Why would anyone expect The Orange Man to honour Queer Pride Month?

Headline: The White House is refusing to recognize “LGBT” Pride Month.

Hola a todos. I recently wrote about anti-Queer comments online. From a quick glance, which is all I could stand to do, I noticed that the hateful anti-Queer online comments increased especially the week of el 1 de junio de 2017/1 June 2017 when El Hombre Naranja/The Orange Man did not issue a declaration honouring June as Queer/GLBTQ Pride Month.

Of the few articles I scanned about this, the comments were that of extreme anti-Queer hatred from the (most likely) gay closet cases who were very pleased that their draconian and deranged messiah, The Orange Man, was not honouring Queers and had (according to them) “restored dignity” to la casa blanca/the white house and was not honouring “sexual deviants.” One has to keep in mind that the human trash who continue to support El Hombre Naranja live in their own alternative universe which comes with its own set of alternative facts.

I got the impression that some fake-“progressive”/fake-“liberal” writers were surprised that The Orange Man did not honour the month. Why would that surprise them? Who expects him to honour anything having to do with Queers? Only the most naïve and delusional among us.

And sadly, there’s very little “pride” in the conformist, heteronormative and pro-corporate Queer community of today

As I’ve written many times before, I see very little pride from the “discreet” and “down-low” Queer community today. Those are the two descriptions most commonly found in men-for-men sex ads especially on C****slist. “Discreet” and “down low” (meaning closeted) are the opposite of pride. So what then is the point of continuing to having perfunctory corporate Pride events each year? Well, they are a money maker for a lot of people. Corporate Pride of today is this slick production that comes with their official corporate sponsors, their official automobile, their official corporate hotel (“Are you staying at the official Pride hotel?”), and other official corporate sponsors/commercials. And there’s US military recruiting at some of these events. In recent years, they’ve invited corporate sports teams to be in the parade. I’d like to point out that the Queers of the original Gay and Lesbian Rights’ Movement had no interest at all in the military, or in sports. This is all new in the big scheme of things in order to “assimilate” with the breeders (translation of assimilate: for many Queers this has come to mean go back in the closet and pretend to be straight) and be heteronormative, jock-like and breeder-like.

Unfortunately, the corporatists have thoroughly hijacked, taken over and ruined Pride, just as lesbians have since hijacked the original Gay and Lesbian Rights’ Movement with that top-billing “LGBT” acronym that one sees everywhere (except on pink barrio) and that the sheeple dutifully write as if it’s a Queer corporate logo/brand name. The original Pride lost itself years ago in favour of corporatism, and this seems to be the case regardless of which city one is talking about.

There’s going to be a national — what I’m calling — Queer Pride March on Washington, the District of Columbia, (my former home) this weekend, to coincide with the District’s annual Pride celebrations. DC’s corporate pride event is also sponsored by a major international corporate hotel chain. Lovely. The websites connected with DC’s Pride use the typical corporatist revisionist history acronym: “LGBTA” (notice the Q is missing; the A apparently stands for Ally or Association) rather than GLBTQ which honours our genuine/authentic history.

I have a suggestion: Forget all of these letters altogether and use the word Queer instead. But I know that the corporatist “Brand LGBTTM” won’t do that because the word Queer makes breeders uncomfortable and we can’t have that when Queers are doing their best to emulate and cater to breeders whenever possible as Queers “assimilate” with the breeders.

I sensed from the article I read about the District’s national march this weekend when it was announced that they’re not expecting too many to show up as compared to the national marches on DC during the days of the Gay and Lesbian Rights’ Movement. And because most of the Queer community today is quite conservative, who exactly would show up for Pride — or will they have “pride” for one day during the year? — when most are now “discreet” and “down low?” Closet cases don’t do Pride. How did that happen that Queers have become so conservative? How did the Queer community that I knew go from being very liberal/progressive to now prudish conservatives trying to be like and act like breeders? WTF?

The word “Pride” and the words “discreet, down-low” are a contradiction. When one is “discreet” one is now proud.

As with some political protests of the past, one must consider the strong possibility that the faces of those who attend the national march in DC will be captured by The Orange Man’s fascistic regime using Facial Recognition Technology. (One should put nothing past these septic, fascistic people despite their regime being completely in chaos and out-of-control. Is Jeff Se**ions going to be the next piece of bigoted basura to resign, in part, because “nobody” can get along with El Hombre Naranja?)

From what I’ve read about DC’s Queer community today, they sound as lame, “discreet”, “down low” and closeted as what San Francisco’s Queer community has become. Reading the personal sex ads for the District of Columbia (as well as the Northern Virginia and MD suburbs), they are the same as the ones I read from San Francisco. And if the District’s Pride Parade is as pathetically corporate as what San Francisco’s has morphed into — a mobile thoroughly corporate commercial mainly attended by breeders for celebrating millionaire and billionaire-owned tech companies (such as F***book: “Vladan Joler says that all F***book users are effectively working on behalf of the company,”), wealthy corporate sports team, et al — then I and mis amigos/my friends would have zero interest in going.

Some of us have no interest in corporatist “Brand LGBTTM” so-called Pride month or anything else they come up with. As far as we are concerned, corporatist and conformist “Brand LGBTTM” can fuck off. I and others can’t relate to them at all. I stay away from corporatists and conformist whenever possible. We like people who are proudly radical which are a small minority in the new conservative San Francisco of today, a playground for the super-wealthy.

While writing this article I read the following headline: “How The Stonewall Riot Birthed LGBT Pride.” That’s another lie. Stonewall did not birth “Brand LGBTTM. That is bull shit. That’s more revisionist history that one reads all over the internet these days and I and mis amigos/my friends are sick of it. This new “LGBT” acronym was not used or even thought of at the time of Stonewall. The name “Gay and Lesbian Rights’ Movement” was used at that time. This is another example of what I mean when I’ve written that the corporatist revisionists of “Brand LGBTTM” have literally gone back into historical documents — I don’t know how they accomplished that — and changed the language of that day from “Gay and Lesbian Rights’ Movement” to “LGBT” as if that’s the way it’s always been, which is a lie. It’s a false representation of our G & L Rights’ Movement. The Stonewall riots — along with the previous 1959 riot at Cooper’s Donuts in Los Ángeles and a 1966 riot at Compton’s Cafeteria in San Francisco’s Tenderloin (I’d like to have seen those from what I’ve read about them!) — birthed the Gay and Lesbian Rights Movement, not this “LGBT Pride” nonsense, which again for the thick people who happen to show up here, is revisionist history and a hijacking of our original movement by lesbians.

Now for those who may be wondering about the following and have not read anything else I’ve written on this topic: From my research, I’ve read many reasons why the “L” of “LGBT” was moved to first place. One of the reasons was to give lesbians “top-billing” to show that Queers support women’s rights. Well Duh. Isn’t it a given that Queers support women’s rights? Yes. Then they should have left the L in second place. Queers support transgender rights too — or some of us do — but I never see the T moved to first place, do you? NO. Some of us are surprised that the T is still there at all considering how heteronormative the Queer community has become. Another reason I’ve read for this change was that lesbians were feeling excluded. Oh, the poor dears! It grieves me so to hear that! Therefore, some corporatist idiot (perhaps a lesbian?) proposed “let’s put the L first” even though lesbians did not do most of the work of the movement. In the early days, gay guys and transgender individuals were the most activist and did most of the work with the riots at Cooper’s Donuts and Compton’s Cafeteria. And another reason I’ve read for the change was that the feminist movement — which is now dead in case one hasn’t noticed — occurred at the same time as the Gay and Lesbian Rights’ Movement so because of that in some sort of twisted-thinking way it was decided that the L should be first. To some of us, having the “L” in first place is chauvinistic as in “Ladies go first” something that the corporatists — devoid of any critical thinking skills — who dreamed up “LGBT” never considered apparently. And another reason I read that the “L” was moved to first place is that lesbians are considered more acceptable to breeders than gay guys so the “G” for gay was moved to second place to try to sort of bury the G in there in the acronym giving “top billing” to the L for lesbians. I don’t doubt that that’s the real reason considering how pathetically heteronormative and conformist the Queer community has become. I think it’s always good to cater to breeders and their bigotry/prejudices against gay guys, don’t you? [sarcasm intended]. That’s another example of how I much more related to the original Gay and Lesbian Rights’ Movement because in those days we didn’t fucking cater to breeders and try to be like them like Queers are doing today. Chau.—el barrio rosa


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17 comments on “Why would anyone expect The Orange Man to honour Queer Pride Month?

  1. San Francisco Resident

    pink barrio has written many tiimes “the now-dead Gay Rights’ Movement.”

    I cringed whenever I read that on here but I said nothing in these comments. Started giving it some thought and as painful as it is to admit it, I now agree with that.

    The gay rights movement is dead and so is the women’s movement, the feminist movement. They’re all dead.

    Down in West Hollywood, they turned their pride celebration into a Resist Trump march. SF would never do that. SF is all about corporate. WeHo’s doesn’t look like it’s been corporate hijacked like DC’s or SF’s. I was looking at some footage and pictures of West Hollywood’s . Looked very small compared to during the days of where thousands of us were in the streets. They were protest marching to empty buildings – what’s that going to do? It doesn’t matter which U.S. city it is, the gay rights movement is dead. There are small pockets of people who come out and march and protest but it’s nothing like it was during the gay rights movement with thousands or millions plus in the streets in major U.S. cities, and that’s what I’m getting at.

    The way i see it, the gay community no longer cares. They’ve given up and many have gone back in the closet.

    1. Former San Franciscan

      Hi SF Resident, thought I’d put this out there and people can do what they want with it —

      BBC News had a headline:

      “Thousands march in US for LGBT rights under Trump.”
      Tens of thousands of people have marched in Washington, Los Angeles and other US cities for LGBT rights, in one of the biggest protests since President Donald Trump took office.
      The march was one of the biggest gay rights protests in recent years.”

      “Tens of thousands?” Not from the pictures I’ve seen. That’s an overestimation.
      Not sure about that. I also keep in mind it’s the BBC saying this which is no longer that liable as a news source or accurate. Not what they once were. BBC is a mouthpiece for the US. They’ve turned into stenographers for the US. Whatever the US says, lies and all, they report as facts.

      I think I saw the same pictures you saw from West Hollywood and it was small even though the image the BBC had for WeHo showed people packed together as if it was very large like they were trying to misrepresent the march and the facts.

      That’s all I wanted to say. Thanks.

    2. el barrio rosa Post author

      Hola San Francisco Resident,

      A “Resist Trump” march in West Hollywood?

      Good for them. The City of West Hollywood has always been a pretty progressive place (except when they took down their Rainbow Flag to make the breeders feel better). Meanwhile, up in San Francisco, The Conservative Castro couldn’t be bothered when a small group of “Old City” protesters recently tried to get Queers in The Castro to protest the fascistic Trump/Pence regime as I wrote about at that link. Gracias to you and all others for your comments. Chau.

  2. Queer boi

    Most Queers today are conformists. That’s why you see LGBT everywhere. They use that to fit in. Most Queers couldn’t care less about our history. Not very smart. Maybe someday soon when they’re doomed to repeat it they’ll feel differently about it.

    1. castro local

      so true, and conformist are very comfortable with corporatists….because they *are* corporatists usually.

      during the gay mecca days here in sf, this time of the month in june would be when the castro was bustling active and the gyms were all packed with all the gay guys saying, “gotta get ready, gotta get ready for pride, all you ready for pride?” i don’t hear that now. i went to the gym this morning. the castro was dead, nobody was out and there are about 15 people at my gym.

      our corporate pride is now just a tourist trap for straights to come and party.

  3. Greg

    I wanted to post this if you don’t mind.

    Trump marks Pride by praising leaders of homophobic groups
    “During his speech, Trump praised Ralph Reed, founder and chair of the FFC, and Dr. James Dobson, founder of Focus on the Family, two homophobes whose histories of anti-LGBTQ remarks are well-documented. Focus on the Family is opposed to same-sex marriage, calls homosexuality “preventable and treatable,” and promotes ex-gay therapy.”

  4. District Resident

    Hola, pb

    I’m curious, if you don’t mind my asking where did you live in the District?

    Anyhoo, glad you picked up on what has happened to our pride celebrations here in DC. Capital Pride has been overtaken by corporations and rich gay men. The Board of upper-middle class gay men running it does not represent our diverse community.

    The Wash. Post had an article about it. One thing that offended me was one of the ads that automatically came up in the article. It was for the company that makes PrEP. Showed two Latino gay guys on a Metrobus with the words about “sexual health.” Very inappropriate in an article about Pride and promotes the old stereotype that “gay sex = disease.” That’s funny, when straight couples are advertised I never see anything about “know your sexual health,” or the drug company that makes PrEP cause we know that straights can’t get sexual diseases, right?

    Best wishes to you from your previous home.

    1. el barrio rosa Post author

      Hola District Resident, I lived in Foggy Bottom in a relatively inexpensive studio on Pennsylvania Avenue — which is all I could afford — that a GWU student had just moved out of. I liked it. Had a view of Rosslyn in the distance. Couldn’t possibly afford to live in Foggy Bottom now, I suspect. Such a different time, due to gentrification raping many cities. It was in walking distance of Georgetown and to Dupont Circle. Mis amigos/My friends lived over at Dupont. They would sometimes walk over and we’d walk down to Georgetown to have dinner at Mr Henry’s. It was in walking distance also to K Street where I often worked and the Metro was nearby at GWU (that’s George Washington University for those who don’t know). And I was in walking distance to the Kennedy Center where the two Orchestra Choruses I sang with (Choral Arts Society of Washington and the University of Maryland Chorus) performed on a regular basis. That’s probably more than you really wanted to know. But I enjoy talking about my days living there. The District was a fun place then, it was the Disco days where new music was being released every week!, it was a working class City in those days, although I tired of the political atmosphere and snootiness. It was a bit conservative. I got somewhat close to one of my job supervisors because she was a nice person and she seemed to care about me beyond my being her temporary employee. She had been to San Francisco or had lived here a short time. She told me, “You belong in San Francisco.” So I took what she said seriously because I respected her and eventually moved here. She was correct, even though I missed the District (and still do in some ways after all these years) and my musical groups, my amigos, and other things. I really wanted to be in both cities, but that was not possible. Muchas Gracias to you and all other commenters for your nice comments. Chau.

      1. District Resident

        “That’s probably more than you really wanted to know. ”

        Not at all…..that’s much more interesting than had you just written Foggy Bottom and left it there. Didn’t know you had performed in the Kennedy Center. Woohoo!! Exciting. I like that area. I live over near Howard U.

        BTW, I just went on the site you mentiioned for local sex ads. I typed in “Pride” and 34 ads came up with the word pride. Then I typed in “Discreet” and 1,277 ads came up. More gay guys are into discreet than they are pride on Pride weekend here in DC.


        1. Greg

          Your second paragraph is a sad commentary on the gay community, as PB has pointed out many times before.

  5. Former San Franciscan

    “In the early days, gay guys and transgender individuals were the most activist and did most of the work with the riots at Cooper’s Donuts and Compton’s Cafeteria. ”

    That would be GTLBQ then. That moves Lesbians to third place which is where they should be whether they like it or not. Or better yet forget the letters and use Queer. No hierarchy. Everyone is equal and in first place with the word Queer.

  6. D8

    Good you included the early days of our movement. With all this talk about “fake news” these days maybe we should be accusing the corporatists responsible for our revisionist history of “fake history.” The nerve of them going into archival works and changing history for their LGBT agenda.

    1. E in Sunnyvale

      Again, if we’re going to argue over order of letters, who gets top billing, and revisionist history (and I agree totally with PB on this subject), then we should make it TGLBQ. After all, it was trans people who were most heavily targeted and who initiated the riots at Compton’s and Stonewall (not sure about Cooper’s), thus lighting the spark for the entire movement. 🙂

      PB says: “Queers support transgender rights too — or some of us do — but I never see the T moved to first place, do you? NO.”

      Exactly. But, the queer community (as such it is), is surprisingly hostile to trans people these days. I’m trans; as yet, I’ve not been on the receiving end of any of this hostility directly, but I see and hear it all the time. It’s like the attitude toward trans people among non-trans queers is: “we got ours – f*ck off!”.

      PB says: “Some of us are surprised that the T is still there at all considering how heteronormative the Queer community has become.”

      And that’s why that “f*ck off” attitude exists. Us T’s are too much for them to handle now. It’s always amusing when the oppressed become the oppressors, isn’t it?

      I must kind of take exception to the heteronormative statement from PB with regard to trans people. Why? Because most of us just really want to get on with our lives and not really stick out all that much. I’m a rather low-key person, and I “pass” reasonably well, so maybe that’s why I don’t get the hostility usually. In other words, I don’t shout my trans “yawp!” over the rooftops (unless it’s necessary). I just am who I am and I get on with my life as best I can. But the whole heteronormative trend is truly scary. It fits right in with the hyper-conformist culture that surrounds the millennial generation. Conform! Obey! Wear Black and Grey!, right?

      Pride is about being who you are and anybody else who doesn’t like it can suck it! At least, that’s my take on it 🙂

      Love ya’s

  7. Wes in Arlington - GLBTQ

    Hola, your amigo here from across the Potomac. You mean to tell me you’re not flying back here to be part of the national LGBT, LGBT, LGBT march?


    I had to say that ‘cuz I can’t stand it either.

    Your article pretty much sums it up. I’m not going to the national march for many reasons. I don’t feel like getting on the Metro and going into the District on the weekend for ‘Queer Corporatism-TM.’ No thanks. I’ll just stay here in Arlington. I think it’s good that you keep up with what’s going on around here. I do the same with NYC where I used to live before moving down here.

    I wasn’t aware of all of that Queer History you mentioned. Found it fascinating.

    1. Wes in Arlington - GLBTQ

      Wanted to ask you this – even though it’s off topic but didn’t think you’d mind – did you ever hear the University of Maryland Concert Choir that you wrote about sometime ago? I know you wanted to….did you ever hear them?

      1. el barrio rosa Post author

        Hola Wes, No unfortunately I haven’t, other than a 30-second clip of their rehearsal with the Baltimore Symphony Orchestra before they performed Brahms’s Ein Deutsches Requiem with them in Baltimore. And much of that clip was of a soloist.

        They have that relatively new performance arts centre on the UMD campus there in College Park, The Clarice Smith Performing Arts Center. The University of Maryland is a state school. They don’t have the dinero/money to record all the performances — the UMD Concert Choir and the UMD Symphony Orchestra could perform major choral works together — and make them available online? Gracias for your comments. Chau.


        What happened to the renowned University of Maryland Chorus?

        BSO and the University of Maryland Concert Choir perform Brahms: Ein deutsches Requiem, Op.45

        University of Maryland Chorus (A Tribute)

        1. Wes in Arlington - GLBTQ

          Thanks for getting back to me. I haven’t heard them either but loved the University of Maryland Chorus. They were the best around here. If they’re as good as the Maryland Chorus I’d make a point of going to hear them. They don’t perform that often in the Kennedy Center. May have to go out to the campus to hear them. Thanks again.

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