Why do females marry gay guys?

Hola a todos. Females and their gay husbands. What’s that about? It’s a fairly common occurrence for mi amigo/my friend and I to see a Queer boy — according to our very reliable Gaydar — in a video on YT. Somewhere in the video the Queer boy mentions “my wife” (a female). Or, I’ll be researching the musical background of a musician I’m not that familiar with. My Gaydar tells me he’s Queer. Then down in the personal section of the information I’m reading about him there will be this: “[Gay guy’s name] is married to [female’s name] and they live in [name of city]. And in some cases it has the additional tag line, “with their son/daughter.” Yet another closeted gay guy married to a female with children.

It’s as common as peanut butter on bread for a gay guy to be married to a female. But why would a female want to be married to a gay guy in the first place?

Some females sense that their partner/husband is gay. Other females say, “I had no idea” when he comes out and wants a divorce. In some cases, the female is in denial. In other cases, it’s a “marriage of convenience” for some reason. In other instances, it’s a matter of a Queer boy being ashamed of his gay sexuality and he’s in the closet. Often his family is prejudiced/bigoted and sadly he stays in the closet “for the family,” which tells me that he feels that his family’s bigoted/prejudiced life is more important than his own life, which speaks to self-worth issues (a lack of self-worth).

My straight neighbour told me that from his experience with women that “on their own time, females operate solely on emotion,” which might explain why they marry gay guys while not being able to see that the guy is gay.

As for the reverse, why do gay guys marry females? I think the answer to that is pretty clear: It’s to try to disguise/hide the fact that he’s gay due to the guy’s gay shame as I’ve written about many times.

And nearly every day in watching online videos, mi amigo/my friend and I see guys who our Gaydar tells us “he’s a Queer boy” even by some of the guy’s mannerisms, yet he’s wearing a wedding ring on the 4th finger of the left hand. From my research, that’s where breeders wear their wedding rings, whereas Queers wear their wedding rings on the 4th finger of the right hand. I’m not sure if that’s the universally accepted “rule.” I suppose there may be some exceptions to that.

I can’t exactly describe the feeling that comes over me the moment I see a Queer boy with a wedding ring on the left hand 4th finger and/or with a wife other than that of resigned sadness, I guess you could call it. I think to myself: Either he’s trying to emulate the breeders, or, after all this time, it’s yet another Queer boy here in 2018 married to a female trying to reject his Queer sexuality. If it’s the latter, it’s a shame really and there are millions more just like him. Chau.—el barrio rosa


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