently commenting on sites I received the least amount of friction on corporate sites, which was surprising. My worst experiences were on the fake-progressive/fake-liberal sites (in part because I didn’t toe the Democratic party line as was often expected), which matches the experience of mi amigo. Also, from my experience, the fake-progressive sites preferred/allowed homophobic comments. They let those comments remain but they promptly deleted polite responses/disagreement to homophobic comments. And that’s what I’ve come to expect from fake-progressives/fake-liberals and their sites. (On another topic for a moment: These are some of the same sheeple who call themselves a “liberal” or a “progressive” and they pretend to be concerned about our environment yet they rabidly, self-righteously and omnipotently defend eating dead animals (meat) despite the environmental destruction to the planet involved with that and the many health concerns connected with doing so. Their blatant hypocrisy is noted. Related: UN urges global move to meat and dairy-free diet. They also hold to that outdated thinking that something is wrong with you if you don’t eat dead animals. And also with these Democratic partisans, wars and their environmental destruction are only bad when a Republican (whom I can’t stand either) is in office. That seems to be the thinking of these hypocritical partisans. These Democratic partisans who charade as “progressive” or “liberal” seemed perfectly cool — most remained silent while others made lame excuses — with Mr Nobel Peace Prize Obama and his 7-8 wars, their death tolls of innocent people and their environmental destruction. Again, the hypocrisy of these fake “progressives” and fake “liberals” is noted).

With mi amigo and his commenting experience, he did find a couple of people asking on one of the big corporate sites, “Why have you gay guys allowed lesbians to hijack your movement by putting the “L” first?” Another person wrote, “I’m gay but I do not at all relate to ‘LGBT.'” Yes, same with us.

But this is a lost cause, I can tell you that. Most people — including Queers — don’t give a fuck. Frankly, I get the strong impression that most Queers today don’t give a fuck about anything other than what’s on their electronic data-mining leash/their adult pacifier. Even though “LGBT” is unfortunately used worldwide, the sheeple (including Queers) who are part of the shallow and superficial US pop culture cesspool defend “LGBT” with an attitude as if we’ve been asking people to change their own name.

As with many other topics, this all feels rather hopeless. Nothing is about to change in this regard. The pro-corporate, heteronormative, conservative and status-quo sheeple Queer community of today — which we cannot relate to at all — rushes to defend the US status quo even when the status quo lies about their own original Queer history. Rather pathetic really. Chau.—el barrio rosa


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5 comments on “The Resistance from the “LGBT” Status Quo Sheeple

  1. Queer boi

    Don’t you know that nobody is gay anymore?? Gay has been a bad word for some time, I think since gay marriage was legalized. That’s when gay guys changed to calling themselves bi even though they’re not. TO MAKE NICE TO THOSE BREEDERS that’s why it’s all about lesbians now. They did all of the work of the movement _ NOT!_ so they should get most of the credit _ NOT!_ and the other letters after the L are slurred over or ignored as if Queers are fucking ashamed of them. AND we Queers don’t fit into their corporate formula for what Queers should be and that why they didn’t put a Q on the end. Is anyone else but me surprised that they put a T on there? I read a post last week from someone mocking these letters. The guy wrote LGBTQRSTUVWXYZ. Nobody seems to want to just use the word Queer. It’s so much easier. Are they ashamed of that too or is it too rad for their conservative ass?

  2. Wes in Arlington - GLBTQ

    It was be interesting to know the age or age group of the person, persons or corporatist organization that chose to disrespect our movement and our history by choosing LGBT as the revised handle, which I can’t relate to either. Much of the younger generation today know little to nothing about our rich gay and lesbian rights movement and our history. I’d just be curious to know how much those who chose LGBT know about our history.

  3. David in Breuckelen

    Fascinating to read about your commenting experience on websites. Mine’s very similiar. Have had a devil of a time trying to get my comments on many sites. I’m always respectful and polite but that didn’t matter. They just didn’t like what I was saying. On the corp. sites the far-right are allowed to speak their mind but I wasn’t. You’re correct – homophobes are allowed to say what they want but it’s been tough getting any contrary response posted to them.

  4. D8

    Same experience here. Got 100% resistance. Got tired of it and the nasty comebacks. Gave up on it and gave up on commenting on almost all sites. It wears you out.

    1. Former San Franciscan

      It does wear you out. I’ve given up on it too. I got 100% resistance to changing the regimented “LGBT” to GLBTQ or Queer. Didn’t realize people were that closed-minded.

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