The Senate is not part of the US Congress?

It isn’t when you listen to Biden, the corporate media and so-called “progressives” parked at microphones. I’m told that the right-wing parked at microphones say the same shit, but I don’t listen to them to know that.

A brief aside: Mi amigo/My friend told me:  You’re fighting a losing battle here because most sloppy-language people absolutely refuse to use the correct language and the official title for the politicians in the House of Representative(s).  Yeah, I know. They can remember and say Senator. But they can’t remember or say Representative. It has to be “Congressman.” There is such a disconnect with anyone parked at a microphone pretending to be an expert on this stuff, yet they can’t even use the correct language. It’s insanity.

I’m not sure when the Senate became a separate, outside body from Congress and I keep up with these sorts of things, but I heard Biden refer to “the Senate and Congress.” Oh jesus fucking christ. Here we go with that rubbish, that disconnect again. Wouldn’t you think that people in positions of power — especially Biden et al — would use the official language? Nah, that’s too much to expect from these corporate politician. I wouldn’t walk across the room to see any of them (D or R). In fact, I’d walk in the opposite direction.

Over the years I’ve gotten a few emails from international readers saying how confused they are over the US system of governance. Understandably so considering the sloppy language used in referring to the system by people in the system. They wrote, “I thought the Senate was part of Congress” but I keep hearing politicians and the media saying “the Senate and Congress” which says to me that the Senate is a separate body outside the US Congress. Yeah, I’ve heard that countless times. How should people expect internationals to understand the US system when people in the US can’t even use the right words or language when talking about their own system? Morons.

What Biden and others should have said was, “the Senate and House of Representatives.” That’s their official title. Why can’t these morons say “The House of Representatives?” Why is that so fucking difficult? That’s the official name of that group of politicians — the lower body — and their official title is, “Representative (name of person).” Their official title is not “Congressman/woman.” The House is only one half of Congress. But to hear Biden and others talk, The House alone is Congress. What trash started that trend? To hear these people talk, the Senate is some other body, somewhere. Who knows where? Maybe over there by the Supreme Court? It’s not even there in the US Capitol building.

Even when Representatives are interviewed, they’re rarely referred to as “Representative Raskin” (one example) which is their official title. Instead, they’re referred to as “Congressman/woman” when in reality anyone in the US Congress — including Senators — are “Congressmen/women” because The House and The Senate comprise Congress. Doh. But of course Senators are never referred to as “Congressman/woman” (why not?!) even though, again, Senators ARE in the US Congress. The whole thing is fucked up. Only Representatives are referred to as “Congressman/woman” when their official title, once again for the thick people is, REPRESENTATIVE. Maybe the name of both houses should be changed to something that simple minds and thoughtless, stupid people can remember.

So why can’t people use the official titles for these people in Congress? Representatives and Senators? Because of stupidity, I presume. And people are fucking sheeple. We have a lot of unthinking people in the United States of North America. One person says something incorrectly and thousands of others will follow. Critical thinking skills are pretty non-existent in the USoNA, especially in the US Congress and with the federal level politicians.

But to clarify: The Senate is part of Congress and contrary to what Biden said, the House is not “The Congress.” It’s only half of it, Biden. Stop sounding like a fucking idiot. You sound like you don’t even know your own political system. Chau.

Upon reflection, this is really no different than the District of Columbia which is the official name of the US nation’s capital. Contrary to public opinion and public ignorance, “Washington DC” is not the official name of the US nation’s capital. But the sheeple say “Washington DC” because they don’t know any better. I don’t think most people even know what DC stands for. They couldn’t tell you. What they would likely say is, “I can’t tell you what DC stands for, I just know it’s supposed to be on the end of Washington.” Yeah, that’s about the extent of it. Others think that District of Columbia is British Columbia, “up there in that there Canada somewhere” they would say. Stupid. District of Columbia is not British Columbia and District of Columbia is not the country of Colombia (different spelling). Our education system is really, well, where does one start with that?! Nobody has that much time.